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                                                Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. "I read about 30 books a year. Is that too low to join?"

A1. Nope. We are trying to even out the teams at the start of this game.


Q2. "I just made a 2013 in 2013 shelf. Did I make it too early? And how does GoodReads know which team to put each players books on?"

A2. No, it isn't too early to create your shelf. However, GRs will NOT let you sign-up until the 1st of January, as that is when the challenge date parameters are set. Also, there are two challenges there (and we may add a third or forth!!); one for Team A and one for Team B.

We'll let you know which one to go to to sign-up. You don't want to sign-up for the opposing team! They'll get credit for your books! Eep!


Q3. "Do you want a specific name for our bookshelf or does it correspond with our team name?"

A3. You can put anything you want as your bookshelf name! It is individualized to the reader. If you want to put the Team Name, you can. Or the Challenge Name. Or whatever. Just remember to "tag" each book you read during the set parameter dates to insure GRs tracks it for you. (Be sure the books you tag have a start and stop reading date set, too.) Also, if you do other group challenges though-out GRs, you can use that shelf name again. ☺


Q4. "I have NO idea what sticky shelves are."

A4. To learn how to do them, refer to our GoodReads 101 Folder: Sticky Shelves . For an EXAMPLE, go to my personal bookshelves and look along the left-hand column. Do you see two entitled *2012-in-2012-group-challenge and *on-deck-for-challenges? See how they are out of alphabetical order? Well, those are "sticky shelves, because I made them so.

Why? When your dropdown box appears, while you are updating your shelves, they will appear near the top. Thus, you don't have to scroll all the way down to it.


Q5. "Do I need to list all my books in my team's thread?"

A5. Nope! GoodReads will automatically post your books for you, as long as you "tag" them with the assigned bookshelf (of your choosing). You do NOT need to list the books you are planning on reading. Nevertheless, you may (only if you like), discuss them in your team's thread.

To see an EXAMPLE, you can view mine, which are for the Main GRs challenge for 2012 and NOT a group challenge; however, your postings will look similar. Go here .


Q6. "Re-reads count, if NOT read within the last year. I know there are a few books I read last year that I'll definitely be rereading this year, but some might not have an exact year's gap. Is this alright?

A6. Okay, maybe not exactly 365 days, but within the anniversary month. EXAMPLE: You read a book that you finished February 12, 2012. It is okay for you to re-read it in 2013 for this challenge February 1, 2013.


Q7. "My bookshelves are set to "private". May I still join?"

Q7. Sure! Only you and your GR friends will be able to see your books. However, you might have to make me, or your Team Captain your friend. ☺


Q8. Can we get extra credit for "Chunkster" - or books >500 pages?"

A8. Nope. Sorry! We are counting on GRs tracking your book totals.


Q9. English is not my primary language. Does the language of the books doesn't matter?

A9. The language of the book does NOT matter, as long as it meets the criteria otherwise.


Q10. What about books we started but set aside? Would it count if we started from the beginning again?

A10. Yes, if you started it after January 1st, put it down for a while, and then you pick it back up and finished, it would count. No, if you started it before January 1st.

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Q11. "I've signed up in my group and added my shelf. It asked me what my goal was so I put 2013 (even though it would be physically impossible) as it didn't seem to have a group total. Is that right?"

A11. No. Your goal would be the one in parentheses behind your name in the team thread/assignments listing. {EXAMPLE: Angie (251)} Since the challenge is divided by teams, GRs will calculate your team's total.

To update (or change) your goal, click on the hyperlink indicated by the red arrow below in Screen 1 below, if you have already added a book, or Screen 1a, if you have NOT added any books. (Info about blue arrow is answered in A13.)

Screen 1 - books already read & tagged.

Screen 1a - no books added yet.

Special Note: You do NOT need to go through the update pathway every time you read a book. Just "tag" it with your specified bookshelf. GoodReads will do the work for you. The update pathway is for updating/changing your goal.

You should get a screen like Screen 2 or 2a. Fill in or change the amount. You may leave the bookshelf field alone, even if it hasn't defaulted in.

Screen 2 - for someone who has already tagged a book as read.

Screen 2a - for someone who hasn't tagged any books.



Q12. "Can I make my goal different that what is in the team thread/assignments listing?"

A12. Sure, not a problem if it is different than the one I put in parenthesis by your name. I can change that one, if anyone wants me to, especially if it is a huge discrepancy.


Q13. "Hey! The books I've tagged are NOT showing!"

A13. Just click on the percent hyperlink (where the blue arrow indicates in Screen 1 and Screen 1a above) to view the books you've tagged with your chosen bookshelf name. That should do the trick. If it doesn't, are you sure you have it marked with the correct date read?

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I just finished my first book for 2013 (woo!), but it's not showing up in my teams total/percentage. Should I be concerned?

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I see it, Tia. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald , right? Sometimes others can see it, but you can't until your "temporary storage" updates. Read A13 above about the blue arrow. ☺

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Q14. "Okay, I've tried 3x to enter a shelf name on the first page, but it keeps saying that I need to enter a name. I have been. I don't know what I am doing wrong."

A14. Do NOT give up. Is your bookshelf name more than one word? If so, DID YOU TYPE IN A HYPHEN between the words when you tried to enter it? You need to do that.

Examples of bookshelf names...showing hypens: "nbrc-tower" or "tower-challenge-2013".

Example of your bookshelf screen:

Close up

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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 15159 comments Tia, I'm going assume that took care of the problem. Now, I'm going to close this thread.

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Q15. "I have added it to my shelf for this challenge but it doesn't register on the challenge page. Any ideas as to why?"

A15. I looked at your bookshelf, and it has you as reading it for the month of January. No specific day. Very strange.

When you are looking at your bookshelf, try going to the last column way to the right and click "edit" (tiny green font).

When you get to Edit Your Review screen, scroll down until you see "Date I finished this book" and make sure it is today's date.

Also, you might have to click on "more options>>"to get to the "Date I started this book" fields. Looks like it is picking up the date you added it to your bookshelf. Must have something to do with the change in years.

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Q16. "Is it okay if we put books we are going to read for this challenge on the shelf we made for the group or will that mess something up?"

A16. Yes, you may. They will only be counted once you've marked them as "read."

In fact, after you have marked it as "currently reading" it makes it easier on you because GRs will automatically update the dates.

From your update screen (upper right), just click on "update status."

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Q17. "OK, somewhere in all the jumble of posts re: this challenge, I saw a link that I could click on to show my personal progress, and the rest of our team's progress too. Now, though, I can't find it!"

[image error]

A17. Just remember that Post #3 (in each group's thread) has a listing all the team members hyperlinks to their individual challenge posting.

By going to them individually. Or, better yet, once you are looking at yours, if you click "view community progress," you can see your teammates. If you roll your mouse over their books, you can see the star ratings.

If someone has set their bookshelves to "private," and you are NOT their friend, you will be unable to view this feature. But, you can always make new friends. ☺

While you CAN access all the teams from our Home Page, there is NO way to see all the teams' progress at once. (You would need to click individually on each Team.) However, there will be Status Updates done by the Team Captains. We are still discussing the need for the frequency of this.

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To view ALL the Teams, go in under More challenges... on the Home Page (right under the last visible challenge, lower right-hand corner).

That will take you this page .

You will have to go into each individual team to check their totals.

Expect a 30 minute delay in the totals update, if you just added a book.

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Q.18 - Hey, I thought I was sticking with the same Team though-out the year. Why are things changing for Round II? When does Round II begin? Can I join Round II while I'm doing Round I?

The Original Plan was to keep everyone on the same Teams. However, there are a handful of people who are NOT participating, for a variety of Real Life reasons. (Illness, new job, school pressures, technical difficulties, etc.) Some are just NOT communicating. They had a wide variety of reading goals, so that makes it difficult to balance the Teams fairly, if they suddenly decide to post their books. Then there are the people who have signed-up on their own, regardless of the stop signs. **shrugs** It happens.

The Second Round and will start soon after the First Round is finished. So, it is "in addition." You can request to join Round II now or later. We anticipate around 240 people joining, so we are just trying to get organized.

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Q. 19 - Megan L wrote: "I do have a question though. If we played in round I and already have a shelf for this challenge do we have to have a new shelf for the second round or can we continue to use the shelf we have already?"
 photo f99e7e16-ba9c-4a55-9ff7-b99b777a22e5_zps0f5025fc.jpg

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Q. 20 - Cathie wrote: "Ok, the above answer leads to another question: Do we need to take all of our books off the shelf that we have already read, if we keep the same shelf name?"
 photo 3258d399-9ec3-4db1-a7ca-fe99e396778d_zps12032bac.jpg

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Q. 21 - I haven't received a confirmation yet or seen my name at the top of the sign-on ✿Requests for Team Assignment✿. Did you get my request?

I'm working on a Google Spreadsheet that I will have everyone double check. It just isn't ready quite yet.

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Q.22 - I saw somewhere that I could request to join the NBRC: Tower Teams Read 2013, Round II group and another place where I should NOT. What should I do?

A. I was going to just put all the eMail requests in a folder. However, all the mods are getting all the requests, so I changed this. It is necessary to sign-up in the Round II Sign-up Thread. Sorry for the confusion.

Almost all the discussion will remain in NBRC; however, if you want to check out
NBRC: Tower Teams Reading Challenge Round II,
it is open for viewing.

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Q23 - What does rolled off my screen mean? (post 3) of my Team's thread?"

A. (We'll use Team C, in this example.)

On the challenge Home Page screen you can only view about 50 members for Team C's community (appearing below your friends).

If you go to Post #3 of Team C's thread, you'll see that there are actually 60 members for Team C. (Not counting the Mod account, which is on every Team.)

We didn't know this about this glitch, when we started this challenge: after 50 members, the earliest to sign into the challenge go to another page. However, there is NO way to click to that second page from the challenge Home Page; therefore, you HAVE TO use the hyperlinks in Post #3 to "view" their books tagged for this challenge.

Luckily, we were keeping track of that url. Well, we did loose one, but the member was kind enough to direct us to it. ☺

You'll note this at the bottom of Post #3:
✔ mean: rolled off my screen
✔✔ means: about to roll off

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