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Possessed (Rayne, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA girl is possessed by a spirit at a summer job in a keep [s]

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Meagan | 52 comments ok so I know these book was called ______ keep and it was about a girl who goes away for the summer to a mansion and its like full of ghosts and she becomes possessed kinda? and I know that she falls in love with this guy and she lives in a little cabin and theres like 2 rooms in the cabin and a kitchen and bathroom and the rooms are separated by a door and shes the only one living there and then like twords the end someone moves in with her I think? and theres something about keeping a candel in the window to keep the bad spirits away and the guy she falls in love with is a local and takes her to a festival and I think that theres fire dancers there and I know that it was in the first column at my high school library so that would mean that the authors last name started with eather a, b, or c. any help?

Meagan | 52 comments oh and the cover may have been purple and ravens may have been a big part of it unless im getting 2 stories mixed up but ive tried ravens keep and didn't find anything

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The Haunting of Safekeep by Eve Bunting?

Meagan | 52 comments well it sounds similar but I don't recognize that title so I don't think so... :( but thank you!!!

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When were you in high school? Do you remember if the book looked older or new-ish at the time? It will help narrow it down.

Meagan | 52 comments I graduated last year and I think I read it probably 2011 and im sure it came out after 2007ish because it hadn't been destroyed yet lol

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Possessed by Kate Cann?

"Sixteen-year-old Rayne escapes London, her mother, and boyfriend for a job in the country at Morton's Keep, where she is drawn to a mysterious clique and its leader, St. John, but puzzles over whether the growing evil she senses is from the manor house or her new friends."

Meagan | 52 comments yes that's it!!!! thank you soooo much!!!! :D

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You're welcome! Happy to help. :)

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