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message 1: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) | 1703 comments Mod
Here's a link to a guest blog I did on Lauren Grimley's site, in which I explain briefly how to make a trailer. I'm no pro, but I'd be happy to answer any questions. You can see several of my trailers at

It's pretty easy to make a basic one...

message 2: by Jay (new)

Jay Howard (jay_howard) The mere thought is scary - photos? run a mile - video? Aaaarrrrggghhh!
What was that? a video about the book? Ahhh, and relax, start breathing again... lol!

message 3: by Robin (new)

Robin Waldrop (robinpwaldrop) | 13 comments I made trailers for both books I have out so far. I used windows movie maker. You can go look at mine and if that's the style you are looking for let me know and I'll tell you how to do it. Either go to my blog @ http// or go to YouTube and type in my name, Robin P Waldrop and you might pull them up that way.


message 4: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) | 1703 comments Mod
In addition to the blog post (above) on how to do the general video, there's also a Youtube video up on my Youtube channel that explains how I made the animated gifs for the three trailers I've done. It was a great deal of fun! If you're interested in that, see:

message 5: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn O'Halloran | 43 comments Do book trailers help to sell books?

message 6: by Jethro (new)

Jethro Collins (jethrocollins) | 1 comments K.A. - your gif video was really helpful! I want to do that with my next book.

I used iMovie to make my trailer. It was pretty easy once I figured it out. I used free clipart from the internet and just sort of pasted it together. It was mostly trial and error but you just have to keep at it.

message 7: by Mark (last edited Dec 29, 2012 01:00AM) (new)

Mark Bell (dingbell) | 77 comments I have made a few movie trailers and although they are not the same in budget or scope, a few things are applicable in both,
1. It is advertisement. Make it enticing and exciting.
Your job is not to tell your book's story. It is to compel the viewer to buy your book.
2. It does not have to follow the book religiously. Pose questions.( what would you do if faced with X)
3. If using images of characters, make them extreme whether its ugly,mean, or beautiful. You are selling a fantasy not the average person next door.
4. Never ever commit the cardinal sin of boring your potential customer. Make it fast paced and make their minds work. Never overuse slow fades. An occasional whip or radical cut to keep them from settling in to the expected.
5. Excite, Excite, Excite your potential reader.
6. I am not so sure that a video interview of the author is not a better idea. Pure speculation but I have noticed that readers want a personal connection with the author. Five questions in an interview setting. Personal reasons for writing, how it personally effected you,the character's back story,etc and they get to see and hear the "real" person behind the words.

message 8: by Marie-Anne (last edited Dec 29, 2012 02:25AM) (new)

Marie-Anne Mancio (hotelalphabet) | 139 comments Thanks, Kathy, Robin and Mark, that's really helpful. I haven't made a video myself but my cover designers have for one of their projects
and it was hugely helpful for their Kickstarter campaign and viewed multiple times on youtube. So it might bring you an audience you might not otherwise reach.

message 9: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) | 1703 comments Mod
I also set mine up to play on my laptop during my last in-person event, so people who were unsure about the books or shy about talking to me could look at the video instead.

message 10: by Marie-Anne (new)

Marie-Anne Mancio (hotelalphabet) | 139 comments Wow, brilliant, Kathy. You are the marketing queen

message 11: by Mayowa (new)

Mayowa Ajisafe (mayowaajisafe) | 6 comments I love the idea of Author trying new way of publishing books other than the common print and ebook format.

Video books and video book trailers are part of such revolution to be the Smart Multimedia Book Author. Not only can book trailers can be made,also book can also be made into a video book,such is the good job people like Tony Eldridge did with his Video book on

Such is been the Savvy Indie Author,a message I am trying to preach for every Indie Author on my blog.

Its good to see video book experts here in this thread and I will love the idea of having a video book expert interviewed on my blog. I will appreciate it if I can get experts from this thread to mail me at for the interest in featuring on my blog to share your video book experience for fellow authors.

Thanks All

Mayor A Lan

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