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Predictions for the series..

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Miniwriter12 !. Either America and Celeste or America and Marlee, will be in the final top 2.
2. Marlee can't leave the castle because she has a secret love thing going on with a palace guard..

Feel free to add your predictions!

Stefanie I think she wont end up with either but if i had to make a guess i would say Maxon.

Trinesha I am hoping that Aspen, as a guard, dies in the line of duty so she and Maxon can be happy. I also think the queen will sway Maxon toward America because 2x she has taken control in a rebel situation. First it was the metal shutters and with her maids. She seems like the kind of person who can handle that type of disaster and keep her head.

Miniwriter12 - I like that bit about Marlee being in love with a guard. Very possible.

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