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The Parrot - spoiler, only for those who have finished!
Julie O Julie Feb 16, 2013 08:57PM
At the end, Flavia asks Inspector Hewitt "Why did Miss Tanty's parrot know the Magistrate's first name?". The inspector then smiles, having just gained some insight.
My question is, what was the insight? Why DID the parrot know Quentin?
Was the implication that Miss Tanty was, in fact, in on the Magistrate's plot after all, and not just an ignorant 'victim' of thwarted love?

Gobsmacked is the word! I can't wait for the next book.

Peggy (last edited Feb 19, 2013 05:54AM ) Feb 19, 2013 05:53AM   1 vote
I definitely thought that the Magistrate and Ms. Tansy were lovers. Probably the parrot knew Quentin's name because that's where most of the trysts took place. Remember the photo where he's giving her a huge bouquet at a vocal competition? No wonder she was smiling in that picture if they were lovers!
I also think that Harriet must be alive. But where has she been all these years?? It's a long time to chew one's fingernails before we have a chance to find out!

Well, considering that Harriets room has been left 'just so' and the colonel wouldn't sell his and Harriets special copy of Shakespeare...was it out of remembrance for his departed wife? ORRRR perhaps she had run off and the colonel, in hoping for her return, kept everything as she liked it? It was hinted at in earlier installments by the sisters and artist who painted Harriet that Harriet had perhaps been depressed after Flavia was born? Feely and Daffy do tease just to make Flavia feel rotten, but perhaps there was a little truth in that? Will be interested to find out!

I think she is alive. If she was dead for ten years there would only be bones left and no one would have continued to search for her, even her family gave up!

I'll be knocked over if Harriet is alive. If she is alive, wouldn't Father be ecstatic rather than morose? Unless she is alive and has amnesia (which would explain why she hadn't come home), or is she in a gulag somewhere?

Oh, things will change around the De Luce household if she comes home in one piece, that's for shure!

When is the last book coming out? Does anyone know? After I read the second to last book, I can't wait!

They said "Your mother has been found," I think. They didn't say "Your mother's body has been found," but still! I need concrete evidence! Otherwise I'll just get my hopes up. I'm ridiculously happy for Feely and Dieter though.

I almost had this feeling/worry that Harriet ran off from her family on purpose. I'm not sure why I feel this, but I do.

I think that Harriet is alive. Father--who misses her so terribly--is probably afraid to believe that it is true until he can see her in the flesh and blood and bring her back to Buckshaw. I think that the last sentence of the book is brilliant!

I would finally get all my questions answered, if she is in fact alive, like how come she was gone so long, maybe she had a secret life no one knew about. Should be an interesting read nevertheless.

Julie wrote: "At the end, Flavia asks Inspector Hewitt "Why did Miss Tanty's parrot know the Magistrate's first name?". The inspector then smiles, having just gained some insight.
My question is, what was the in..."

I also believe that Miss Tanty and Quentin (the Magistrate) were once very close thus the parrot repeating his name. She was not in on the Heart of Lucifer though.

just because they found her DOESN'T mean she's alive but it'll be interesting.......

The question I have is...who was Adam Sowerby working for?

Sonja Please enlighten me with your theory.
Jul 15, 2013 06:52PM

Yes she was in on the plot. I think he had been at her house so many times the the parrot had learned his name. Maybe they were lovers who knows. The ending when Flavia's father says they found your mother was so shocking.... I can't wait for the next book to find out what happens.

I, also, have long wondered whether Harriet was alive. Her return to the family fold should be interesting.

My burning question is this: Is Harriet ALIVE? I have to say, I 've often wondered. I kinda saw it coming but was still gobsmacked when I read that sentence!

Cateline Me too! But I love it. But I bet it means they won't lose their home.
Jun 16, 2013 09:00AM

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