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The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus, #3)
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the mark of athena

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7706julian | 8 comments Mod
i think that it is good, but it isn't as good as it could be. and btw, you guys can add more discussions

message 2: by 7706calvin (new)

7706calvin | 1 comments i really want 2 read it

message 3: by Tadafe710 (new) - added it

Tadafe710 | 1 comments 7706calvin wrote: "i really want 2 read it"

Me 2! :(

message 4: by Alex (new) - added it

Alex Williams (alexwilliams) Well, The Mark of Athena was really good. It was well executed, and I loved how they got out of the States and travelled to Rome. I can't wait until they travel to Greece and have adventures there. For a good series, I thought that this was the perfect way to continue. The voyage across the Atlantic was great too, and when they had to entertain Herakles to get into the Mediterranean it added a lot of depth to the story. Rick Riordan is a great historian, and storyteller and he really used both of those talents in the creation of this book. I love how he showed that Herakles wasn't just an amazing hero, he was also arrogant and not the greatest friend. Annabeth's adventure through the caves to get the statue was fascinating, even though reading about spiders was about the last thing I want to do, but it was still a great journey. I wonder how everyone will get to Greece. Going through the Mediterranean is hard enough, but going through the underworld is nearly impossible! I can't wait for the next book!

7706julian | 8 comments Mod
no i actually think that it was a bad book. read my review

pietro711 | 1 comments I liked the book. I totes agree with Alex, the book can be more influential if it takes place in Greece. You know where The Percy Jackson books really stand.

7706julian | 8 comments Mod
you guys are all wrong. this book was bad.

7706julian | 8 comments Mod
when you are little you don't know how to judge if i a book is good or not. but now taht you are older, you should be able to tell. this book not very good, and ive read it a million times in the other books of the series. That is just my opinion and maybe other people's opinon as well.

message 10: by 7706henry (new)

7706henry | 1 comments i want to read it so bad

7706julian | 8 comments Mod
no you don't trust me.

Mo710 | 1 comments im neutral in this-though im pretty sure no one cares- the book was alright but it could have been better

7703nicolas How do u leave groups this group is wack

7706julian | 8 comments Mod
ill kick you out for you so you can leave

message 15: by Jordan713 (new)

Jordan713 | 1 comments I haven't read this book yet, so don't spoil it for me

7706julian | 8 comments Mod
trust me, you don't want to read it, it was terrible.

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