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Did anyone else cry at the end of this book?

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Grace I abseloutely wanted to bawl, but I couldn't because I was at a arty with meh gay friends. So did you cry? I think I am stil getting over the beauty and shock of it all. I hate Anamika. Just throwing that out there.

Daisy97 Zajicek I was really crying, but I was happy at the same time because Ren and Kelsey got married!

~Cassie~ I was incredibly close to bawling. It just didn't seem fair, and I loved Kishan. I wasn't a big fan of Anamika either, Grace.

Lashya Wilson As a Ren/Kelsey fan, I was happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caralin I did not like Anamika until the very very very VERY END! Because Kishan loves her

Rossy I cried because I thought that I hated Kishan since he kept Kelsey and Ren apart, but when they left him, I realized how much I really loved him. And then he was really gone, and every time they mentioned him, I started tearing up again because it was just so sad :(:(:(:(

Fernanda Gava I cried a lot when Kishan stayed with Anamika. I got so used to see next to Kelsey and Ren that I felt very sad about him staying behind. He's part of the whole story and, when he didn't follow Kells and his brother back to the present, it felt like a missing part of it. I understand why the author did this, but she broke my heart. :'(

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I was so happy tears of joy! Sept for poor Kishan:(
omg über Phet! Lol

Zaryna I cried until i was empty of tears! :/ its kind of impossible not too , especially when Kishan had to stay behind! I sat there for ages once i had finished it feeling happy for Kelsey and Ren but very upset at the same time... anyone else feel that way? Even thought i knew Kelsey and Ren HAD to be together at the end and it made sooo much since that Kishan is acting as Damon (Durga's Tiger) and every time Kishan went to Durga's temple Durga would always look at him differently.. anyway im rambling on now! I love this series and i cant wait until book 5! :)

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