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Welcome! We hope this overview will help you understand how the Seasonal Reading Challenge works.

The Seasonal Reading Challenge consists of a set of tasks to be completed during the current season. Our seasons run a little differently: March-May, June-August, September-November, December-February. Any book read during the challenge period that fits a task may be claimed, but a book may only be used once per season. You may join in at any time during a challenge. The tasks each have a point value indicated in their title- 5.1 indicates the first task worth 5 points, 25.3 is the third task worth 25 points, etc.. The 5, 10, and 15 point tasks are designed by the group moderators with group input. There is a "Task Ideas" suggestion thread posted for each season. The 20 point tasks are designed by the “winners” of group polls and random drawings. The 25-30 point tasks are designed by players who completed the previous season’s challenge. The 50 point task is posted at the midpoint of the challenge, approximately 6 weeks into the season. All the specifics are described in Rewards of the Challenge in the Rules folder. The tasks reflect the current season, i.e. holidays, weather, etc., the year’s “bonus” theme, and ideas added just for fun. The tasks may be done in any order.

This is a moderated challenge. Players post the tasks that they complete and they are reviewed by a moderator to ensure that they fit the tasks. The moderator keeps records and posts the Readerboard- the tally of points for each player.

Please tell us a little about yourself in the Introductions thread. The Readerboard Names thread helps the moderators identify individual players. You will need a unique identifier on the Readerboard.

The Rules folder is home to the Rules for the current season, the Posting Requirements, the Rewards, and Guidelines for Task Creators. These documents help the moderators level the playing field and answer commonly asked questions. Please read the "Rules" thoroughly before you begin a challenge. The Default Rules and FAQs in the Rules folder may also help you find answers to your questions.

There is a Moderator Announcements folder. In this folder the moderators post deadline reminders, document updates, clarifications, and other messages.

The Getting to Know You folder is a place for you to share and post personal updates. This folder also has a thread if you are “Looking for Goodreads Friends”.

Each Season has a folder. Within the folder there are threads for the season’s required elements:
Tasks-the number of tasks each challenge and the total available points will change with the season as it is dependent upon the number of finishers in the previous challenge.
Readerboard- with an “updated through post #” message so you know what the moderator has reviewed
Completed Tasks- the core of the challenge. You must post the tasks that you have completed in this thread.
Completed Tasks with ?s/problems- where the moderators ask for more information or indicate problems
Reading Plans- where you can post your ideas and plans for the challenge (not necessary, but fun to do)
Calendar- that provides all the relevant dates and deadlines
Task Ideas- where you can share in the planning for the tasks
Group Reads Discussion Threads for each of our Group Reads
50 Point Task Idea Submissions where you can enter your ideas for the midpoint task

It is very important that posts are not deleted, especially in Completed Tasks. The record keeping system depends upon the post numbers. If the post numbers change the records are compromised. If you wish to remove a post, please edit your post and replace the text with “deleted” or a message of your choice.

There is a Task Help folder for each season. Each task has a thread. The task creator secures the 2nd and 3rd posts in the thread and uses those spaces to provide explanations, book approvals, etc. Look to those posts for answers to questions. If you want to check and see if a book fulfills the requirements of the task, you should post in the task’s thread. Suggestions for books that fit the tasks and requests for suggestions are also very welcome in these threads. The Task Help folder may be sorted by title headings. There is a “General Questions” thread for questions about the challenge. Questions about specific tasks should be directed to the task’s thread. Please do not add a new thread to this folder. A thread will exist for every task. There is also a “Fit This Book” thread where you can get (or give) help determining where a book might fit a task.

Task 20.10 is the Group Reads task. The details on the nomination process are located in the "Rewards of the Challenge" thread. Polls are used by the group to decide the 3 book options for this task. There are discussion threads in the current season folder. A requirement of task 20.10 is to make a post in the the discussion thread of your book choice.

The General Help folder is the place to find information on all kinds of questions including basic posting instructions like adding links, covers, images, and tickers, and goodreads tips.

The ebook verification thread is located in the Verification folder. eBooks without print editions must be verified to be at least 100 pages (specific conditions apply- see the Rules for details). Not Really a Comic Book and Not Really a Kids book verification threads are also found in that folder.

The supporting thread for the drawing for task 20.3 Best Review can be found in the current season's folder. In the same folder, try your hand at designing a logo for the group. The submission thread is there. We run a group poll to select a design each season. There are other “just for fun” threads in the Fun & Games folder like "Scavenger Hunt" and "Storytime".

We reward reading older (<1950) books and reading "big" books (500+ pages) with an opportunity to claim tickets for an entry into drawings to create 20 point tasks 20.4 Golden Oldies and 20.5 Bigger is Better. Tickets must be claimed in Completed Tasks, more details can be found in "Golden Oldies and Big Books Rules".

If you would like to post reviews of the books you read, you may start a thread in Book Reviews and join in the discussions in Best & Worst Books of...

Past Challenge folders are kept as archives. They hold information on previous tasks.

Players keep track of their reading progress in various ways. Members often post copies of their spreadsheets in "Reading Plans" in the season's challenge folder. Other players use their Goodreads profile Writing section to chart their progress. You may use any method. We recommend keeping track of the books you read, what you have claimed, and your "Completed Tasks" thread post numbers. You may post completed tasks singly or in groups, but please follow the "Posting Requirements" to make your posts clear and easy to review.

The overlap of the end of the current season's challenge and the start of the next season's challenge is a busy time in this group. The upcoming challenge's folders, threads, and tasks will be posted over the course of a few weeks. The "Calendar" in each season's folder provides many of the dates. All the pieces will come together as the challenge progresses, so if you don't see an expected thread, please check the calendar.

We want to welcome you to the Seasonal Reading Challenge. We hope you have fun and that the tasks lead you to some wonderful books.

Your moderators,
Sandy, Kristi, and Dlmrose

message 2: by Jessica (new)

Jessica How do I get a readerboard name? I'm new to the challenge and have just started going through the posts and rules and I am ready to start! I'm so excited!

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Dlmrose | 16922 comments Mod
Jessica wrote: "How do I get a readerboard name? I'm new to the challenge and have just started going through the posts and rules and I am ready to start! I'm so excited!"

You can request one in Readerboard Names

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