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Should Mary really feel guilty for what she did to Reeve...? And special powers?...
Jessica Hardy Jessica Dec 25, 2012 12:49PM
Okay so the fact that Mary kept feeling super guilty and confused about what Reeve did to her was a bit confusing. Her actions were to get him kicked off the football team and in my opinion he deserved that. Maybe not the whole hospital almost die thing that may have been a bit far but that wasn't on purpose. And also whats up with Mary thinking she has powers!? Maybe something bad going on mentally?

I think Mary is just a little crazy. I mean Reeve deserved to get kicked off the team but not to almost die. If she really does have "powers" that really wouldn't go with the book in my opinion. It would make it kind of weird.

She should have moved on already, but he kinda deserved it to be kicked off the team but not to end up in the hospital. Mary could have moved on.

Obviously Mary is psychologically unbalanced and severely scarred from her past trauma, I mean the girl tried to kill herself over it. It's not entirely off base that her mind might or fractured or that she is attributing magic or supernatural powers as a coping mechanism? But my main criticism of the book was that Mary was basically Carrie all over again, the special powers were a really unnecessary plot device if they are indeed supernatural.

It's going to be some kind of "Carrie" thing I believe. I honestly had a feeling that something like that was going to happen when they did what they did to him. I honestly don't think he completely deserves it either. What he did to Mary was in junior high, and back then kids are more jerky then ever for some reason so I think she should have just moved on.

I don't think Mary should feel overly guilty for what she did if I were in her shoes. I feel like I would have even more anger towards him after that Halloween incident, and the things Reeve had done to Mary in the past was utterly so horrible that it almost took her life. Reeve still seems like a jerk to me, although in the near end he had somewhat proved himself justice (but I'm expecting some sort of plot twist from him in the third book)

I think Mary has PTSD, and her aunt casted a spell on her to make matters worse.

This book was good till the paranormal stuff in book #2 therefore stuff the rest of the series

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