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You and 7 other tributes are put into an aircraft where you are flown to the arena. There are no windows, so you can't see outside. Once you are ordered out of the aircraft, you meet your stylist for the last time until the Games begin.
In the underground bunker, you get dressed in your clothing- a simple but comfortable outfit- and wait to go, anxiety gets the best of you. All 8 tributes wait until 9:00 AM sharp for orders. Once orders are called from the automated voice you say goodbye to your stylist most likely for the last time. An automated voice tells you to step into the tube. You obey. The tracking chip in your arm beeps.
Once you are in the tube, the glass door shuts and your stylist waves goodbye with a sorrow-filled face. You try to wave, but you are too nervous. After seconds, the tube starts to move, and slowly your sight gets cut off and you can no longer see your stylist, or the room you were just in. It is dark for about twenty seconds, then you pop up to the arena.
The sun glistens off the murky water, and when you look up, you have to shield your eyes. Once your eyes adjust, you soak in your surroundings, making sure you balance on your podium. The cornucopia is in view, shining bright gold. That is where your supplies is found. You see bags and bags filled with water bottles, weapons, and food. It's tempting to run and get it right away, but you know you can't. You also see trees and water behind you and all around you. It was a swamp.
A deep voice thunders through the swamp, making everyone jump and birds fly from trees.
"The Hunger Games will commence in 10, 9, 8, 7..."
Everyone gets ready to explode off of their podiums. Now, you are second guessing your Mentors' tips- Avoid the cornucopia at all costs, it's a bloodbath. You need shelter, you need food, you need water. You have to get supplies.
"3, 2, 1... let the Annual Hunger Games begin!"

The Arena: [Photos provided above] The swamps are all around, there will be more swamp than ground in the arena. The nights are dark and cold, the days are misty and hot. The sun doesn't always shine, and the longer into the game, the less the sun will shine. There are also trees, bushes, and plants mixed in. The main primary food source is animals, which are fish. The second is plants, and the third is bugs. There are poisonous plants and bugs. Alligators will be lurking in the water, they like feet. The ground is muddy and bumpy- if you ever get to find it-, there are many ways to injure yourself with one wrong step. All else will be introduced by the GameMakers.

The Cornucopia: Inside and around the cornucopia is everything you need to survive- but is only two days worth supply. The best supplies will be held inside the cornucopia, the decent supplies are on the outside. Inside the cornucopia you will find- Daggers, dried fruits and vegetables, meat, swords, bow and arrows, spears, and backpacks full of a tent, flint, rope, a sleeping back, a thick jacket, and colloidal silver water. There will be 4 swords and daggers- you may only take one of your choice if you get to them in time. There will also be 1 bow and arrow.
On the outside: 3 backpacks are scattered around the field, each holds these four things- an empty water bottle, rope, a small bag of dried fruit, and flint. Also 2 daggers buried half way in the ground- watch your step.

-Gamemakers create what ever they want when they want. If they say it kills you, it does.
-It is very likely your character will die from natural causes, or murders.
-Your character doesn't have any 'super powers'. They are all humans with human abilities.
-Nothing else is in the cornucopia, nothing else is in the backpacks.
-You may not avoid people or pretend a gouge in your stomach will heal, because honestly, it won't.
-If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, there is a thread for it :)

May the odds be ever in your favor and Happy Hunger Games!

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Lashley jumps off of the podium and her feet slam into the sticky mud beneath her. She used all of her muscles to take steps, it was like quicksand. Once she finally gets a decent pace, she races to get a bag, already out of breath. When she started back to the open, and away from the cornucopia, she heard yelling and screaming of the other tributes. Suckers, She thought to herself, nobody was chasing after her, they were all too busy getting themselves out of the mud. Now, Lashley was knee deep in water, murky and dark.

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Sylvia | 85 comments Dawn jumped into the mud. She saw someone ahead of everybody. Dawn sighted the cornucopia and started to go to it. She went as fast as she could through the mud. She ran as fast as she could to the cornucopia, she needed a good weapon. She knew that if she had any chance of winning, she would need the best weapon she could find. When she got there she grabbed the bow and arrow, and one of the backpacks, and headed off deeper into the swamp.

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Gage leaped off the podium, his powerful muscles working hard to get through the mud. He got to the cornucopia and took a backpack quickly. He found daggers and slipped them in his belt loop quickly before climbing on the pile and grabbing a sword. He caught sight of Dexter and started toward him, eyes flashing back and forth at the other tributes.

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Maddie Davis Dexter was off the platform the minute the fun fired. He had quick reflexes. He sprinted toward the cornucopia, looking for a few decent sacks and weapons. He looked over and saw Gage looking at him.

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Gage hurried over to Dexter, a dagger in one hand and his sword in the other. With his backpack slung over his shoulder, his gate was a little slower, but not by too much. He got to Dexter's side.

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Maddie Davis Dexter picked up some throwing knives and a bow and arrow, along with a pack he slung over his shoulder. Anyone you need to kill now, or do you want to go into the forest or bog or whatever the heck this is?

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((He needs to kill one of the boys before they leave))

"Let's leave fast," Gage said before turning and hurrying toward where it looked like there might be at least some solid ground.

((we'll have to wait, I think...))

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Maddie Davis ((Gage or Dexter? And okay. ))

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Sylvia | 85 comments Maddie wrote: "Dexter picked up some throwing knives and a bow and arrow, along with a pack he slung over his shoulder. Anyone you need to kill now, or do you want to go into the forest or bog or whatever the hec..."

((Isn't there only one bow and arrow?))

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Rebecca Zeno (Becca_Zeno54) | 333 comments Mod
((Yes, ma'am))

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Forest (Forestplamt) Tobias sprinted off his plat form he went and got a back pack he slung it over his shoulder (( Paisley can we say he is going for rain and then Tobias sees him then jumps in front of rain? he thought he could take the hit but it hit his heart?))

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Maddie Davis ((Oops sorry, didn't know you took it))

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((Alrighty. I shall))

Gage turned and saw Rain. That weird little girl. She had barely moved yet and was an easy target. His eyes narrowed and he glanced at Dexter before moving toward her, clutching his dagger. He really didn't want to do it, but he had to win.

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Forest (Forestplamt) Tobias saw gage coming towards rain he knew he could take the hit but rain couldn't he started running and jumped in front of rain just in time he thought he was going to be ok but then he realized it hit his heart he was going to die.

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((He hasn't thrown the dagger yet...))

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Forest (Forestplamt) ((oh right))

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Forest (Forestplamt) ((ignore that then))

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((You can edit that, though. Or just delete it))

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Forest (Forestplamt) (( i know i just want to keep it up so I know what to say when he does throw it :) ))

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Sylvia | 85 comments Dawn looked back in time to see somebody shielding Rain. She looked and saw Gage about to throw a dagger. Foolish people. If they hade a chance if winning they wouldn't sheild other people. Dawn headed off into the swamp again, looking back at Rain one more time to check if she was ok. Dawn wanted to team with Rain, she seemed good at the training center.

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While Lashley looked back, she stumbled a bit from her running pace. The water was sticky and getting deeper. She had to trudge through it.

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((Who did you kill? Rain?))

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Maddie Davis ((Yes, Rain))

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Rebecca Zeno (Becca_Zeno54) | 333 comments Mod
((Could you change that to Tobias, he is supposed to die first.))

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Maddie Davis ((yes))

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Maddie Davis ((Then should I wait, because Tobias hasn't entered the arena yet. Well, technically he has since the Games started, but he hasn't commented yet))

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Forest (Forestplamt) (( yeah i have and he shielded ran because he thought he could take the hit but then later he finds out it hit his heart.))

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Sylvia | 85 comments (( Rain is going to get on and find out that someone died for her. Lol))

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Forest (Forestplamt) ((lol))

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Geri (GeriM) | 229 comments Rain stared frozen. Tobias had saved her. "thank you Tobias." She whispered. she ran away into the mud.

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Sylvia | 85 comments When Dawn got deep into the swap, she started to clime in a dense tree. As she hid in the cover of the leaves, she looked at all the items in the backpack. Once she was satisfied with what she had, she kept a sharp eye out for any other tributes.

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Gage watched as Tobias got in front of Rain. Why had he done that? It was completely irrational. He just shook his head and turned back to Dexter. "Come on, let's go," he said quickly.

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Sylvia | 85 comments Dawn stayed in her tree. There should be 7 tributes left, that is if Tobias died. Well, that's one down. She thought to herself. "Next is to find someone to allie with." she whisperd under her breath.

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Maddie Davis Dexter flanced at Gage. "All right," he said. In a flash he threw a knife at Tobias, hitting him square in the heart. He checked to make sure he was dead, pulled out the knife, and left with Gage.

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Sylvia | 85 comments Dawn left her tree and jumped into the mud. She took her bow and arrow and left the rest of her stuff hidin in the tree. She explored a little to get a sense of where she was. She climbed back into the tree. She climbed to the top and scanned the area. There seemed like there was no escape to the swamp. Dawn sighed and hid in the tree some more.

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((I thought he was already dead... Oh well))

Gage turned and ran through the mud. He made sure to go in the opposite direction that most of the other tributes were going. He started toward a very large tree once a little ways away. He stopped at the bottom and lifted himself up onto a branch.

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Maddie Davis Dexter followed his lead and climbed up the the next tree over.

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Conner (I-Will-Read-Anything-YA) | 315 comments Julian ran as fast as the mud allowed him to in the direction Rain went. He had no time for supplies. If he had time he would come back. If he was alive. "Rain! Rain!" He shouted her name into the distance. He needed to find her. He would not let her die. On his way he decided to grab a backpack.

(( Are there any left???))

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((Uh.... I'm not sure...))

Gage climbed high into the large tree, glancing at Dexter in the next one over. He liked all the leaves and the vines hanging from them -- it made great cover.

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Sylvia | 85 comments Dawn tied the sleeping bag in the tree, hidden by all the leaves. She left the tree and went to find some clean water. She couldn't find anything clean, so she filled the bottle from the bag with water from the swamp. She hurried back to the tree and ate a couple of dried fruit from the bag.

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Maddie Davis "We might want to try and find a clean water source," Dexter said to Gage. "We have water bottles, but they aren't full."

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Geri (GeriM) | 229 comments Rain heared her named and stopped. "Julian!" She screamed. She hadent ment for her voice to sound scared. But for the truth, she was terrified.

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Geri (GeriM) | 229 comments Ran quickly covered mouth. She was so stupid. She had just told everyone where she was!

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Geri (GeriM) | 229 comments She quikly climbed a tree and closed her eyes. Praying that no one would find her. And if someone did, she wanted it to be Julian.

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Sylvia | 85 comments Dawn heard someone scream. She looked around. Someone must be close. She pulled out her bow and arrow, waiting to see if there was a tribute that might attack.

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Maddie Davis Someone's scream was echoing through the swamp. "Stupid, stupid." Dexter thought. He whispered to Gage. "Did you hear that?"

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