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message 1: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
Use the first or last name of a major character in a book you have read about between January 01, 2013 - December 31, 2013.

You can use books you read for other challenges. One name per book has to be used, so total books to be read is 26.

Major character = someone who plays a big enough role in the book. Not someone mentioned in passing.

message 2: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod

message 3: by Lu (last edited Sep 30, 2013 01:05PM) (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
A - Anna - Uses for Boys
B - Bowen, Celia - The Night Circus
C - Claire/Connor - Finding Claire Fletcher
D - Lena Duchannes - Beautiful Creatures
E - Ellie - The Dead of Night
F - Finch, Marcus - The Indigo Spell
G - Genevieve Lefoux - Blameless
H - Hisslepenny, Ivy - Changeless
I - Isabella - A Natural History of Dragons
J - Julie - Warm Bodies
K - Karou - Daughter of Smoke & Bone
L - Lihn Cinder - Cinder
M - Marc - Undead and Unemployed
N - Norma Jean - The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
O - Oslar (Keeper) - Druid Lords
P - Percy - The Battle of the Labyrinth
Q - Quensel - Heartless
R - Tommy Ross - Carrie
S - Scarlet - Scarlet
T - Tim Macbeth - The Tragedy Paper
U - Ursan - Scent of Magic
V - Valentine - City of Ashes
W - Walker, Lennie - The Sky Is Everywhere
X - Xhex - Lover Avenged
Y - Yvette - The Cuckoo's Calling
Z - Zu - The Darkest Minds

Progress: 26/26

message 4: by Lauren (last edited May 12, 2013 09:46AM) (new)

Lauren Smith A - Annana The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clark Also Naji
B - Biqa Six-Gun Tarot by R.S. Belcher Also Mutt, Harry, Lucifer, Auggie, Gillian, Clay
C - Dan Champion A Killer in the Wind by Andrew Klavan Also Samantha, Bethany, Monahan, The Fat Woman
D - Dagmira A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan Also Lord Hilford, Isabella, Mr Wilkers
E - Evie` The Bone Dragon by Alexia Casale Also Amy, Paul, Uncle Ben, Lynne, Ms WInters
F - Frantisek Farewell Waltz by Milan Kundera Also Klima, Ruzena, Olga, Dr Skreta, Bertlef
G - Seria Mau Genlicher Light by M. John Harrison Also Michael Kearney, Ed Chianese, Brian Tate
H - Liv Hula Empty Space by M. John Harrison
I - Ishigama The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino
J - Mrs J. Revenge by Yoko Ogawa
K - Josef Kantor Wolfhound Century by Peter Higgins Also Visassion Lom, Maroussia Shaumian, Chazia, Petrov
L - La-ren Twin-Bred by Karen A. Wyle
M - Marlise Inkarna by Nerine Dorman
N - Natasha The Office of Mercy by Ariel Djanikian Also Eric, Min-He, Axel, Tezo, Raj
O- Ortlinde Expecting Someone Taller by Tom Holt Also Malcolm Wotan, Loge, Thought, Flosshilde
P - Paprika Paprika by Yasutaka Tsutsui Also Atsuko, Tokita, Shima, Konokawa, Noda, Osanai, Inui
Q - Qeturah The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord Also Grace Delarua, Dllenahkh, Joral, Lian, Nasiha, Tarik, Fergus
R - Randy Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson Also Bobby Shaftoe, Lawrence Waterhouse, Goto Dengo, Amy, Douglas MacArthur, Enoch Root
S - Sadak Pandemonium edited by Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin
T - Tina The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards by Kristopher Jansma Also Evelyn
U - Ulver Seich Excession by Iain M. Banks Also Byr Genar-Hofoen, Dajeil, Amorphia, the Sleeper Service, the Fate Amenable to Change
V - Pieter van Goyen Doughnut by Tom Holt Also Theo Burnstein, Matasuntha
W - Carrie White Carrie by Stephen King Also Chris Hargensten, Sue, Tommy Ross, Margare, Miss Desjardin
X - Xavier Soumare Stolen Lives by Jassy Mackenzie
Y - Kwok Yun - UFO in Her Eyes by Xiaolu Guo
Z - Zuraya - The Cutting Room by Mary Watson Also Lucinda, Amir, Thomas, Cat, Ayesha

Progress: 26/26

message 5: by Barbara (last edited May 18, 2013 05:34AM) (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
A - Adelia - The Assassin's Prayer by Ariana Franklin
B - Betsy Taylor - Undead and Uneasy by MaryJanice Davidson
C - Clare - Desire by Amanda Quick (Gareth)
D - David Forrester - Starfleet Academy by Diane Carey
E - Eric Sinclair - Undead and Unpopular by MaryJanice Davidson
F - Richard Fell - Ghost stories of an Antiquary
G - Derik Gardner - Derik's bane by MaryJanice Davidson
H - Sherlock Holmes - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
I - Isabel - The Kingmaker's Daughter by Philippa Gregory
J - Jacquetta - The lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory
K - Katharina - The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare
L - Lucy Cornwallis - The Queen of Subtleties by Suzannah Dunn
M - Crescent Moon - Dead and Loving it by MaryJanice Davidson
N - Thursday Next - Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde
O - Oskar - Let the right one in
P - Pandora - Pandora the Curious by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams
Q - Quark - Abyss by David Weddle & Jeffrey lang
R - Rhea - Divine by Mistake by P.C. Cast
S - Bobby Shaftoe - Cryptonomincon by Neal Stephenson
T - Sophronia Temminnick - Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger
U - Trok Uruk - Warlock by Wilbur Smith
V - Bradley Charles Vane IV - Key of Valor by Nora Roberts
W - Olympia Wingfield - Deception by Amanda Quick
X - Xinran - Message from un unknown Chinese Mother by Xinran
Y - John Yates - Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
Z - Zu - The DArkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken

Total 26/26


message 6: by Varla Fiona (last edited Apr 22, 2013 06:35AM) (new)

Varla Fiona (dory_42) | 1332 comments Mod
Total: 26/26 FINISHED (21 April)

A - Agatha - Agatha H and the Airship City
B - Bumbersnoot - Etiquette & Espionage
C - Conall Maccon - Blameless
D - Dodger - Dodger
E - Eliza - Phoenix Rising
F - Felicity Loontwill - Timeless
G - Gregor - Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods
H - Brother Hoben - Taggerung
I - Ivy - Heartless
J - Jack Spratt - The Fourth Bear
K - Kai - Cinder
L - Queen Levana - Scarlet
M - Maggie - Suspect
N - Novina - Speaker for the Dead
O - Mr Ominous - Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors
P - Mr Pimm - The Emerald Atlas
Q - Quetzalcoatl - The Enchantress
R - Count Renar - Prince of Thorns
S - Stephanie - Three to Get Deadly
T - Tabby - My Haunted House
U - Una - Charlie Bone and the Hidden King
V - Valentine - Xenocide
W - Will - The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
X - Xander - God Save the Queen
Y - Paton Yewbeam - Charlie Bone and the Beast
Z - Zu - The Darkest Minds

message 7: by Liezel (last edited Sep 29, 2013 02:17AM) (new)

Liezel (liezkl) | 736 comments A - Anna Altered
B - Scarlet Benoit Scarlet
C - Clary City of Lost Souls
D - Shay Doran Bloodrose
E - Ethan Wate Beautiful Creatures
F - Frederick Wentworth Persuasion
G - Hazel Grace The Fault in Our Stars
H - Hudson Avery - Bittersweet
I - Ivy Hisselpenny Soulless
J - John Milton Spud Exit Pursued by a Bear
K - Dr Kirby Ignis 77 Shadow Street
L - Cas Lowood Girl of Nightmare
M - Meghan Chase The Iron King
N - Thursday Next The Eyre Affair
O - Oliver Hazard-Perry Gates of Paradise
P - Percy Battle of the Labyrinth
Q - Queenie Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
R - Ruby The Darkest Minds
S - Sky Hopeless
T - Calla Tor Wolfsbane
U -
V - Vee Sky Finale
W - Jacqueline Wallace Easy
X -
Y -
Z - Zaphod Beeblebrox The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

message 8: by [deleted user] (last edited Jun 19, 2013 04:52AM) (new)

A - Anne Neville (The Kingmakers Daughter)
B - Bilbo (The Hobbit)
C - Cathy (Flowers in the Attic)
E - Ellie Hathaway (Plain Truth)
F - Father Donald Callahan (Salem's Lot)
G - Gideon Goosen (Little Ice Cream Boy)
H - Harper Curtis (The Shining Girls)
J - Jaqueline (Easy)
K - Kipps, Arthur (The Woman in Black)
M - Margaret (The Thirteenth Tale)
N - Nigel McGurk (Killing Kebble)
O - Opal (What Happened to Goodbye)
P - Paul (Petals on the Wind)
R - Roelien Schutte (Bloedsusters)
S - Samantha Owens (A Deeper Darkness)
T - Thobela (Proteus)
V - Virginia West (The Hornets Nest)

Total: 17/26

message 9: by Riana (last edited Apr 02, 2013 07:37AM) (new)

Riana | 397 comments I said I won't do this again but here I go again anyway haha


Anastacia Steele - Fifty Shades Freed
Carrie - Carrie
David Thorpe - Quarantine: The Loners
Fantine - Les Misérables
Grace Brisbane - Shiver
Hannah - Thirteen Reasons Why
Jorg Ancrath - Prince of Thorns
Kai - Cinder
Lynch, Jane - Happy Accidents
Nick - Gone Girl
R - Warm Bodies
Savage, Dan - It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living
TJ - On the Island
Vianne - Chocolat
Willem De Ruiter - Just One Day
Xavier - Dark Lover
Zanna Moon - Un Lun Dun

message 10: by Susan (last edited Nov 25, 2013 09:19AM) (new)

Susan (SueBen) | 12 comments My first challenge...

A: Annais - The Falcons of Montabard
B: Audric Baillard - Citadel
C: Cassius - The Cat's Table
D: Dorothy - The Beginner's Goodbye; David Sedaris - Me talk pretty one day
E: Elias Stern - Death in the Latin Quarter
F: Fanny Brawne - Passion
G: Nell Gilby - Lucky Break, Gustine - The Dress Lodger
H: Helen Codrington - The Sealed Letter
J: Joel Litvinoff - The Believers
K: Howard Kirk -The History Man
L: Lou Clark - Me before You
M: Maleverer Sovereign
N: Anne Neville - The Kingmaker's Daughter
O: Heinrich Oberon - The Fall of Troy
P: Pole - The Courier's Tale
Q: Queenie - The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
S: Susie Salmon - "The Lovely Bones", Dr Siri Paibon - "Disco for the Departed"
T: Thomas Cromwell - "Bring up the Bodies"
V: Victoria - "The Language of Flowers"
W:Wickam - "Death comes to Pemberly"
Y: Yasmina - "The little coffee shop of Kabul"
Z: Celeste Zylberstein - "Heligoland"

Score: 22/26

message 11: by Jax (last edited Dec 02, 2013 01:56AM) (new)

Jax | 899 comments Mod
A - Atticus O'Sullivan; Hounded
B - Emma Bannon; The Iron Wyrm Affair
C - Catherine Barrowe-Brown; The Damnation Affair
D - Moiraine Damodred; New Spring
E - Eli Monpress; The Spirit Thief
F - Gwen Frost; Crimson Frost
G - Granuaile ; Hunted
H - Harry Dresden; Blood Rites
I - Ido (Lord); Eona
J - Jill Kismet; Angel Town
K - Kerestyan Nelek; Eternal Seduction
L - Lena Duchannes; Beautiful Creatures
M - Miles Bergman; The Deadliest Bite
N - Nikki Glass; Rogue Descendant
O - Oberon; Hammered
P - Percy Jackson; The Lightning Thief
Q - Logan Quinn; Midnight Frost
R - Rand Al'Thor; A Memory of Light
S - Samantha Carter; Vampire Seeker
T - Thymara; Blood of Dragons
U - Ulean; Night Myst
V - Vianne di Rocancheil; The Bandit King
W - Winston Aidan Murray(Widget);The Night Circus
X - Xander; Crave the Darkness
Y - Ynpharion; Cast in Sorrow
Z - Zarine ni Bashere t'Aybara (Faile); Towers of Midnight
Z - Zach; Doll Bones
Total: 26/26

message 12: by Carolien (last edited Jul 08, 2013 12:39PM) (new)

Carolien (carolien_s) | 2152 comments Mod
A - Alice Todd, The Singing Line
B - Beth Prior, Escapade
C - Cordelia Gray, An Unsuitable Job For A Woman
D - Daphne Vernon, Secret Island
E - Edwina Sleightholme, The Risk of Darkness
F - Felicity Loontwill, Soulless
G - Grace Golding, The Wolf Gift
H - Captain Healy, Split Image
I - Isabella, Airman
J - Jendy Marsh, Honey for Tea
K - Keswick, The Woman in Black
L - Leah Tutu, Rabble-Rouser for Peace: The Authorized Biography of Desmond Tutu
M - Maud Silver, The Benevent Treasure
N - Newland Archer,The Age of Innocence
O - Oscar Anstruther, Life Skills
P - Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief
Q - Qukezwa, The Heart of Redness
R - Robert Scott, Captain Scott
S - Stephanie Plum, One For The Money
T - Terry Francona, Francona: The Red Sox Years
U - Uzi Navot, The Kill Artist
V - Violet Prug, A Change For The Better
W - William McClane, The Tea Rose
X - Xavier March, Fatherland
Y - Captain Yates, The Godwulf Manuscript
Z - Aurelio Zen, Vendetta


message 13: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Smith I just realised that none of the characters in the book I just finished have names...

message 14: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
Lol how?

message 15: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Smith It's a novel (sort of) written in short stories, and since each story only has a few characters, it's very easy to distinguish them. Some characters appear in multiple stories, but when the author mentions certain details about them, you know exactly who it is.

I just remembered that there's one character called Mrs J though - can I use that (for J)?

message 16: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
Yea I think that is a safe bet :)

On a side not how to we feel about shortened versions of names. In the darkest minds there is a character named Zu. Her real name Suzume, but they only call her by her real name a few times, and almost all the time Zu?

message 17: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Smith Cool, thanks :)

If they use the shortened version most of the time, I think it's ok.
I was actually going to suggest you read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for Me, Myself and I, because most of the time Lucy's siblings call her Lu. But then I saw that you'd already read it :)

message 18: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
Yea they use it all the time, and when they called her Suzume I thought there was someone else in the room lol

Ah damn! I want to read Just One Day her nickname seems to be Lulu :)

message 19: by Rochelle (last edited Mar 12, 2013 12:22AM) (new)

Rochelle van Dyk | 36 comments A - Anna Emerson On the Island
B -
C - Clay Jensen Thirteen Reasons Why
D -
E -
F -
G -
H -
I -
J -
K -
L - Lisbeth Salander The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
M -
N - Nick Dunne Gone Girl
O -
P - Peony Cinder
Q -
R - R Warm Bodies
S -
T -
U -
W -
X -
Y -
Z -

message 20: by JJ (new)

JJ Coetzer (yennorks) | 1 comments A -
B -
C - Cohan - The Last Hero
D - Dios - Pyramids
E -
F -
G -
H -
I -
J - James Bond - Casino Royale
K -
L -
M - Mustrum Ridcully - The Last Continent
N -
O -
P -
Q -
R - Rincewind - The Color of Magic
S -
T - Theda Withel - Moving Pictures
U -
V - Vimes - Guards! Guards!
W - Winston - 1984
X -
Y -
Z -

message 21: by Varla Fiona (new)

Varla Fiona (dory_42) | 1332 comments Mod
Question: If the character is always referred to by her title, such as Queen Levana, can I use it for Q, or only L? The book in question is Scarlet

message 22: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
Just the name. We have never used titles. So in your case you can only use the L.

message 23: by Varla Fiona (new)

Varla Fiona (dory_42) | 1332 comments Mod
I suspected as much, but thought I would check as Q is the harder to find letter and it would have been great if I could mark it as done.

message 24: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
I know. I have been lucky to have lucked into the harder letters so far.
If you need help just check the lists from former years. Maybe there is abook there you would like to read. But you still have loads of time. :)

message 25: by Varla Fiona (new)

Varla Fiona (dory_42) | 1332 comments Mod
YAY, just found a Y character in the book I am reading. That means, as soon as I finish the current book, I have finished this challenge!!!

message 26: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod

message 27: by Varla Fiona (new)

Varla Fiona (dory_42) | 1332 comments Mod

Will update my thread tomorrow.

message 28: by Roz (new)

Roz (panalchemist) Varla Fiona wrote: "FINISHED!

Will update my thread tomorrow."

Well done Varla! :D

message 29: by Henri (last edited Jun 18, 2013 04:57AM) (new)

Henri | 122 comments My Progress: 6/26

B: Benny Slightman: Wolves of the Calla
G: Garrick Courtney : Rage
L: Lenobia : Lenobia's Vow
R: Ramon Machado : Golden Fox
T: Timm Ross : The Wind Through the Keyhole
Z: Zoey Redbird : Hidden

message 30: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
Varla Fiona wrote: "FINISHED!

Will update my thread tomorrow."


message 31: by Varla Fiona (new)

Varla Fiona (dory_42) | 1332 comments Mod

message 32: by Carolien (new)

Carolien (carolien_s) | 2152 comments Mod
Well done!

message 33: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Smith Completed!

message 34: by Varla Fiona (new)

Varla Fiona (dory_42) | 1332 comments Mod

message 35: by Varla Fiona (new)

Varla Fiona (dory_42) | 1332 comments Mod

message 36: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod

message 37: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
I am done too!

message 38: by Carolien (new)

Carolien (carolien_s) | 2152 comments Mod
Well done!

message 39: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod

message 40: by Carolien (new)

Carolien (carolien_s) | 2152 comments Mod
I'm done!

message 41: by Varla Fiona (new)

Varla Fiona (dory_42) | 1332 comments Mod

message 42: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod

message 43: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod

message 44: by Carolien (new)

Carolien (carolien_s) | 2152 comments Mod

message 45: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
Thank you :)

message 46: by Jax (new)

Jax | 899 comments Mod
Done. (and just in time too!)

message 47: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
Nicely done, congrats!

message 48: by Carolien (new)

Carolien (carolien_s) | 2152 comments Mod
Well done!

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