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Rick Rapp My first Grisham book I loved; the second seemed a little similar, but I still enjoyed it. By the third, I was already getting tired of "formula" and now I've kind of sworn off Grisham.

Cheryl S. Hi Rick--I still think "A Time to Kill" is the best one. I thought the movie of "The Firm" was better than the book. I liked his books until I got to "The Chamber", too dark for me. I think formula is a good word. I haven't seen many reviews on his newest one, but doubt that I will read it.

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Ian Cummings so maybe he is formulaic - this is the first Grisham book I have read and I enjoyed it. I think you are telling me that I may not want to read too many more...!

Mandy I have to agree with you Rick...exactly the same feelings myself! Haven't picked up a Grisham book in ages and I think this was after reading three also.

Lillian Duncan THE FIRM may be a formula book--but it was his formula that set the bar for other legal thrillers. At least that's my opinion. AND I agree about his early books being much better than his later books.

Alondra Miller Ford County. Try reading this book, Rick. This book made me start reading Grisham again :)

Dick Peterson I have Ford County on my Kindle but have not gotten to it yet. You have to pick and choose your Grisham reading if you want variety. He is a good writer, so they are all good. The degree of goodness, though, can vary. A Time to Kill is one of my favorites. I think it is a modern day To Kill a Mockingbird. Another favorite is The Last Juror. The title sounds like another legal story, but it is really way different from that. It focuses on a young man that sort of falls into owning a small town newspaper and an older black woman. Both characters are beautifully fleshed out by Grisham. The old woman is one of the noblest characters I have encountered since Atticus Finch in Mockingbird or perhaps the old lady who lived by the cornfield in The Stand. In terms of his legal stories, my most recent Grisham read was The Confession. It changed my mind about capital punishment.

I read an article about or interview with Grisham fairly early on. He spoke about A Time to Kill being his favorite, since he got to tweak it until his heart was content. He had no deadlines back then. It was published small. The Firm took off like a rocket because the movie rights sold before publication, which gave him a huge publicity splash. With its success, A Time to Kill was republished, this time big. His publisher was pushing him to strike again while he was hot. If I remember correctly, he said he wrote The Pelican Brief, not a simplistic story, in two months. He has been a genius in my mind ever since I read that anecdote in the article or interview.

Roger Weston Some of his books are more formulaic than others. Probably best not to read them one after another. The Testament and the Partner seemed rather fresh to me.

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Michael I really enjoyed this book, it was fast pacing and consistent for the most part. I also loved the ending and how everything came together.

Sherry The last book I read by him was "The Chamber" but the last one I enjoyed was "The Client".

Trekscribbler You know, I tried desperately to read THE FIRM. I made it about half-way, and I had said to my wife -- who had strongly recommended the book -- "How in the world could this main character have been this obviously stupid and finished law school?" I've never finished it, so I couldn't speak to Grisham's "talent".

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If you like John Grisham - try Steve Martina and Philip Margolin

Sweekruti Cheryl S. wrote: "Hi Rick--I still think "A Time to Kill" is the best one. I thought the movie of "The Firm" was better than the book. I liked his books until I got to "The Chamber", too dark for me. I think form..."

I too enjoyed A Time to kill but I am not sure of the movie firm ,Somehow I couldnt get my self to read the last page of chamber it was too sad and depressing but the current books have the same kind of story or the turn of events which has actually become john grisham stereotypical book

Terri I totally agree that all Grisham books are formulaic.

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John Haven't read Grisham in years. He's getting paid millions by using a copier.

Sherrie Phillips Reading these reviews reminds of what I think of James Patterson or romance novels. I've often said there must be a computer program that just changes the names and locations and spits them out. I do agree that Grisham sets the bar higher. And, I think it must be tough for any writer to be profilic without being repetitive to some degree. Maybe they seem fresher if there is sufficient time between them. I read The Firm after I saw the movie and the book ending upset me. I liked A Time to Kill, Pelican Brief and The Client. But haven't read the others.

Sheila I love books of John Grisham and The Firm was very good read as well. Book still is better than movie

Anupama Krishnan John Grisham is too technical if I can put it right, and I had read FIRM long time back when I was doing my graduation. The one thing that I will never forget in my life and the one thing that the book thought me is that, men around the word make their wife pregnant to get them off their back and over the yearsI have seen this happening.

Melissa Its funny that this discussion popped up on my feed today, as I was just talking to my hubby about this very thing last night. I am a John Grisham fan and have read all his books (and will continue) but I agree that they are very formulaic and there are several that I've read that I couldn't even tell you what they are about if you just showed me the title. My favorites are the first ones I read. The Firm, The Pelican Brief, and The Client.

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Ben Wareing Playing for Pizza was a nice change.

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Michael Redd Ben wrote: "Playing for Pizza was a nice change."

Yes it was...

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