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Why is this not released in print??
Therealbadkitty Therealbadkitty Mar 11, 2013 03:01PM
I first thought this would be a series before i realized that it was 4 stories in 1. The storyline of Wolf Pact is very briefly summarized in Gates of Paradise but i found it to be confusing since i hadn't read this book and there was no way i could since i don't have an e-reader. Anyone who has read this, please let me know if i would understand the last few Blue Bloods books better by reading this and if there is a print copy anywhere

Yes I have this in print. I have never read any of the Blue Bloods (was attracted by the cover and bought it without realising it was related to any other series), but still found this a very interesting read.

There is no print copy at all. She states that due to creative problems and personal issues, she couldn't get a hard cover out in time, and because there is information that does have to do with Gates of Paradise, that she didn't want to push it back, so we get an ebook. I don't think it was necessary to the story, but it does clear up some things that happen in Gates of Paradise.

Christian I stand corrected. You can't buy it in the US in any sort of print version. ...more
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There is an print version of wolf pact. I got mine from big w or try a book shop like QBD or other popular book shops they should have it.

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