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Malcolm Anyone who wishes to learn about the process of Evolution by natural selection ought to read this book. It is a devastating advocate for Darwins model. I challenge fundamentalist Christians to read it and see what they think. Malcolm Watts MSW

Mark Gowan Hi Malcom;
Often times it strikes as almost fantastic that we as a society are still having this (design/evolution) discussion. I think there are two reasons that it still exists: 1) religious persons will not/cannot act on logical arguments and cannot change the original position of religious belief. 2)Our society, especially in modern times, is continually told that their opinion is nothing less than a valid argument and most do not know the difference. That being said, I would only change one part of your comment: "fundamentalist Christians" to "anyone that accepts religion/spirituality" as a valid argument for the existence of the world/universe.

Sandip Pal Hi Malcom & Mark,
whatever be the thing....the book is AWESOME! really liked it!

Emanuel Landeholm Well, rationalism is hard. Most people treat scientific knowledge like they treat any other source of knowledge, be it tradition, religion, folk psychology or gossip. That is, like a buffé where you can pick whatever you like. But science does not work like that. It is irrational (but very human) to accept the results of physics while rejecting evolutionary biology.

OnT: this is my favourite Dawkins.

message 5: by Joe (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joe Really, Really liked this book. Dawkins not only makes evolutionary biology understandable, but compelling. I'll leave the design/evolution discussion aside because to me it's too silly to even justify. I just want to highly recommend this book as an important and engaging science read. Especially, the chapter on bat echolocation was incredible! I have been 'forcing' people to read it!! Definitely reading more Dawkins.

Khands Dawkins is brilliant. His very believable theories on the origins of life as we know it is breath taking.
The book is a prime weapon to use against Intentional Design theorists. But, as has been said above, people will believe what they choose to believe.

message 7: by Rex (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rex the greatest problem in convincing some religious people is that in the end they will deny the validity of the evidence itself or the person who found it. it becomes an epistemological problem.

jorge octavio martinez leguizamon It's awesome! this book makes me wonder why we don´t read about this during the elementary school literally makes my mind blow out

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