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Did Anyone Find Pearl to be a little...creepy?
Anna Anna Nov 08, 2012 08:29AM
I mean she doesn't act like normal little girls act and in fact, she always acted like the Devil delighted in taking shape in her and she didn't gather flowers and give them to her mother and ask innocent questions about life..she was just a little bit nerve-wrecking! it was like she couldn't be normal..what do you think?

DEFINITELY. oh my gosh YES haha!

W Jul 31, 2013 08:56AM   0 votes
I think she was just basically a symbol, but under those circumstances, i dont think any child would be considered "normal", but i didn't find her creepy, it was just the way the people in the town viewed her, she had to suffer for the sins of others.

Well, she is the product of a "perceived" sin. She is kept in isolation with a woman who loves her unconditionally and is very liberal in her views for the time. She is a strange child, but she has been born and raised in strange circumstances.

I love Pearl. She is looked at as the strange one, but she, in my opinion, is the only "normal" one in the bunch, aside from her mother and father.

She is very modern in a world stunted by ignorance. I enjoy her very much.

Phoenix Creepy? Hell yes. "A little"? Oh, no. I wouldn't diminish it like that. Not ever.
Oct 04, 2013 05:39PM

Yeah, I remember her as an elf-ish, almost unreal sort of child.

Yes, highly so! I imagined her as a modern vampire, because of the scarlet dress she wore once, her grimaces and her light skin and dark hair. Also, her very grown up behaviour. She freaked me out!

Yes, she struck me as creepy. I think she models Hawthorne's notion of Nature's child. The confession, grief, and death of her father "sanctifies" her by awakening her soul. Hawthorne was fond of the notion of a human soul being birthed through suffering, or even sin (and its consequences).

Well keep in mind she's kept in total isolation from other children and people for that matter and only lives with her mother in pretty much the wild. I take her as an example of what people could be living outside the realms of society. Think about how different you'd be if you grew up in the middle of nowhere with just your mother and other plants and animals as your only company; you don't worry about politics, what's on TV, how you look, certain standards to live up to - they just don't exist to her. That's probably one of the reasons she's the way she is (plus the fact that she was conceived out of wedlock probably makes her symbolically different from the typical child in Hawthorne's mind just so he could prove a point about her). And Hester isn't different like Pearl is because she's had experience living within society (obviously, since she had sex with the local minister), she's already under the influence of its pressures and its temptations and she's aware of the taboos - she commits one. Pearl, on the other hand, has not the slightest idea about any of these things, that's why when she and Hester make the trip back into the village, she's just seen as this barbaric, spritely little girl with no manners or etiquette - a complete bafflement to the standards created by that society. The villagers just can't envision anyone who doesn't abide by their rules and regulations, and that's probably why most readers view her as a little odd as well.

Uh, A LITTLE creepy? She's way creepy. And as Mallory says, "annoying." But then, I find Hawthorne to be kind of annoying on the whole. As Wichard says, Pearl is a symbol; Hawthorne just crams her (as he tends to do with symbolism and motifs in his work) down the reader's throat.

Yes, but the novel narrative also estates that after Dimmerdale recognised his fault, she was "released" from the spell, as to say. So Pearl was free to become a "normal" child at least.

Haha! Yes! I thought she was creepy and weird. I did not like her.

Absolutely!!! She was made a little creepy, a bit of a weird mysterious aura to her. Like she was born in sin and therefore portrayed it even though she was a child and had no fault the original sin of her parents was still in her being.

Ha- ha. I love this question. I absolutely find Pearl to be a bit odd, but she was one of my favorite characters at the same time! Imagine what she would do in the play... Freak fest!:P

Pearl is adorably anomalous!Her strangeness adds to her charm as Hester Pryne's daughter.

Pearl was forced to grow up very quickly because of the isolation that she and her mother faced.
I don't find her creepy, just more mature and with a greater ability to notice details that I would expect from someone of her age.

Yes, without question.

Remember, Hawthorne uses Pearl as a symbol of sin in most of the book. In some of the book she is Dimmesdale's conscience, but usually she's a living, breathing symbol of Hester and Dimmesdale's sin. Hester never disciplines her as Pearl should be disciplined, so Pearl ends up as this wild, unearthly child partly because she doesn't have a normal upbringing and partly because Hawthorne is using her as more of a symbol than a little girl. In the end, the "spell" that has been on her since the moment of her birth is broken when her father confesses that he was Pearl's father. Pearl is no longer a symbol after that. She's just a little girl.

hahah, yes.

Yuliya (last edited Nov 09, 2012 08:44AM ) Nov 09, 2012 08:33AM   0 votes
I'm sorry for bird ;( I don't care that time, culture and her situation is, but I would spank her really bad for throwing stones in birds. (I'm not abusive, never spank my kids, but who is hurting animals - deserved it) Creepy, annoying ugly creature.
In movie she represented different - just small beatiful nice girl

She was a unique child.. and be be named Pearl after the product of an elicit relationship... that's quite a name...also she would be a bit unique growing up with a mother who has to wear the Letter. How does one put that into perspective for a child....she would be a bit different.

While reading the book I always expected that in some point of the story they would tell the little girl was a devil. Really creepy.

Pearl was a little creepy, yes. I don't know if she was supposed to creepy as a product of "sin", or a product of society, born into a life of extreme isolation through no fault of her own.

...The great scene of grief, in which the wild infant bore a part, had developed all her sympathies; and as her tears fell upon her father's cheek, they were the pledge that she would grow up amid human joy and sorrow, nor for ever do battle with the world, but be a woman in it.

Was it her father's confession of his "sin" that changed Pearl's temperment, or finally, his acknowledgement of her as his child that cemented her sense of identity and connection to the world around her?

I haven't read the book in awhile but I do remember thinking she was creepy.

Yeahh, definitely. She symbolizes the shame of Hester's public punishment for adultery

Of course, I imagined her like one of the twin ghost girls in The shining the movie hehe.

I thought she was creepy, but in a good-creepy way, not in a bad-creepy way: it's like she was omniscient or something. But maybe that was just my own thought processes and had nothing to do with the descriptions given by Hawthorne.

Oh, yes! I don't know if we were supposed to think of her as being the result of hidden sin come to light (inherently evil)??

I found this book very surreal in many ways.....

deleted member Dec 08, 2012 09:27PM   0 votes
Yes she was supposed to be quite creepy in the beginning, only becoming normal the end when her father finally admits to his sin. Basically I saw her strange and unnatural behavior to be the embodiment of her Fathers sin, short of like it building up and corroding her.

I thought she was really creepy, but part of that may be linked to my underlying hatred of the book.

um... yeah.

Gary (last edited Aug 24, 2013 09:56AM ) May 15, 2013 01:49PM   0 votes
First off, children can be creepy in and of themselves. It doesn't take much. Just stick some in a cornfield and boom: horror movie franchise.

I think Hawthorne made her a little extra creepy on purpose. Because of the circumstances of her birth (her bastardy) he's hinting at her possibly being a changeling or similar supernatural creature in order to play up the superstition of the time and the general sense of religious terror that the people of that time lived in.

I thought she was the most intersting part of the book to tell the truth. With all the DRAMA going on, her creepiness appealed to me.

Maybe I am just creepy myself

I remember my teacher loved Pearl, but I thought she was really creepy and kind of annoying. Although I think that might have been the point since she was representing the product of sin.

zamra (last edited Jul 11, 2013 05:54AM ) Jul 11, 2013 05:21AM   -1 votes
will any kindly enlighten me why did hester wear
that scarlet letter? and why she did not like her husband?

zamra yeah that's right but, why Hester was not in good terms with her husband? the book did not mention that..
Aug 05, 2013 04:15AM

Yeah, she's creepy.

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