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Shriya (gautamshriya) | 32 comments Judy wrote: "That is a nice mix of books, Shriya. Good luck with the upcoming year's reading."

Thanks, Judy! I tried to mix and match all genres so that I am not stuck to one particular type of books. I still think I have been pretty partial towards Magical Relasim, though! ;)

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Shriya (gautamshriya) | 32 comments Judy wrote: "You did a good job. You have a few long ones such as Moby-Dick, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, but I am impressed that you aren't intimidated with sprinkling some longer ..."

Hahaha. I ignored a lot of long ones last year in order to finish more books. This year I have a goal for only 20 books so, hopefully, I'll manage to finish the big ones. I'm particularly keen on finishing a lot of Russian Classics and most of them like Crime and Punishment, Anna Karenina, The Insulted and Humiliated are huge!

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