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What is the "Oath to keep with a final breath"?
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I think that the "oath" in question is Hazel's promise to Frank that she would protect his life force and keep that confounded stick safe. If anyone has to die, Hazel makes the most sense. Especially since she's cheated death once already.

I've heard a lot of theories about the oath being Nico's promise to Percy, or Percy's promise to Annabeth, but I don't think that he would kill off any of those characters.

And then, how do we know that "a final breath" refers to death? You know how RR loves throwing curveballs, especially when it comes to interpretation of the prophecies. Think. Have there been any other prophecies throughout the series?

Maybe Leo's promise to Calypso. "I'll come back to you, I swear it on the river Styx!" That's what they all say. Say goodbye to your almost lover.

There are a lot of oaths or promises. 1 Is That Jason promised Piper he would protect her. 2 Percy and Annabeth also made the same promise to each other. 3 Nico promised Percy to lead the others to the doors of death(Although this dose not seem like it will cause a final breath)4 Hazel promised Frank to protect his stick. ( This is a little confusing because it was said that Frank will die with the stick by Iris so Hazel will give it to Frank at some point.) The other part of the lien to keep with a final breath is hard to make out. All the characters other than Leo have a promise that regrades him or her. (Something I want to know is there a promise Hazel made in her before life that she has to keep?) Leo may draw a final breath. This is because he did not get the fortune cookies punishment but he used it. Annabeth and Percy may have fallen because Archane could have cursed Annabeth. Also Leo or frank could have a final breath form the fire and Percy or Jason could have a final breath from Storm.

The oath is Leo's promise to Calypso and when killing Gaia Leo dies. Which is the final breath. But then he gets resuscitated by the physician's cure.


It was Leo's promise to Calypso. He promised that he would find Calypso, and he swore it on the River Styx. Then he died, and went back to Ogygia. He died while still trying to complete that promise.

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Uh, we have one book left.

"Seven half-bloods shall awnser the call." leo, piper, jason, frank, hasel, percy, and annabeth

"To storm or fire the world must fall" Jason or percy or leo or frank defet gaia

"An oath to keep to the final breath" Annabeth mean "God is my Oath" other than that there is no clue

"foes bear arms to the doors of death" romans and greeks go to dooes of death.

I don't think it would be Leo. It would be too obvious if that happened to be the case

The final breath... that can actually be Leo Valdez with Calypso. He swore on the River Styx to return, and he can return as the form of a ghost, if not a man (assuming that he dies unfortunately).

I think It might be Nico's Promise to Percy. While Percy and Annabeth were hanging on the side, Percy made Nico promise to lead the others to the Doors of Death. The book said that Both of the sides were heavily guarded by Gaea's minions. During the fight Nico might take his final breath.

Or another possibility is that a character will be on the verge of death. Then they will make somebody promise to do something, and they'll swear on there final breath to do it.

"An oath to keep with a final breath"

If you've read the Percy Jackson series, Chiron made Annabeth swear on the River Styx to protect Percy with her life. So that's one oath that could lead to death and we never would have seen it coming if you didn't remember it. *This would also be a very dramatic and unacceptable, unmovingonfrom ending. I will never get over it if this happens.

This could also mean an oath to keep before turning immortal. Because being immortal, you wouldn't have to breath and you could still live forever, right?

But Rick Riordan made Leo's promise very visible. "I'm coming back for you, Calypso. I swear it on the River Styx."

Gods don't call promises, an oath if it's not solemn, or if it doesn't have a binding contract such as an oath on the River Styx. So I think Styx really has something to do with said oath.

I think it means that either Jason/Percy(Storm) or Leo(Fire) will defeat Gaea, but I think one beats Gaea and one dies.
P.S This was mentioned in the House of Hades.

The final breath doesn't have to be the person who keeps the oath's. Instead, the oath could be fulfilled by the death of someone. I think that's something Rick Riordan would use to troll us.

As for the promises out in the open... back in Sea of Monsters, Annabeth swore on the Styx she would protect Percy. She didn't specify it would only be for the duration of the quest, which makes me think she'll die closing the Doors of Death.

I doubt the line refers to the obvious promises (Percy saying he'll stay with Annabeth and Nico leading the rest of the seven towards the doors) because everyone is expecting that, and besides, it's the last line of the prophecy, so all of it would have to be fulfilled in the next book. We still have two books left.

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Cheshire I want a bittersweet/sad ending but I know it won't happen. It's Rick Riordan, he'll find a way to pull off a fluffy ending. ...more
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I have read the whole series, so I have the direct answers. If you don't wanna know, then just scroll back and read on and figure it out. I do suggest though if you wanna know, then still read The Blood of Olympus. It is really good.


Ok so if any of you remember when Leo was on the island with Calypso he told her he would come back to get her. He swore on the River Styx. Well that is the oath the prophecy talks about. He does manage to go back and get Calypso on Festus. "What about the final breath part???"
Well he can only get to Calypso by faking his own death (very complicated to explain). So he caused a mass explosion and poof!! He took a last breath and everyone thought that Leo had died because there were no remains of him or Festus. It was really sad and depressing but it's ok because I think Rick is gonna make another series so he can finish the story of Leo and Calypso. I sure hope they do.

I have two main contenders for the oath.
1. Percy swearing on his life at the end of SoN. That seems like a 'final breath' type thing, though I can't imagine Percy dying.
2. Nico's promise to Percy to lead the others to Epirus (excuse spelling). That was a very dramatic scene and Nico isn't a main character, so, no offense to anybody, we could afford to lose him.

But Rick Riordan being the author... the oath could be, like, Reyna's and we'd never know. This is Riordan, after all.

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Final breath could possibly mean Gaea's final breath? Possibly. Maybe. Just an idea. Maybe not. Probably not. *sigh* there's no point trying to anticipate RR. Whatever theory we come up with will be about 10 miles away from what he's really doing.

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