The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus, #3) The Mark of Athena question

How old is everyone in this book? Isn't Percy OLD
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I was reading the book and i was wondering..How old is Percy in this book? I mean he's got to be like seventeen! INCLUDING NICO!

Still 16

in Mark of Athena annabeth said percy was almost 17. So... he's 16 people.

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Can ya'll decide? I'm pretty sure she's 16 cuz doesn't Percy turn 17 in the end? I'm not sure tho. BUT I need teh know for my homework. :D

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He is 16

percy is 16, when annabeth say he will turn 17 in two months..

Here are the ages of the characters:
Octavian - 18
Percy Jackson - 17
Annabeth Chase - 17
Jason Grace - 16
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano - 16
Frank Zhang - 16
Thalia Grace - 15
Leo Valdez - 15
Piper McLean - 15
Nico di Angelo - 14
Hazel Levesque - 13

no. he's 16. I dont know about everyone else though. It feels like everyone else is thirteen (apart from jason) because we haven't really known them as much...

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The seven's ages: Piper:15/16 Annabeth:16 Hazel:14 Percy:16 Frank:16 Jason:16 Leo:15/16

Hey, hey, hey... who says 16's old? I'm not that wrinkled yet :[

Old? He's barely more than a baby!

He does have some "old" thoughts, though. For example, when he was thinking about his future with Annabeth. His thoughts were not the wistful fantasies that a typical 16-year-old-in-love might have. They were real ideas. That's not common for a 16-year-old.

But he's also been through trauma of the kind that no teenager should have to deal with. Such events force kids to grow up fast.

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He's still sixteen. I distinctly remember Annabeth saying he'd be seventeen in two (?) months. I think in the Lost Hero it says Annabeth and Percy were dating for 4 months before Hera swapped Percy with Jason.

The Seven's Ages:

Jason: 15, 16 before the end
Piper: 15/16
Leo: 15/16
Frank: No Idea
Hazel: 13
Percy: 16
Annabeth: 16

Jason, Piper and Leo are around the same age 'cause they were in the same class at Wilderness School.

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Ava No. The given ages they are on this site are the ages they are in HoO. And if you would pay attention more, you would know frank is 16, as stated in t ...more
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How old is Nico in MoA?

deleted user Nico is older than Hazel as she referred to him as an older brother
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Percy is sixteen still. His birthday has yet to arrive.

Here is his age in all the books of PJO and HOO (Demigod Files and Demigod Diaries not listed).

Lightning Thief: 12

Sea of Monsters: 13

Titan's Curse: 14 (Takes place in winter at the same year of Sea of Monsters)

Battle of Labyrinth: 14 in the beginning of the book and 15 at the end of the book when he has his birthday party. His birthday is mentioned to be August 18 in the end as well.

Last Olympian: 15 for 95% of the book. Turns sixteen at almost the very end.

Lost Hero: Still 16 as it takes place in the same year as Last Olympian.

Son of Neptune: Still 16 as this book takes place six months after Lost Hero which takes place in December.

Mark of Athena: Still 16 as MoA takes place in July.

Well I think he is 18 in Mark of Athena. He's not old by any means, though for demigods surviving to be adult aged seems to be a rare occurrence. That's basing it on book one he's 12 and now it's 6 or 7 books later.

Percy's only 16

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