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Am I the only one that thinks Gale and Katniss still should've ended up together ?
Cassity Whittington Cassity Dec 18, 2012 09:32AM

I liked Gale better too... but I think that it makes sense that she chose Peeta. Gale represented the darkness and the hatred and rebellion, which was a part of Katniss too. Until she saw the destruction it could cause (like Primrose's death). So the way I look at it, she had no choice but to choose Peeta unless she wanted to be sucked into that destruction and hatred forever. And Peeta, although way less appealing to me, truly loved Katniss too.

Deni I think in Mockingbird we start to see Katniss loosing Gale. Gale is just trying to be a martyr and I think he doesn't care about Katniss anymore, at ...more
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I wish she chose Gale as their friendship began much earlier and Gale was so loyal to her. And the fact that Primrose died was an accident, Gale would never do that on purpose.

Gale was my preference, but I understand her choosing Peeta, after all she spent so much time away from Gale and with Peeta.


I would have loved more Finnick :(

It would have been much better if it were neither of them.
I also don't get why everyone's so fixiated on Katniss having two love interests. Peeta was rather annoying anyway, in my opinion. He's the sort of character mostly boys can sympathize with. The sort of boys who can't work up the courage to speak to a girl. Which usually leads to the girl being shamed for 'not giving him a chance'. Hello? Doesn't anyone see the flaw in that?
So maybe she thought he was a nice guy at some point. Still. I think she deserved better than the stupid ending she got.

On the matter of Gale...
Come on, he was her childhood friend. Apparently before Peeta confessed his love she didn't even know that Gale had any feelings for her. That's freaking awkward too, you know? You want to be friends with someone and they suddenly want 'more' but you don't feel like it.

Dang. I think Collins did the 'she ends up with Peeta' ending because otherwise some of the juvenile fans would've ripped her apart.

WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE BOOKS ABOUT? A dystopian future in which slavery is so normal in the districts that they don't even question it with a yearly coloseum game that uses teenage kids to kill each other because the capitol is the head organization that controls everything using fear and force and you know what.

Luke Katniss went through so much, she should have focused on herself after everything. I personally liked Peeta a lot, and I don't doubt he liked her, but ...more
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She shouldn't have ended up with either them. Neither were strong male roles and I felt like Katniss got cheated out of an epic love.

I thought from the beginning it would be Gale, and Peeta was just a sidetrack that she would eventually return from. Gale and her were best friends. She was only herself when in the woods with him. They were connected. And by choice, not a death arena on television. So I'll use keep on rebelliously believing that they got married and had kids and then taught them archery(:

If you think Peeta and Katniss should be together your crazy.Gale and Katniss are PERFECT together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont like Gale especially in the last book

i always believed gale and katniss were meant for each other! she said a thousand times that she only felt like herself when she was in the woods with gale :) besides remember in catching fire when gale was whipped? "im his and he is mine, anything else is unacceptable" she saw it pretty clearly then, while even when peeta was taken by the capital she never once stated that they should be together or anything!
peeta made her weak and he didn't understand a whole side of her, katniss thought that by choosing peeta she could ignore that side of herself too but it was a stupid mistake because evantually she will be tired of hiding a whole side of her.
besides why do you say best friends becoming couples wont work? isn't real love born of friendship?!

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I like gale but ending up together? i understand that Gale supported her since always, but Girl on fire live every experience with peeta and confronted together. relationship Gale/Katniss its like ending with your best friends isn't realistic. and Gale confessed him feelings so later in my opinion, its just like "Omg im losing to you, i will go to confuse about im feeling for you" dont misunderstand me, i love Gale but just a friend.

There was no way she would end up with Gale. It was his bomb that killed Prim. She could never think of him like that. I personally like Peeta. Katniss acually really liked him she felt happiness with him. That's something she needs desperately.

booooo Gale would have never made her happy, they were too much alike. Peeta was sweet and innocent. Hated they took his scene out of the movie. I also hated how book three rushed their reunion.

I agree she chose Peeta for a real stupidn reason like Gale never purposly killed her sister. I think that with Gale they both loved each other evenly whereas Peetas love was only one way. I don't think Katniss's true love was Peeta, it was Gale.

Yeahhhh, I liked Gale more than Peeta and I knew that she was going to choose Peeta, but I just liked Gale too muuuuuch :D His ending was terrible though! He just... left???? LIKE WHAT THE HECK!?

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gale is sooooo hawt! i was just thinking that suzanne was probably thinking of two words when creating his last name ; hot and horney. hawt-horne... but maybe i am crazy.. yeah probably that.

but no i actually like peeta-katniss better.


Felt like Peeta was too squeamish for Katniss, she was like the male in the relationship! Gale on the other hand, was almost perfect.
I guess she made (the right?) choice, because he understood her or whatever, but I felt that Peeta just reminded her of the dark times. Yes, they suffered and supported eachother, but I can't help but hope that maybe Gale could have helped her live a new life.

I loved Peeta, but I feel like he wasn't Katnisses (what is the possessive form of katniss) type. I feel like Gale was more of Katnisses type, but he was a butthole. That's just what I think.

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I realize this thread is 5 years old now, but I finally searched this question this morning after "Gale Song" came up on my Pandora. Ever since I read/watched this series with my daughters I have thought that putting Katniss with Peeta was a dumb outcome. Peeta is needy. Katniss has a need to feed the need. If either one ever grew past the point where they were needy/feedy needy, the relationship would become burdensome and unhappy, and probably, because she's female, left Katniss trying to figure out what was wrong with Her that the relationship was falling down. Gale and Katniss shared the need to care for and protect and the ability to put aside their own personal preferences and sensibilities to do what has to be done to ensure safety and well-being for others. I saw Peeta as a sneaky, mealy-mouthed brat--and it would have done better for him to be put down in the first book. He didn't have the strength of character for the role he was put in and he survived on Katniss's need to protect others. Katniss and Gale would have balanced one another, and supported one another. Neither would have borne their innate need/self-imposed-duty to protect and care for others alone. Balance over Needy. Maybe it's because I've been in a some crappy relationships over the years that have been dreadfully UN-balanced, that I see the balance as preferable.

Peeta could understand what she felt like in the arena. Gale couldn't really feel it, because he wasn't there. I wasn't surprised.

I think she should have ended up with Gale too!

I'm a KatMitch person, myself. Or would that be HayNiss? Totally thought she came to life when she was fighting with Haymitch and I could actually like her.

I know-he's old. Don't care. I like them together. :D

Gale all the way. I just don't like Peeta's hair in the books or films.

No way, I like Peeta way more. I hated Gale from the beginning of the book.

I found Gale a bit too pushy and reckless towards the end. Peeta was always there, even when he was hijacked, but Gale was always plotting revenge on the Capitol. He was also just a little too pushy with his feelings on Katniss. I'm glad she chose Peeta in the end - they had been through so much together.

No you're not. I feel like they should have ended up together. But i am still glad that she ended up with Peeta also. And if she had ended up with Gale i still would have felt the same way... like she should have ended up with Peeta but i would have been happy she ended up with Gale. Does that make Any sense at all?

They should of been a couple - it would of made the whole story more contradictory.

How come she fell in love with Peeta? It does not make any sense. All he can do is bake. He can't do squat besides that. Gale and Katniss were perfect for eachother, perfect team, they think alike, take care of eachother... etc. then peeta had to come along and ruin it all.

Katniss should have ended up with neither Peeta nor Gale. I didn't like either of them and the entire time I was kind of hoping that some other dude would just show up in Mockingjay and be the one. If I had to choose between the two of them it would be Gale. I think what bothered me the most was the fact that Katniss just pushed Gale away after accidentally killing her sister. It was because of Gale that Prim even lived that long. He continued to take care of her even when Katniss was on-screen kissing another guy, even if it was just for show. After all that he sacrificed for her, Katniss just says, "Goodbye Gale," as if he meant nothing to her. I understand that Katniss has all the right to be mad, but maybe after 5ish years, or however long it took to get over prim's death, she could at least reach out to him or asked how he was doing or something like that. He was Katniss's best and only friend for a long time, sacrificing so much for her, and it is kind of sad to think that she just pushed him away like he didn't matter.

I loved Gale. And it left me heart broke to read her go to Peeta. She came close to Peeta only because Gale went away. Had he been there, it would have been real call for Katniss Everdeen to choose one. As they say "out of sight, out of mind".

Team Gale!

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I was all for Gale at first, but I'm sorry. Peeta won my heart.

But look at it this way, Peeta knows EXACTLY what Katniss went through. Lets say she ended up with Gale and she has one of her "freak out" days (like any person in a war does), he wouldn't understand her. and if he says "It'll be okay."
I think it would cause her to fly off the haywire, because lets face it, it won't be okay. Ever. Plus, I don't think Peeta is weak. He went through hell along with Katniss.

That's just my thought on it

I think Peeta was better for Katniss cause after everything, everyone left Katniss expect Peeta...

Probably. Just kidding. No you're not. I've heard of lots of people who like Gale I just don't. Gale was a first class jerk IMHO


Yasss! I think the feeling Katniss has towards Peeta is not love. It started out pretentious and for the sake of the game. But the thing with Gale is different. I believed they almost made it if not for the game.


I totally agree! I can see why she ended up with Peeta, but I still think Katniss was better with Gale.

Peeta - definitely. If she went for Gale then it'd end up like any other chick lit, swoon-over-the-hot-guy, silly girly fiction.

The Hunger Games isn't another Twilight. It's proper literature hence why the hero doesn't have to be stronger than the heroine. The heroine being Alpha is a feminist statement - good on her!

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It's a guy best friend who fell in love with her. Screw Peeta, Katniss needs Gale. He would have pushed her to do her best instead of Peeta, who didn't do anything.

Honestly, I'm Peeta all the way. After Mockingjay, I've had an extremely strong dislike for Gale.

It would have been more romantic, but I think Peeta was the easier fit.

I think that is Katniss chose Gale she would always be doubting their relationship. If the two are so alike, they'd probably get on each Luther's nerves. But, I find it extremely annoying when people hate Gale because he "killed" Prim. Coin killed Prim: you blame Marvel for Rue's death, not the people that made the spear, although the Capitol is the blame for all of their deaths. Even if Prim lived, it was obvious when the Nut went up in two and when Gale was creating the bomb Katniss hated the heartless ways of killing others. He also told her that killing animals in the woods and killing kids in the arena couldn't be THAT different (book 1).That made it pretty obvious who she would choose. Also, Peeta isn't defenseless and weak. He killed Brutus, came in second in wrestling to his brother, and saved Katniss maybe not in battle, but with his words.

I always found that neither were quite compatible for her. Peeta with all his sweetness had this inflated image of her that gets stripped down in Mockingjay, but then comes right back by the end. He saw her for more than she was making her feel obligated to be that. In Catching Fire, it's only after she realizes his first concern was her that she sets out to spare his life in the games. He technically makes her a better person, but a little at the expense of her true self.

With Gale, as she says at the end of Mockingjay, he is fire and she has enough of her own to sustain herself. Meaning she doen't need him. He has nothing to offer her, but more of the same. Plus with his narrow minded view of things and rarely being able to admit when he is wrong, it's bound to produce a lot of arguements that end in "let's agree to disagree" which is fine to a point until they pile up and all they'll ever do is disagree.

But she ends up with someone by default which is a very realistic view on things. People often times marry people they work with because they're there. Peeta was there for her in the end and gave her purpose again because up until this point she had been living to guaruntee the survival of someone else.Now Prim's gone, her mother, Gale and the rebellion and she was basically living because it was expected of her. And incomes Peeta who not only takes care of her, but needs taking care of as well. Like it's said, she needed him and I think she does fall in love with him, but not some grand epic romance because a) no one needs that to be happy and b) the book is essentially about the nature of war not who ends up with the girl.


peete is more romantic he chucked the bread in the puddle

Probably yes

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its kute that peeta got katniss,but gale and katniss were obviously meant for eachother. she cant say they werent when they starved themselves and fed their families nad they had more in commom. ppple n their village thought that they should be together. but then again we have to say that peeta went through a lot with her and saved her life multiple times throughout the series. so i can also see why she picked him too

I totally agree. I think Gale is better than Peeta.

I think she should have ended up with Gale. She did not deserve Peeta, who was selfless and all heart. Katniss never treated him/cared for him well. Katniss should have ended up with the man as cold and callous as hersel--Gale. The Katniss-Peeta relationship is very one-sided with Peeta putting in all of the effort and suffering heavy emotional blows that Katniss is less capable of experiencing.

No...I think there is more...I think Katniss should have ended up with Gale, if she had never met Peeta. Because it was the closest thing she hat to romance: friendship.

But, Peeta was love. Gale was friendship. Support. Power. Happyness. Yes, Gale was all of that. But Peeta was warmt, love.

I think it's a good thing that Katniss ended up with Peeta.
The only thing I dislkie the most, is that Gale leave. He should have stayed. He should have found someone else, but remain in the district 12. Being, maybe, Uncle Gale.

The last thing, of Katniss hunting alone, is what broke my heart

I agree. I was upset that she chose Peeta over Gale. Would have been a much better story in my opinion.

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