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Grace | 7 comments This is going to bother me forever. It's a book about a girl who can't go out in the sun because she has... whatever the that disease is called... She plays outside in the dark and likes to dance under the moon, but dreams of dancing under the sun. She meets two girls and plays with them every night, but whenever she tries to get her friend to meet them (the boy next door who plays with her for a couple hours each night) they always run away. At the end of the book you realize that she's been imagining the two girls all along.

I think the title has something to do with dancing in the moonlight or something.

Yeah, I know. If I can remember this much about the book, I should be able to remember the title XD

Thanks in advance!

Krista the Krazy Kataloguer (kristathekrazykataloguer) | 104 comments Hi Grace! The book is A Cool Moonlight by Angela Johnson. The condition she has is xeroderma pigmentosum, excessive sensitivity to sunlight. It was a good book.

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Grace | 7 comments Yes, that's definitely it!

Yeah, I liked it a lot. The writing was good and very poetic. Thanks!

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