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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's book with a boy who is blind and a ghost [s]

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I read a book when I was much younger, where a boy who is blind is staying at someone's house by the sea. He becomes friends with another boy, who we learn is a ghost, but the boy doesn't know, and thinks it's just another child. It turns out the child who is blind looks exactly like a child who lived many years before, who the ghost knew. I think the child who is blind was named Rory. I'll put the rest in spoiler tags.

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An amazing book. Please help!

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Lisa (med0ra) | 439 comments Into the Dark by Nicholas Wilde

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Yes! That's it. Now I can add it to my read shelf. Thank you so much!

I'll move this thread to a solved folder when I'm on my computer instead of my phone.

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Lisa (med0ra) | 439 comments You're welcome.

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