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What should Richelle Mead's third spinoff be about?
Cortney Cortney Jan 02, 2013 06:26PM
Richelle Mead said herself that she was going to write another spinoff when she was done with Bloodlines. I think that it should be about Mia Rinaldi. It would be nice to see through a moroi's pov (instead of just glimpses of Lisa's) for a change. She's just been through so much that I think it would be nice to here from her perspective. Even though she did very bad things in Vampire Academy, and a little bit in Frostbite, I think she's a really good character that I would like to see more of. And she's a year younger, so it would still be YA. Pluse she's really into moroi fighting. It would be could to see her go all badass. I really want to see more of Mia and how she'll turn out.

What, or who, do you think this next spin off should be about?

I would love to hear about Vladmir and Anna's story

I think that if she wrote a spinoff from Dimitris POV because let's face it, Dimitri and Rose will probably have a baby, and since we've already been in Roses POV, we can be in Dimitris but still be up close and personal about what is going on between the Dhampir/Dhampir baby situation.

I wish the third spin off of the VA series be about Declan, years after Bloodlines. The uncovering of his existence and how he could change the Vampiric world's POV about Moroi and Dhampirs. More human magic too. :)

I think she should write it about Jill and Eddie.

I don't think so.

While I love the VA world and don't even want to think about it being over I'm not sure if a third spin off is a good idea. The storyline might get old. There aren't that many spin offs to a spin off....if anything they should set the book in the future and introduce all new characters to keep it fresh.

i don't think it is wise to milk this series any further. but i would still love one novel set 15 years in the future for the existing characters. it will be a good finale.

Really? She's doing another spin-off? Not sure how I feel about that. Adrian and Sydney are the only minor characters I can think of at the moment who were interesting enough that they deserved their own series. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I'd prefer Bloodlines be the last series set in the VA world and Richelle focus on a new series.

Hmm...I'm not entirely sure. I would actually like for it to be a human (maybe Kristen or Julia) and they end up getting turned into Strigoi?? Call me twisted and sick but I would love to read from a Strigoi's perspective

Cortney wrote: "Richelle Mead said herself that she was going to write another spinoff when she was done with Bloodlines. I think that it should be about Mia Rinaldi. It would be nice to see through a moroi's pov ..."

So...When she said that and where? Because I think that at her last #askmead she said that she wouldn't write other spin off. :/ Anyway, I espect that you are right, I need other spin off.

Um how about a re-write of the first 6 from dimitri's perspective. We never know what the strong silent man is thinking or how he spends his alone time. That would be a great read I think. Then seeing Demitri as strigoi and his world from that point of view.

I think mead should write about Jill and Eddie. But once again should include parts with the characters from the other series. I need to know how rose and dimitri are going to have kids if they even do?! Will he even get her down the isle? Also Sydney and Adrian! I need to know what happens next!

Courtney A.K.A The Book Addict So I hope if Richelle does write another VA spinoff that she does it in 3rd person.
Mar 02, 2016 06:24PM

I haven't read Bloodlines yet because I haven't been able so buy it. But I'm getting it for Christmas. I think the third spin-off if there is one should be about Abe and his adventures.

I think it should be viktoria dimitri's sister idk but i can just picture her as a badass!!

A grown up Declan ;)

U 25x33
Angie Pellegrini That's what I said! Grown up Declan story would be awesome!
Apr 10, 2017 11:31AM

I would reallylike to see the story behind Abe and Jannin or she could go back to the VA world and do Lissa and Christan or maybe she could do with Victoria and Ncoli. these would defently be a good read if she wrote one of them.

I think the next spin off series should be about Jill Mastrano.

I'd like Jill and Eddie for a spin off but if she is doing it I have a feeling it's going to be Olive/Neil.

I read the first book in the spin-off Bloodlines but it really wasn't my thing but since the beginning, I've wanted Mia to have a series of her own. I'd so like to read Mia for similar reasons because she is a Moroi & is a Water User so it would be Awesome to read about her fighting & being at the court. Plus, Dhampir babies would come about & it'd be so cool!

I didn't know that, cool.

deleted member Dec 17, 2015 09:57AM   0 votes
I think that she should write about Mia, that would make a really cool story. And it would be a little different too I think.

I think Mead should write through Lisa and Christian's kids perspective. I'm sure Lisa would have passed a lot more defense laws for young Moroi. I think it would be interesting to see St.Vlad through new eyes and how things have changed and stayed the same

Back to Rose please! Bloodlines was awesome but I still like va the most I miss Rose and Dimka! Lol is actually like a re-telling of va through Dimitri's pov but Richelle said no, oh well! Lisa's would also be interesting...

I would like to see into the life of Dimitri and Rose. See when they get married, and continue to kick ass together.

Frankly, I wish she'd go back and finish out her Dark Swan series.

I think the next one should be about Jill and Eddie. Mead has show her ability to make seemingly uninteresting characters interesting(like Sydney). I believe she could do a lot with Jill and I'm interested in how her relationship with Eddie will develop.

Pass. I was expecting great things with Bloodlines, hoping it would focus on Adrian and his adventures to tie up the loose end with him after Last Sacrifice, instead I got Sydney "Boring Super Genius" Sage and her lame story. The only things I'd be interested in reading about the VA universe anymore are 1) a prequel featuring Anna and Vladimir or 2) something set in the very far future, like 100+ years, where humans know Moroi/dhampirs/Strigoi exist.

In my opinion, Ms. Mead should focus on new series and new stories with new characters. Continually rehashing stories with the same characters or making recurring characters into main characters in the same universe gets worn out. Vampire Diaries, anyone?

I want to see from the human magic side, from Terwilliger's POV.

It would almost be like a completely different series. VA and Bloodlines focus a lot on the elemental magic, I'd like to see more of the witches coven. And that would draw in a wider audience, seeing as it would be deviating more from vampires which a lot of people sadly see as a turn off for a book series now a days.

I would love a spin-off series featuring a character per book... Like one about Abe, or one about Tasha, or one about the people at court and what is going on there now. One about how Adrians mom is doing... One about the keepers or Trey and the Warriors....

But I think a series featuring just two main characters for another 6 books is too much of a good thing. It would feel like a drag, I think, because I cannot imagine any one good enough the follow for another 6 books, Well apart from Eddie/Jill or Angeline - if they don't end up together in the Bloodlines series...

MaKayLa (last edited Jan 12, 2017 12:28PM ) Nov 07, 2015 02:45PM   0 votes
If she writes a spin off there are tons of things she could do. But I have to say its really a tie between Dimitri's point of view and maybe Christian. Really though, there is still plenty she could do with the series and its characters.

This second it came to my mind, that it would be really interesting to hear the story about Christians parents. Why and how they turned strigoi and we're being hunted down in the end. This way we read in a Strigoi's POV.

I want something different. So maybe someone from the Coven.

Or perhaps someone like Marcus?

I love Mead's vampires but I think I want to learn about a new facet of her universe.

I loved the ending, but there's still something in the back of my mind. Declan and Neil. It would amazing if she would write a series on him. I literately cant even explain what the Declan and Neil situation did to me. I NEED MORE!

Any persons pov would be perfect because lets face it, Richelle Mead makes everything amazing. In my opinion I think it would be cool in Jill's pov because then we could still hear about what happens with Sydney, Adrian, and Declan. Also about her relationship with Eddie and her responsibilities now that she is back at court and has the duties of a princess.
Having the 3rd spinoff in Zoe's pov would also be very interesting. It could be about the things she has to do with the Alchemists and her uptight dad. While she is maybe having suspicions about it all and just wants to see her sister Sydney. We'd still be with the story of whats going on with the Alchemists and even Sydney every now and then.
Another one could be in Marcus or in Carly's pov. About their relationship and how they are on the run from the Alchemists and all their problems they face.
Even having it in Angelines wouldn't be bad. Having her still at palm springs with Trey. Him going to college and her still at that school.
In the end, it would be amaxing in anyones pov. As long as still has these characters and vampire universe, it will be the best either way. Just like Vampire Academy and Bloodlines.

i think it should be about Declan Raymond, the adoptive child of adrian and sydney, because both his parents are Dhampirs. And so it would a whole new idea plus you get to know how the Dhampirs can suddenly have children together.

Declan Ivashkov all the fucking way!!!! And maybe Rose and dimitri/ Christian and Lisa's kids too!

Courtney A.K.A The Book Addict (last edited Jan 02, 2013 06:44PM ) Jan 02, 2013 06:39PM   0 votes
I think it should be about shadowkissed Anna. Her character was really interesting to me and I wanted to know more about her in the series. We never really learn much about her except that she was shadowkissed and bonded to Vladimir and that she committed suicide. It is never really explained why she did it. We dont know what her life was like, I mean she could have had a love interest or something. Also if Richelle Mead wrote a spinoff series about Anna, We would get a different perspective on this vampire world. It would be a different time and place and possibly different and more traditional rules; rules that are broken in the VA series and Bloodline spinoff series. it would be like what cassandra clare is doing with The Infernal Devices. Its in a different time and place to The Mortal Instruments
BTW i just have to say that VA is my absolute favourite sereis ever. i LOVE it!!!!

I would love to hear story of NEIL RAYMOND as he knows their is something going on in between ADRIAN and SYDNEY and well he got that tattoo so i think he will be just like SYDNEY in blood promise and last sacrifice.

How about the spirit user and the shadow kissed characters encountered by Rose in Russia or about dimka's grandmother when she was younger , or about Anna and vladimir , Oh i know maybe she'll decide to write a spinoff about olive and her sister .

I think she should do one with Dimitri's sister Viktoria. She wasn't in it enough and I think she'd have a good story

about dmitri and rose again!!!!!!! i loved them so much!

There was alot of things were sewn up in the bloodlines series, but also alot unsaid and unknown, for one, nowhere in the book or ending does it say the law was passed, what happened to most of the supporting characters etc, i love the books but i have to say i was dissappointed with the vague ending which just left too many unanswered questions, so if there is going to be a third installment i would like it to be done in a way that trully explains and gives closure to all characters and supporting characters

Maybe from Christians point of view

maybe she should finish it off altogether with Dimitri and Roses wedding and maybe get Lissa and Christian married as well but add a little tiny bit of Strigoi drama just for the fun of it and defiantly roses parents.

I'm interested in Abe, Rose's father, but also in her mother, Janine. I don't think that it has to be a sequel. I think, that a prequel would be much cooler. Maybe really more about Rose's parents. But I'm also interested in St. Vlad and Anna.

deleted member Jan 11, 2013 09:03AM   0 votes
she's so brilliant that she could pull off a third spin off without it being overdone. but at this point i would follow her anywhere!! have you guys read the 1st 2 chapters of indigo spell???they've been released!

I agree with what has been said I would love a anna and vlad story.(she has said she wants to write historical fantasy in the future)
also having a mia story would be nice she is moroi but not royal so its refreshing. basically a story set at court would be nice and fresh.
another way could be a witch story, yes we have sydney but I feellike that is more of a alchamist story than a witch story.

I would like another series. Maybe go back to Rose or one of the other main characters like Lissa or even a new character altogether. I wouldn't mind a story about Anna and Vladimir. I hope Richelle does do another series. Love her books.

Where did you hear there was going to be another spin off?

I wouldn't mind seeing the story about the woman that Robert Doru restored. It would be cool to see the pov of someone alive who then gets turned and then gets turned back.

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