The Host (The Host, #1) The Host question

Is it worth reading?
Mercer Brady Mercer Dec 29, 2012 03:09PM
I like to read books before the movie comes out, and I just wanted to see what people think about it. (no spoilers pls :)

Everything is worth reading if it grabs your curiosity enough to ask about it. For me, the is one of the few books I can read over again, just be sure to get past the first few chapters before giving up on it. The beginning is a little slow but does do a great job of setting the scene and introducing some of the main characters.

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Chariety austgen Definitely a book you can read over and over !
Mar 15, 2013 04:09AM

Yes, don't let twilight fool you. This book was more sci-fi. It is ten billion times better than twilight!

Mary Sealey No I did not like this book. I find her writing childish and boring. I would not recommend this book at all.
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deleted member Jan 05, 2013 12:40PM   0 votes
Yes, read it. It's better than Twilight.

I decided to knuckle down and read it for much the same reasons: movie coming out, heard this was better, was pretty darn curious, heard it was about yeerks (any animorph fans out there?), etc.

I'm gonna say this - don't go in if you're allergic to relationship angst and self-sacrificing main characters. Most of the plot is also gradual and internal (ie, character relationships, not cars flipping over and exploding). On the other hand, the prose is typical Meyer, which means it's very readable and quick, so the book goes by fast. There's also the characteristic love triangle, but it's much more nuanced and better handled than in Twilight. Also, totally YA type reading.

Some likes:

I enjoyed the twist on the traditional alien invasion story. Ever since I read Animorphs as a kid, I've always wanted to read more about the alien invader. It also puts us on the wrong side of the battle - we're rooting for the brain-stealing, civilization-devouring aliens! That raises a lot of great moral questions that refuse to be buried under the personal, relationship problems of the main character.

Also, even as it sometimes frustrated me, the way the main character's (alien) personality was, it made her see and do things in a way that I wouldn't have stood for in a human character, but which was pretty darn interesting to follow in an alien. In other words, her being alien gave her the kind of excuse Bella never had.

On the other hand, I kinda feel this book could have been half its length and still done the job. There's a lot of angst fluff and main character manhandling (and me seething inside at how utterly spineless someone was. Spinelesssss.) that I could have done without.

So yeah, I would probably read a sequel if one ever comes out - but I would do it for the world and to see what happens next with the alien invasion. But it's telling that I want a sequel, but wouldn't mind if the sequel was about some other character in this world. Wanderer's story's pretty much played out (can we have Burns be the MC in the next book, plz?)

So to actually respond to your question, it depends on what you're looking for and what you're allergic to.

Thx everyone I'll be sure to give it a go :)

Melissa (last edited Feb 16, 2013 10:18AM ) Feb 16, 2013 10:17AM   0 votes
Thankfully I had a friend read it first. She said the first four chapters its hard to follow, but once you get past that and maybe reread it a few times, the book is amazing. She was right. It put Twilight to shame!!!! Not to give anything away, but I did cry.

The book was really great! At first it's a little slow, but you'll get past that pretty quick. then it becomes absolutely amazing! :D

YES YES YES. This book is a must read. Loved every moment of it and cant wait to see how the film is

Yes, even if you don't like twilight (like i don't like it) this is a very diferent book...

First of all its a ADULT Fiction book, so it has another way of going into, because in this one, you get to Wonder and reflecting inm such theme like:

Is it our violent nature that will ruin our kind, and not the natural disasters or so? or even, How can we live in other planet, if it was possible, if we don't get well with ourselves? and you got a lot of thinking about in this book.

I considered this book a kind of Metaphorm to nowadays. so i think you should ABSOLUTLY read this book. It is worth it :)

I agree with Kirby.....took me a few chapters to really get hooked...but then I was - enjoyed the book

Yes, absolutely positively yes!

deleted member Dec 30, 2012 10:05AM   0 votes
So glad that I did:) Go for it!

totally worth the read, as long as you keep in mind it starts off really slow like almost everyone else is saying... i'm not one to say i liked something if i didn't just because its in, but i really enjoyed this book and its totally worth the read.. way better then twilight if you ask me

It was a very good book and definitely worth reading. Extremely fascinating, in my opinion. It's nothing at all like Twilight.

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Sure. It's a fun book and I enjoyed it. Wanderer (the protagonist) wasn't my favorite character, and The Host wasn't the most original work I've ever seen, but I definitely found it entertaining, and I thought that Meyer actually brought something to the table this time.

I loved it, but I do have to say that the beginning is pretty slow. so, try to stick it out until it picks up!


This is making me want to read this book! I wasn't planning on it, but somehow I got onto this page, and well, now I want to read it!

I LOVED it. I read it when it first came out and it is one of my favorites. I plan on reading it again before I see the movie. I can tell by the previews, the book will be much better than the movie! Definately take the time and read it. It wasn't really slow for me at the beginning. It has a very unique story line. When I tried to explain it to people, they looked at me like I had two heads. Sounds hokie, but great book!

I read this book without knowing that the movie is coming out. But after reading it I was so impressed... it is far better than Twilight. Really good stuff. I really hope they justify the movie.... I am any ways among people who prefer books 100 times better than movie. But hope so they don't mess up with the story because it is so complete in itself.

i do hope that the movie will be much better than twilight saga since the book is amazing. one of my favorites.

Took me a quarter of the way in to somewhat commit. I love sci Fi & my dau assured me it wasn't "twilighty". I kept thinking...this is going to be a good movie, even though the book itself wasn't anything, for me personally, to be excited about. The author is extremely talented & has a huge "reader/fan" base...just not my cuppa. Looking forward to the movie though. :)

this is one of my favourite books, it's one of the few books that I can re-read over and over!

Yes, if your hesitant because of the other books written by the same author this one is much better. It is well written and interesting not to mention different from many YA books.

I was wondering the same, are you sure guys? I mean I started reading it then got really bored after the first couple of chapter...

I really, really liked this book! Definitely worth reading!

Just finished "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. The Host (The Host, #1) by Stephenie Meyer This is a long book that is pretty intense and deep. It took me a while to grab the concept of the story and who is who, what is what and "what is it?". It made me really take a look at humanity as a whole. I really got into the characters, the area it takes place in and the story line. A great book and can't wait to read the next in the series. 5 stars.


I could not agree with Libby more. You have to get the stage set. But then hold on fit the twists and turns


of course it is!!!! are you kidding me???!!! it's one of the most amazing books i've ever read, AMAZING would be an understatment!! i loved it..very imaginative, and very very interesting to read..

I also agree with everyone. I had trouble getting into the book but once I did I couldn't stop reading it. It's one of those books that you think about long after you have read it. Enjoy!

OMGosh YES!!! One of the best books I have read. I have actually read it twice. I like to read the book before the movie too. I cannot wait for the movie. I just hope it follows the book closely.

Yes, it's so much better than the twilight saga, it does take a while to get in to but it is well worth the wait.

Yes!! I agree with others that it starts a little slow - gotta build that character - but you need to know what happened so that you'll like both girls.
The great thing about the Host is that Meyer gets out of the way and just tells the story.
Twilight was a wonderful story, but sometimes the prose gets in the way. It's more difficult to read with everyone "chuckling" and all the constant "eye-rolling."
In this novel the writing is not so distracting, so you get to love the characters without having to deal with their literary idiosyncracies.
The Host is really great sci-fi for women which, in such a male dominated genre, is very refreshing.


Totally, The Host is a much better book and very well done. It's addictive and loved by both men and women because it relates to everyone. I hope the movie brings more people to The Host that were scared off because of Twilight, it's so much better! The characters in this book are awesome & I'm hoping for more books to make this a series, now that would be wonderful!

I'll repeat what I tell everyone else. It does start slow, heavy on the worldbuilding - but once you get to the desert, it will grab you and not let go.

Nope, don't was okay, but nothing like what I was expecting after all the hype about Myers. Boring and unbelievable.

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