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message 1: by Jay (last edited Dec 03, 2012 02:40PM) (new)

Jay Howard (jay_howard) This will be of interest if, like me, you've first published an edition of your book under a different cover to the one you now use. Many thanks to Debbie R for pointing this out to me. She says:

Authors can now set which edition/bookcover shows as default/primary edition (what shows in simple searches, lists, giveaways, on their author pages, etc.).

Helpful links to new feature/policy:

Author FAQ #4 in librarian group:

Goodreads help screens:

This is the relevant Q&A:

Q: My book has a new edition, but the old one is showing up on my author page. How can I change that?

A: The default edition of a book -- the one which shows up on your author page, in non-ISBN-specific searches, and several other places -- is determined by the number of Goodreads users who have shelved each edition.

As more users shelve the new edition, it will become the default instead.

Alternatively, Goodreads recently added a new feature for authors: Goodreads Authors can now choose which edition they want to be the default edition for their books. Goodreads Authors (and Goodreads Employees) are the only people who can use this feature, and they can only do so for books on which they are the primary author.

To use this feature, go to the edition you wish to set as the default, and click the "edit" link. On the edition's edit page there will be a link on the right side, about mid-way down the page and just before the link to refresh stats, to "Set this book as the primary edition for this work".

I've just done it - quick, easy and it works :)

message 2: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (KAKrisko) | 1705 comments Mod
Good to know. Goodreads has apparently made it easier to attach book covers, too, as I just uploaded a cover for the short-story book I added. I seem to recall it was more difficult last time & required an email to the Librarians.

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