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Lia struggles to overcome the fear that constant battle has heaped upon her; Gabi and Marcello face an unexpected crisis; and Lord Greco just may be ready to leave the grief and loss of his past behind him, so that he might grab hold of the future...

163 pages, Kindle Edition

First published June 8, 2012

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About the author

Lisa Tawn Bergren

101 books3,585 followers

Lisa Tawn Bergren is the best-selling, award-winning author of over 60 books, with more than 4.5 million copies sold. She recently released The Sugar Baron's Daughters Series (KETURAH, VERITY and SELAH), and recently finished a teen series called Remnants (SEASON OF WONDER, SEASON OF FIRE, and SEASON OF GLORY). She's also written the River of Time Series (WATERFALL, CASCADE, TORRENT, BOURNE & TRIBUTARY, DELUGE) and The Grand Tour Series (GLAMOROUS ILLUSIONS, GRAVE CONSEQUENCES, GLITTERING PROMISES), time-slip romance duology called River of Time: California (THREE WISHES and FOUR WINDS), and some contemporary romances (ONCE UPON A MONTANA SUMMER and ONCE UPON AN IRISH SUMMER are the newest releases).

Lisa’s time is split between managing home base, writing, consulting and helping Tim with his business. Her husband Tim is a sculptor of ducks-out-of-fenceposts (RMRustic.com), graphic designer and musician. They have three big kids–Olivia (who just got married), Emma (who is about to get married) and Jack (who is a junior in high school).

The Bergrens make their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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324 reviews170 followers
December 16, 2016
*Warning: My review may have some minor spoilers spread randomly through it, so take caution if you have not read these books before lol :P

I think I liked this novella the best out of the two!!! ^_^ Again, like I have said probably a million times by now lol Lia and Luca are just sooo adorable and cute together! I love getting to see their relationship grow more and more in each book. I love seeing Gabi and Marcello too <3 I figured out some of the plotlines from the beginning of the story, but that is ok…I still thoroughly enjoyed it and the series continues to be one of my favorites!! :) *subtly hints that you should read this series :P lol

Onto some of the characters…I loved how Lord Greco’s story didn’t end in Torrent. He has always intrigued me and I am glad he was in this book! For most of Tributary, I just felt so sorry for Lord Greco/Rodolfo…It was like he was a sad lost puppy wandering around not knowing what to do or what his purpose in life was (Not sure how those two things compare, but it made sense in my head lol) Also when he was trying to get over Gabi, I could not help but feel a little bad for him :(

I enjoyed getting to learn more about Lia in this book…I felt connected to her character when she was sad or scared about the whole protecting her family thing and being afraid to use her bow and arrow ever again—I felt like I was right there with her, feeling her pain. I also liked how we got to see her character gradually grow through that period of being afraid to be a “She-Wolf” again and I was so glad for her when she realized that she didn’t need to give into her fear, she just needed to trust God instead with her life. This quote below from Bourne says it perfectly to me…

“Fear is not of the Lord. It is of the Enemy. Do not give in to it.”

I definitely agree with this quote! It really helped me because I struggle with this from time to time. I get worried and stress over things that will not really matter at the end of my life. I just thought it was an encouraging quote and I am glad that Lisa added into her book :)

I know I was rambling a little lol but by now I think you know how much I LOVE this series and all of the characters in them… well except Paratore and Barbato of course…they are so evil and creep me out by the things they do *shudders* But I definitely recommend this series as a whole, starting with Waterfall! :) Just a warning though, at times, it can be a little graphic with the fighting scenes if that bothers you
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2,051 reviews588 followers
April 26, 2022
I think I enjoy the trilogy a little better than the novellas, I think since the trilogy sticks with one POV, while the novellas switch between multiple characters. I like focusing on one main character/couple, instead of spreading an already short story between a six.

Anyway, this story focuses on Lia and Lucas and Rodolfo and a new character, Alessandra. It picks up a little over a year after the last novella. So our group has had some times of peace, but we get to jump back in when things are stirring up again. It was fun having a new character added to the mix. I kind of wish Bourne had been about Lia and Luca and Tributary had been about Rodolfo and Alessandra. Then both storylines could have been developed more, like Rodolfo and Alessandra - I wish we could have really seen him fall in love - their relationship is nice, but I wanted more.

As a novella, it was a fun read. There is a lot of action and we get to follow-up on Gabi and Marcello, which is nice. I just wish both novellas had been a bit longer and focus on one main couple.

Content Rated PG+
Romance: Kissing
Language: None
Violence: Moderate
Other: religious content
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1,972 reviews552 followers
October 14, 2022

The River of Time series is one of THE BEST series I've read so far! Tributary, the newest addition, was no exception because the greatness continued in this novella!

My favorite characters from this series have pretty much always been Lia and Luca (he's on the cover of Tributary) and I was so glad that a majority of this story featured them. Oh, and the scene where Luca gets a haircut courtesy of Lia was hilarious and probably one of my favorites! I just loved it!

Filled with romance, suspense, action, humor, and so much more, Tributary held my attention throughout and is now one of my favorite books! It seems like with each addition the series just gets better and better. Bourne used to be my favorite in the series, but I now think Tributary is - it was THAT good!

I am desperately hoping for more River of Time books because one: I love the series, and two: Lia's story doesn't seem "finished" (in my opinion). So... Lisa, PLEASE write more!!!

If you are a fan of YA, time-travel, or romance/fantasy novels, you should definitely read this series. All of the books are great and I think they should be read in order because otherwise there would be major spoilers.

*I received a complimentary PDF copy from the author for my review. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. I also purchased a Kindle copy via Amazon.com. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*
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210 reviews
April 15, 2020
Yes!!! Finally!! Rodolfo and his love interest!!
This novella continues with the threat from the previous novella. A new character is introduced, who was super interesting. Although at first I couldn't understand her (and her loyalty) at first, in the end, I came to love her. Her feisty spirit, but also her vulnerability made a great character and absolutely perfect for Rodolfo.
It was also really good to see Luca and Lia's relationship develop. They complement each other perfectly and are the absolute cutest!
The plot was also super exciting, with plenty of action. The villains are great villains (which means that you despise them), and they were same ones from previous books, which kept things interesting!
Of course I loved catching up with Gabi and Marcello and their surprise was awesome!!! .
Overall a great novella well worth reading! I liked it even better than 'Bourne'.

Also, is that Luca on the cover? *vigorously fanning myself* boy is he a cutie! Him and Lia are such a cute couple.
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25 reviews24 followers
February 7, 2023
I wanted to rate this a 5 ⭐️ so bad! I recently said I thought I’d never rate a lisa t bergren book less than five stars, but this one was a much slower pace than the other ones. Regardless, I still absolutely love the series and the characters! It’s become my most favorite series!
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Author 8 books288 followers
July 17, 2021
I loved the plunge into Lia's point-of-view (begun in Bourne and more fully developed in Tributary). I got to know Lia a little more. Loved that.

In addition, I also got to read from a few other character's point-of-views, as well. This took some getting used to and got a little confusing at times, actually, as third-person was used for all but Lia. Sometimes I wasn't sure whose head I was in until a paragraph or so deep...but I liked the pull of each character's personality.

Another thing I loved was that the adventure, the romance, and the authenticity that the whole series has (these are two twenty-first century teenage girls dropped into medieval Italia, what else can I say?) is just as evident in Tributary.

Lia, Gabi, Marcello, Luca, Lord Greco, and a whole new dynamo of a character (who starts the book) are back in full form, vanquishing foes who would rather see them dead, and by no means, perfect. The Christian undertone to the book is priceless. Some lines made me cock my head and think for a moment
...before I had to rush back to reading so I could find out what happens next!

As I've said before, this series has a little something for everyone. Fast-paced action that glues the book to your hands. Romance that makes you sit back and say awwwww. Even evil and enemies that you love to hate. Lovers of the rest of the River of Time series will love this newest addition! It does not disappoint.
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813 reviews39 followers
Want to read
February 3, 2012
When? I want now! Can hardly wait! *Swoon* lol!
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415 reviews9 followers
September 26, 2012
I won the entire set of these books quite a while ago - but something happened in the mail and I never got them. I was disappointed - but ending up getting them on Kindle.

I have finished the entire series (including both bonus novellas) so I will stick to the general strengths and draws and not give away the plots.

This one (and indeed both novellas) carry on with the stories of all the main characters - not just tying up the loose ends with Luca and Rodolpho. I'm not the biggest fan of novellas - but this was really good. I just wished for more - much more time with Rodolpho specifically. Luca played a significant role in all the novels, but I thought Rodolpho was such an intriguing character that he deserved a bit more time to really delve into his character - the tension and conflict he had to deal with and his back story.

One of the things I liked so much was the realistic way she integrated the personalities of these teens to the point that you totally believe they are from the present -- and yet they grow and mature with the time spent in the past. What happens to them changes them. I also liked that they had weak moments - times where they questioned themselves and the plan they should take . . . as well as whether what they were doing was right.

I also liked how she handled the men. These are "real" men - even though they're quite a bit younger than most people we would call men today. They understand how their decisions affect others and hold friendship, loyalty, and honor in high regard. They are strong without being bullies (except the villains) and take their responsibilities very seriously. It reminds me a little of how we should view our military today. They are professional and know what's on the line should they not be "on their game." They are also willing to sacrifice to protect loved ones - and the values the US stands for. They want to offer that to others.

This is a series I can see myself reading again. I think it appeals to a wide audience and I would suggest it to any of my friends.
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55 reviews13 followers
June 18, 2012
I’m happy to announce that, in my opinion, the series just keeps getting better.

Tributary is the first time in the series when Gabi doesn’t narrate the story at all. (She was the exclusive narrator of all three novels, and dominated most of Bourne as well.) While part of me missed her self-deprecating wit and determined POV, I was more than happy to give Lia center-stage with this one. Lia is the quieter of the two sisters, and her reserve has always intrigued me. I love getting in her head a bit more here. It’s great to know the “behind the scenes” of her relationship with Luca, and I love seeing her wrestle with the family’s decision to stay in Medieval Italy. (Don’t get me wrong–I know Marcello is super hot and sweet and wonderful, but Gabi’s seemingly easy ability to leave behind things like…um, plumbing, face wash, razors, The Vampire Diaries, and travel by car has always been a little unfathomable to me. I love that Lia doesn’t settle as easily as Gabi into this new old life.)

This installment also offers, for the first time, the POV of Luca. While it isn’t as intimate as Lia’s POV (Lia’s is in first person, and Luca’s is in third), it is still nice to see him in action a little more closely. His role as captain of the guard is better understood in Tributary, I think, because we get to see him in charge of troops and leading missions through his eyes instead of just through the eyes of the She-Wolves. He becomes less about his coy smile and broad shoulders, and more about his respectability, his determination and his leadership. While I would never say Luca isn’t a well-developed character in the other books–because he certainly is–it is nice to see some space between he and Lia here so he could really shine on his own. (As if he needs any help to be completely lovable…but still.)

KEEP READING our review: http://www.yaketyyaks.com/2012/06/tri...
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291 reviews187 followers
January 14, 2013
I really, really love these books. I devoured all five of them in three days. I love the characters, the action, the romance, the intrigue, that setting...but four stars, you say? I've been Team Lord Greco for awhile now, and I just wasn't crazy about who he ended up with. She was okay and all, but I thought he deserved someone A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Some like Lia or Gabi. (Not them specifically, but someone as awesome as them.) I'm glad he's happy and all, but I wish Bergren had created a character for him that would make my heart flutter like it did for his scenes with Gabi.

A fine read, but WOW, I hope there's another because I need a resolution for Luca and Lia!
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556 reviews148 followers
Want to read
May 29, 2012
*impatiently tapping my foot* LISA!!!!! It's June....well, almost! I need my Share of Luca and Lord Greco and Marcello and...

You get the point, right?
Profile Image for Christine.
519 reviews85 followers
June 4, 2012
I've pretty much come to expect that I'm going to adore anything that Ms. Bergren writes at this point. Before I even picked up this book, I KNEW I'd love it. So, I tried to take a step back and be impartial.

What I love most about this series is that, even though, I always look forward to the next installment of the books, each of them leaves me satisfied at the end. Each of the books is amazing on its own. Tributary falls right in line with that formula.

I don't want to ruin the other books for any of you that haven't read them yet. So, if you aren't up-to-date then you may want to stop reading. Just a warning.

What I loved about Tributary, in particular, is that each of the characters/couples got their time in the spotlight.
Gabi and Marcello, now happily married, are not as much in the spotlight as they were in the first three books, but I still got enough of them to make me happy. Their sweet, endearing love still shines through as they face new struggles and hardships, while dealing with Firenze and knowing that the Plague is coming in a few years. These two are always going to be one of my all-time favorite couples. I can't. Get. Enough.

Lia and Luca. Ah, Lia and Luca. These two are KILLING me with their relationship! They've been flirting MERCILESSLY with each other forever, and I just can't take ANYMORE!!! Okay, with that being said, I flippin' LOVE their relationship. I love the way it's a slow-building--but intense--dance that promises to please.

As for Greco, well, let's just say that if you're a Rudolfo fan, this is the book for you. You'll get plenty of him. And, he is just as dreamy as he has been in the last few books.

Everything that was lovable about the previous books in this series, is still prevalent in TRIBUTARY. There are handsome Italian men that fight for their women's safety. There are strong women who, despite their propensity for trouble, have the strength to fight alongside their men. And there's also some serious character growth. From the beginning of this series to now, I've noticed that the ladies Betarrini have gone from unsure high-schoolers to self-sufficient women.

Chances are, if you've read the other books in this series, you'll be picking this up without my recommendation. BUUUUT, if you haven't read this series before, go get it. Now. :)

Christy @ Captivated Reading
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23 reviews24 followers
June 17, 2012
This series is my guilty pleasure. It's not exactly well written, and the characters aren't all that original but I love Italy, I love medieval history and I love the idea of going back in time. So perfect for me really.
The major positive with this latest book in the series is that the annoying 'teen speak' has started to disappear. The girls are growing up after all, and they have been in another century for nearly two years, so understandable. Also Bergren's entire writing style is changing - the tone of this and the previous novella, Bourne, was less juvenile and more gripping for it.
However I have to say this is my least favourite in the series so far. It got a little grating with the whole 'Christian fiction'. The earlier books in the series have such a subtle Christian message that I didn't even realise they were religious novels. When I discovered this fact I wasn't put off reading the next books as I was enjoying the story. I wouldn't class myself as Christian - I don't go to church or pray very much! So I found the whole 'God will solve everything' message annoying in this one, especially because the main characters are so strong. The author seems to have forgotten her original message in the first few books - that of promoting strong, intelligent young women - and is now bible-bashing. Sorry if that sounds harsh.
Another negative is that Bergren seems to be wandering away from her core characters that had been set up so well in the early books. Gabi and Marcello seemed like minor characters in this one. Fine that she introduces new characters, but their story is so predictable compared to Gabi's and Lia's, and I was longing for the action to hop back to them more. Reading the first book I would definitely say Gabi is the main character and yet she is swept aside in this one for the 'new girl' Alessandra. I just hope the next novel/la goes back to basics. I'm getting the feeling that Bergren just can't let this series go, and will continue meandering along with no end in sight, introducing more and more sub-plots, forgetting what she originally planned to create.
But I will still keep reading them as they are romantic, action-packed and sometimes surprisingly detailed in terms of historic and geographic fact.
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Author 2 books119 followers
June 27, 2012
*contented sigh*

It was SO awesome to delve back into medieval life alongside Gabi and Lia again. And with the addition of Ali to the band, things sure got VERY interesting during the course of this book!

While I was very frustrated with Ali in the beginning, she grew on me. And, hey, I couldn't blame her for her misguided beliefs--I might've done the same were I in her shoes. And I felt her pain when she found out, so cruelly, who the bad guys really were. But, then again, with the awesome trio--Marcello, Luca, and Roldolfo--around, things are never truely bad...are they?! ;-)

It seems I can never get enough of this series! Lisa, I don't know how you keep coming up with all of these AWESOME, suspenseful plots...but keep 'em coming if you can!!! The River of Time series is now 5 books in length...and I'm addicted to them as much as ever!! :-D
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Author 4 books76 followers
June 11, 2017
Lisa Bergren has done it again!!! Lisa amazes me at her ability to keep every consecutive River of time book familiar and yet intoxicatingly (if that is even a word) different!!! Let me just say that if you have read any of the River of time books and thought they were good, then Tributary can, will and does blow all the others right out of the water!!! I cannot say anymore without revealing way too much. Just read it!!! That's an order! Straight from Marcello. Beg, borrow, ask the book fairy, I don't care what you have to do to get it, but if you are a River of time fan you must read Tributary. The She-wolves guarantee you will not regret it!!!
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634 reviews38 followers
June 19, 2012
I know, I know only four stars. I love this series and I think it's truly one of my favorites of all time. I just think there comes a time when I series needs to just end. I think it's time with this series. I think we are pretty much hashing the same story over and over again. There is really no tention left. I still really enjoyed this book, but I could tell I was not as into it as I have been with her past books. It still is always pleasant however, to check in on my old favorite characters of this series and to see how they are doing.
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596 reviews39 followers
June 12, 2014
Well I just finished this and I'm ready to cry. Marcello and Luca once again showed their prowess and love for their women, Gabi and Lia by coming to their rescue. Sigh!!!!

Lord Greco finally found love and peace although I have to say I'm a little jealous lol. I was hoping to see Luca and Lia married in this book but hopefully they will be married in the last book, coming out soon I hope!

If you get a chance please read this series! It gives you insight on how the good and real knights of old treasures their women. Sigh again:)
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1,030 reviews171 followers
May 2, 2016
I'm rating this book for my students.* They love this series! These books are some of the most popular of my classroom library. Older students often point them out to the younger & encourage them to read them. Lisa Bergren is one of our favorite authors!

*I teach English in a Christian junior high/high school.
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494 reviews249 followers
May 31, 2012
4.5 stars! So much goodness... TRIBUTARY mainly focuses on Lia and Luca, a new character - Alessandra, and... Lord GRECO! :) Gabi and Marcello have some sweet moments, as well as the family as a whole, but this story mainly focuses on Lia/Luca and Rodolfo. Loved it! Full review to come.
21 reviews
December 31, 2012
omfg. i cant find words to describe what i felt the whole while i read this book:) i started reading it at around 7:30 and i finished at 12:))) it was tht amazing;)
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67 reviews2 followers
August 7, 2014
These books are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! The only problem is that I go through them too fast and than have to pray that Lisa T. Bergren writes more :) (not that that's a bad thing)
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97 reviews2 followers
June 6, 2021
Fourth read-through: While I enjoyed the continuation of the Betarrinis' story, this novella introduces a few things I'm not quite sold on, but I remember that from before.
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1,469 reviews13 followers
March 3, 2023
3.5 stars

After the last River of Time novella, Bourne, there were still a lot of loose ends to tie up. In particular Lia is still a little bit resistant to all-out fall for Luca and Lord Greco is in dire need of some lovin' after Gabi makes it officially clear to him that she's in love with Marcello, not him.

I was really hoping Tributary would address both of these things, and thankfully it did! The entire novella is longer, about half the length of a full novel, and follows the perspectives of Lia and a new character named Alessandra (who obviously was introduced for Greco).

The Luca and Lia parts I loved. Seriously every time I get a glimpse of those two I love them even more. Lia is quite a bit more resistant to falling in love than Gabi was so that makes Luca have to work a bit harder for it. But he's up to the challenge and he definitely lives up to title of Lia's knight in shining armor (although she doesn't always need him to save her).

Other than rounding out Luca and Lia's relationship, the rest of the story revolves around Alessandra, who falls into their hands after having a nasty fall while hunting. While I enjoyed all the fun things I've come to expect from this series -- sword fights, castles, battles, hot knights, damsels in distress, etc.; I wasn't quite thrilled with Alessandra.

To me Alessandra came across as really the worst kind of heroine. After having gotten to know Greco a bit I actually felt a little sorry for him that he ended up with her because he just deserves better. Truthfully I just found her to be very closed-minded, hypocritical, ignorant, easily manipulated, and without very many good qualities. So if there's anything that ruined this book for me it was her. She was pretty cold to Greco for most of the book...

So overall I enjoyed most of this novella, but Alessandra ruined some of it for me, making it my least favorite installment from the series. I know there's possibly one more book scheduled and I really hope it doesn't follow her and Greco, but if it does hopefully I'll warm up to her more.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
April 29, 2023
Additional reviews available on my blog, Life As Katherine. https://lifeaskatherine.blogspot.com/

This was a great addition to the series, told by Lia, Alessandra, Luca, and Rodolfo. It marks the first book in the series where Lisa Bergren tells the story from a male perspective. Lia's perspective is first person while the others are in third person.

Alessandra was an interesting character, and her arc was heartbreaking. Rodolfo seems to have recovered from his despair after his exile to become more confident, which was wonderful to see. Luca's steadiness when it comes to Lia was heartwarming, and Lia's arc made me at times sad and at others cheer for her.

The upcoming Black Plague that the castello is preparing for is a definite potential disaster, and as I read this the first time, I hoped I would get to see the castello forge its way through the crisis.

Descriptions of both Italy's landscape, social climate, and customs was impeccable to my eyes, and I always feel immersed in the world when I dive into the series. The She-Wolves of Sienna are always hardened though also gentle and sensitive women. I love reading about them.

The two novellas, Bourne and Tributary, are lovely in their peek into Lia's perspective. I loved reading about the only Bertarrini to not be completely sold on their new life. To see her soften and slowly come to accept it was wonderful because it brought her closer to the ever-steady Luca. His perspective in this novel showed his absolute devotion to Lia and deep love for her. The closing sentiments between them were both touching and hopeful.

I love this book just as much now as I did the first time I read it.
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197 reviews7 followers
October 28, 2022
I really loved reading this novella!
Like tue previous novella I liked reading more about Lia and Luca and how their relationship progresses. I love their chemistry so much.
I really enjoy reading about Lia’s pov cause it gives us a different perspective and it also shows how in this book she’s struggling with ptsd and how she goes through overcoming it.
In the cover of Bourne I think that was supposed to be Luca and in the cover of Tributary it’s supposed to be Rodolfo and may I just say both are very attractive but Rodolfo is just so dreamy!
I was extremely excited that Rodolfo finally got a love interest although I was a little surprised cause from the previous novella I thought that his love interest was going to be Luca’s sister Adela but it didn’t turn out that way.
I really liked the relationship and chemistry between Rodolfo and Alessandra, I felt like they were kindred souls both going through a lot of similar things. Both being caught in the middle of loyalties.
I really look forward to reading the last book in the series next.
Profile Image for Ms. Davis.
336 reviews14 followers
August 17, 2017
I feel similar to this novella as I did to the previous (#3.1). It just was...weak. Although I loved that we learned so much more about Lord Greco (yay dark romantic character!), the writing is just getting blah to me. I don't know if the storyline is getting old or the characters are just becoming too predictable, but this series is starting to lose its luster to me. Although I always appreciated the nod to the religious nature of Gabi, etc., but it started to get to be a little too much. The focus was no longer on the circumstances of time traveling and fitting into a new world, but on God's hand in it all (which is interesting to muse on, but impossible to know). All in all, I'll read the final book to complete the whole thing out, but it might take me a while to get to it.
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