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Carolyn (caroheartsbooks) Discuss fifth installment

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leanna  -when am I not bored- (justmeleanna) | 450 comments Mod
Wow Caro, might I say it again, you sound like a robot

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments Is it just me or did the ending of tributary kinda suck?

Salyna | 654 comments Nah... It's just you... j/k
You can have your own opinion, but I liked it.

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments Well, I think I didn't like it because I thought it was going to be the last book that she writes for the series so I was depressed that Lia an Luca didn't get married in the end.

Salyna | 654 comments SAME HERE! I agree, I was completely upset about that at the time. But when I found out about Deluge then I was okay with it because it's not the last book.

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments Yeah!!! I only found out that she was going to write another book- deluge- when I joined this group and was reading the messages that u have been sharing with each other which was on Friday so when I got to school I was super excited to tell my friend that got me hooked only he river of time!

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments On the river of time*

Salyna | 654 comments I've known for a while now. I can't wait tell it's out! I got 3 of my friends from school to read the first book, and 2 of them have finished the whole series! The other one is still working on it, but she reads other books in between.

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments Ok awesome! I love sharing my love for books with my friends, and sharing the joy, happiness, and tears with them!!

Salyna | 654 comments Haha I do too. It's funny to get really excited talking about a book at school and then to see other people looking at us like were crazy.:P

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments Yeah totally!!! Hahaha there r a bunch of people that think I'm crazy when I talk about books and say that I cried in them! Hsha

Salyna | 654 comments Haha yeah same here

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments Well atleast we enjoyed and fell in love with the books!

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lol a few months ago my friend was reserving books online from the library and so I took over and reserved the first three books of the RoT. I told her she just HAD to read it. Well, she did - and she LOVED it! She talked about it so much that her sister decided to read them. She loved it too. Then SHE lent the books to HER friend.... and so on... lol. I'm so proud of myself. *pats self on back*

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments Haha awesome

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments I have an older sister that I'm sure would LOVE the books but she doesn't like reading very much so it frustrates me! I'll get her to read it some day though since I bought them I'll have the books for a LONG time!

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My younger sister just got Waterfall from the library. I told her once she gets past the first chapter, she'll be HOOKED! My friend's older sister bought the *first three* books. I'm jealous. lol. I don't own them..... although I'm thinking of getting Bourne and Tributary on my kindle since our libraries don't have them. :/

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments Yeah neither, my libraries don't own Bourne and tributary. But I was going to buy it anyway since I loved the series so much. When I like books I love buying them. I'm not sure why. Maybe being able to lend them to friends personally. I'm not sure.

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I have a ton of books, but most of them were given to me for my birthday, Christmas, and once in while my great grandma used to give me a big box of books since she was in this bookclub thing.

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments Awesome!

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My friend buys books all the time though... her and her sister. They each spend at least $40 on books every time they go to a bookstore...

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments Awesome

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments I would do that if I wasn't so broke and if I had actual income! I'm 13 so I don't have a Jon so me only income is my alowance

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I'm 18 and I don't have a job. *sigh*

Kaitlin Peters | 73 comments Sorry yeah I ment job lol

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Awww, that's kinda sad.

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Haley S (haleyjs) I really liked this book. With Luca and Lia in it and all. I liked it how she put the book in different POV!

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Haley S (haleyjs) :)

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Anna (annaseyeforpages) | 37 comments I just finished Tributary. I loved it. Every single chapter.

I was anticipating parts with Lord Greco, and found myself falling for him. Before I didn't really care much for him, but now... You could say he's one of my favorites.
Did anyone else want to scream at Alessandria?

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Haley S (haleyjs) YES!!

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