Burned (Fever, #7) Burned question

When is Burned due?
Dan Lott Dan Mar 14, 2013 09:27PM
I have finally found a series that's the same quality as Charlaine Harris, and I have owned these titles for years before finally learning how good they are. I want to get back to Mac, but I'm cool with this being Dani for a book or two. Couple of questions for you that follow this series: (1) does she tend to just release one book in a series a year (2) if not, when are we getting #7 "burned". One other question, are there any other males into this fandom?

Yes, the release for Burned was pushed back because KMM was trying to work out some kinks in the story. It is supposed to come out Jan 20, 2015.

I'm not so manly but yeah, you can count me in! I fecken' love this series esp Dani! :P She's as badass as Arya Stark from GOT!

BURNED release date got pushed next year: January something.. You can Follow the author's facebook page for real time update! :)

I think KMM and her publisher take more like two years to get each book out.

Burned was push back again to January 20,2015..

I keep seeing Burned is due April 2014..... I know too long of a wait!!! sucks... :-/

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