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I like Leah more, and like Caleb less

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Natasha OK!

So The Opportunist I loved Caleb and Oliva, obviously. Olivia is a great, very human character.
In this book I felt like Leah was misunderstood, and still extremely vindictive and immature.. but well-meaning and had a harsh upbringing and overcame a lot of really terrible things in her life, and learned a lot.
The way that Leah covers her insecurities with validation from Caleb, Caleb covers his insecurities involving Olivia by using Leah. WHAT A WEB THEY WEAVE!
Overall, this book make it like Leah a LOT more, and Caleb slightly less. Which was probably Fisher's intent!
You devil, you!

Thoughts? :)

Jkbooks I agree. I hate Leah but I love to hate her and I think she is misunderstood and just takes evil up a notch. Everything she does is for love...albeit her twisted perception of it. But one could say Olivia did that...as well as Caleb. They are all liars and manipulators...Leah just has no regret or guilt, whereas Olivia did/does.
I think this is why I love this series so much. Its so REAL.
When Leah thinks a disgusting thing in her head..we wanna kill her, but is every thought in your head pure and sweet all the time? Nah...we all have moments of bitchiness...she just has it more. lol

Maria I wouldn't say I like Leah more after this book, just hate her a little less.
I do feel for her and I'm disgusted with the way her parents treated her.

All 3 characters (Leah, Olivia & Caleb) are flawed. Olivia is aware of her short comings and is her worst critic. She struggles to be better. Leah, as mentioned, feels no guilt or remorse. Isn't that what a sociopath is? I don't even think she truly loves Caleb. She does not know how to love. Caleb is the ultimate prize and to her, it's all about winning.

I did not think less of Caleb after this book either. I see him as more human.
He made mistakes but his decisions come from trying to do the right thing. With Olivia, he should have followed his heart and not try to deny or bury his feelings. Also, some of the mistakes Caleb & Olivia made could be attributed to their youth. I saw growth in both of them. Leah, however, sees no reason to change.

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Enzo If anything, I think Dirty Red showed us how broken up Caleb is from not being with Olivia. He was a bit of an asshole in The Opportunist. Not in Dirty Red. He was actually a sad character - deeply broken and unhappy.

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flowerchild anyone else loved Leah and hated Caleb and Olivia!!!! she is the wonderful mind fuck not Olivia. she is so much more complex and beautifully tragic. i am so frustrated with how Tarryn treated her towards the end of the novel and in the last novel . This character deserved better than that she was the hot nerd who laughed at the popular girls but had such a sad life. ugh... she was amazing and reading all the negatives about her and seeing the complements about Olivia and Caleb made me lose hope in humanity and readers and even this author. i saw such potential for her that when i graduate college and become a filmmaker i will give her a proper spotlight in a movie of her own . im gonna actually go but the physical copy of this amazing novel!!!!!!

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