Ruined (Ruined, #1) Ruined question

Carole Carole Mar 13, 2013 09:40PM
What did you think ?
I loved the cover and I found the book lived up to my expectations. It had me guessing the whole way through.

I thought it was great. It got me so in knots trying to figure out who it was that I skipped to the glad I did. I was relieved and could enjoy their relationship. Love a happy ending!

I really liked this one!!! I figured out who her lover was right before it was officially revealed but it did keep me guessing right until the end so i was seriously impressed!!! It kept me interested throughout! :)

The author did a great job of surprising me!

I had thought of every possible explanation as to whom "angel" was.....of course I wasn't right. This was a great book; very well written.

I really liked this story, but the ending is what I the author really kept me guess!

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