The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus, #3) The Mark of Athena question

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Who do you want for Jason to end up with?

Well, since I'm the one who asked. I would answer first. And ever since The Son of Neptune I've been a fan of Reyna. I just admire her personality, determination, her power. Her attitude towards situations she faced and have yet to face. Her maturity; her reaction when she found out that Jason had a new girlfriend. Her loyalty to the legion.

Really, I could go on. List everything I admire about her. Because she's like my ideal heroine. The way she approach everything. She's cool. I LOVE HER!

And... she's a badass with a pegasus and two metal dogs. She's a leader.

As for Piper, I never really liked her. She just strikes me as a Mary-Sue. Damsel-in-distress. The typical female teenager I'm so sick of reading. But I don't hate her, okay?

Yeah. So, what's yours?

Piper's too whiny and selfish. She just HAS to have Jason for herself. She thinks Reyna is going to steal Jason away from her. And when Jason had that picture of Thalia, she was jealous. I was like, OMG, you're the one stealing Jason away from Reyna! She knew him FIRST! All she does in the chapters in her point of view is whine, complain, whine, complain and be a total Mary-sue! I hate her. Ugh.

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Reyna definitely. A natural leader, loyal and very good at hiding her feelings. She'll do anything to help the legion. She's brilliant; powerful, great with weapons. She's had a hard life and the weight of the world (or at least the 12th Legion) is on her shoulders as a burden, but she never backs down. And I love her dogs.

She's the best character. But for Jason, I'll have to say Piper. Jason doesn't deserve someone as good as Reyna. He doesn't even deserve Piper. But, I liked Piper. I did, really, but not as much as Reyna.

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Oh, tough question!!! What a dilemma...
Um, Piper is sweet, but her character wasn't really well developed. And her whining in the Mark of Athena was just awful, especially her comparing. Between Percy and Jason? There weren't many fans I found that liked Jason over Percy...
Jason and Piper would be nice, like they are right now, but I feel like Reyna DESERVES it more. She's been through so much...And if only we knew more bout the amazing Jason Grace, then it would've made me make my choice easier and people, i think, LIKE Jason more. If only rick riordan would write a series...
Anyway, Reyna is strong, a great leader, and mature. She's smart, she's amazing even though we dont know her as well as some other characters, and she has the BEST DOGS!!! Gosh, were their names...Argentum and Aurum? Or something like that. But...Piper? Too...ack. Idk. But I thought she'd be more like Silena Beauregard, and she was in the Lost Hero, but MoA just made her character bad...

hmm...very interesting question is correct. but you have to agree Piper has been getting a lot of criticism lately because of this topic and Jason as well. I think thats what Rick Riordan wanted, for people to really get into the books and have discussions. Also, I think he's gonna surprise us with both Piper's and Jason's character in the next book cause I think he knows that some people aren't very big fans of them.
I get what your saying that Reyna has a much better character development then Piper cause she seems very plain.

Personally I like Piper and Jason together, most people dont partly because Reyna has known Jason a lot longer and seems to have a stronger connection to him. But dont forget that Piper and Jason havn't known each other that long and their relationship is fragile. Also they havn't had a lot of tim to really work on that relationship. So their trying I guess. Thats the way I see it.

Also I agree I think Reyna could get someone MUCH better then Jason, And someone thats much similar to her then Jason is. Cause to me Jason and Reyna aren't that similar to each other. Yes their both brave and are great leaders but to me Jason is much quieter and more timid then her. And Reyna is pretty bad ass, and will get in you face is she wants to. I love Reyna I think is strong powerful character but i think she can do with someone else then Jason.

Kei Walker and even when you consider that they were at least buddies, when Jason comes back he treats her like dirt by giving her a what's up and then ignoring ...more
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Reyna is a well-written character.The irony is that despite being a minor character, Reyna is more developed than the five new characters except for Leo Valdez.

Piper is a Sue because nobody sees her in a negative way or calls her out for her flaws, which is surprising given that Annabeth was acute enough to pick out Jason (who was accused of being "too perfect" in LH) and Leo's flaws but not Piper's. Not to mention that her "love" for Jason is more of a creepy obsession a la Bella Swan.

I have a theory that Piper's fake relationship with Jason was to parallel that of the original Jason and Medea. Medea was influenced by Hera and Aphrodite to fall in love with Jason. Aphrodite and Hera created fake memories for Piper and influenced Jason's thoughts to create the relationship. And we know what happened to Medea later...

We still don't know if Jason new jerk personality is supposed to be something of Aphrodite's doing. If MoA really showed Jason's true colors, then Reyna shouldn't really try to get together with him. On the other hand, Jason/Piper would have been more tolerable if it was actually developed and not rushed.

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