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The Dead and the Gone (Last Survivors, #2)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > book about a comet knocking the moon closer to the earth [s]

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Meagan | 52 comments ok so I read a book and I really don't remember much about it but I know that it was about a commit hitting the moon and knocking it either closer to the earth or into the earth and it messed up the whole worlds rotation therefor messing up everything and it was told from a kids point of view and he worked at a pizza place and there was a sequel to it that was from a girls point of view... I think the title had something to do with a color possibly? and it was just about them surviving in the messed up world...

Meagan | 52 comments found it in someone elses thread... dead and gone the second one in a series called the last survivors incase anyone is looking for it!

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Annie | 6 comments Life as we knew it or somehting like that.

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The Dead and the Gone for the link.

Just FYI, the first book in the series is Life As We Knew It (from the girl's POV)

and the third one is This World We Live In (the girl from book 1 and the boy from book 2 meet up)

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