Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question

Is this book better than the first
Emily Behrends Emily Dec 24, 2012 08:42PM
Is making jay better than the hunger games??

No. It's not better. But it's not bad. I really like it.

I'm gonna be the first, and say that YES Mockingjay is better than the first! Actually, only by a very small margin but for so many different reasons. If you want to know why I love this book so much, read this:

This book is definitely not better than the first book hands down!! The first book was more interesting and fast pace.

deleted member Dec 25, 2012 12:08AM   0 votes
It is worse

The first one was the best. No doubt.

I thought the first novel was the best, as is with most series the first book is always best. This is when readers form opinions on characters and situations and get hooked. There wouldn't have been a series without the first novel and how much people liked it.

I would say that Mockingjay is OK, but it moves at a slower pace than the 1st THG book.

Too Emily, I didn't actually read the first one since I watched the film first, but I read the other 2 books and found them quit easy to read.. I enjoyed the 2nd & 3rd book and if I wanted too I would probably even enjoy the 1st But in my opinion they are all well written, you know what they say? To each their own!!

To everyone,
Do you think that there are harder words on the first or second??

And when reading the mocking jay are there hard words??


So hunger games is better than mocking jay

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