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So, how do you start?
Find Your Way Around Take a look around the group's homepage. We’ve tried to keep all the info you’ll need organized. There are some folders restricted to ‘official’ business, but there are places where you can meet challenge members, chat about books you’re reading, post reviews, and have fun. The SRC Overview should help give you an idea of the group’s layout. If you are new to Goodreads, make sure you check out General Help. Only the 5 most recent topics are displayed under the folder headings, click on the “show # of topics” to see the rest. Within the folders, topics may be ordered by clicking on the headings.
Please read the rules thoroughly. The rules for the current season are marked with an asterisk in the Rules folder
Request a Readerboard Name. This step gets you entered into the challenge records. Until this step is completed your completed tasks cannot be recorded. You only need to do this once. Readerboard Names
Read the tasks completely. We have the most creative members, and there are so many different kinds of tasks. Make sure you understand what kind of book you are being asked to read. There are Help Threads where you can ask questions or get confirmation that the books you are considering will fit the tasks.
Review the Posting Requirements in the Rules folder. Reviewing completed tasks is a big job, and the moderators need your cooperation to make it go as smoothly as possible. During a typical challenge more than 5,000 books will be evaluated. The review process goes much faster when your posts are clear and all the requirements are included.
Consider how you will keep your reading records This is a complicated challenge with many multiple book tasks. If you keep good records it will make reporting your completed tasks much easier. Members have shared their strategies in How do you work on the challenge? This is a generous group, if you want some opinions from our “Seasoned Readers” or a spreadsheet template you can ask for help in that thread.
Start reading All books read during the dates of the currently running challenge can be used for that challenge, even if starting the challenge late.
Post in Completed Tasks While we love our "moderators' pets" and encourage posting tasks correctly, even experienced players make a mistake sometimes. The moderators will let you know in the ?/problems thread if there are any issues. Never edit an old post to make a correction, please repost the task again with all the information. Posting Requirements details the suggested format and offers tips.

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Amuse I would like to use Amused as my readerboard name.

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