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Esme Wow. SO many amazing parts. I loved it when she was in hospital after being stabbed, and she said something like "Apollo didn't fix me right, godly powers my-"

Red-head I loved that part too, I couldn't stop laughing :D, and the *soilers* in the title of this hahahahahaha

message 3: by Kat (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kat there were so many great quotes in this, i did love it when alex was changing with the jokes about giving birth, alex saying 'I'm being tattoed by a motherf...' and aiden interrupts her ha! and Deacon was saying 'its like his father' was just great book :)

Ilana i really enjoyed this story - it was a great bridge in the series. i kept expecting more drama with daimons since that was a pivotal role in the other books but i think that it's ok that there was more of a focus on aiden and alex's relationship. i also really began to like marcus a LOT more in the story and i LOVE Deacon and Luke....

Rachel Gorlechen omg this story was so freaking insane. definitly my favorite in the series. am i the only one who read the last two pages of this book like 10 times just because the whole time i was like OMG OMG DID I READ THIS RIGHT HOLY #%*&& yes. i need the next now. but atleast we have the next book in the lux series coming out in december! :)

message 6: by Diana (last edited Nov 28, 2012 11:55PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Diana I enjoyed this book immensely, my favorite scene is between Alex and Apollo when Apollo tells Alex that he knows she slept with Aiden using the scrabble tiles. The scene after that is also pretty good when Alex tells Aiden Apollo knows about them. I loved the fact that Aiden wanted to protect Alex from Apollo given they's broken the rule of pures and halfs not being intimate, especially since Apollo is a god and Aiden would have a tough battle on his hands. But Apollo is cool with Alex and Aiden being a couple which is just fab.

My least favorite scene is when Seth draws on Alex's power to harm Telly, knowing that he is hurting her and risking her life. I hope Seth get's put in his place by Aiden and Alex becomes powerful enough to take him out.

Ohmygods..I can't wait to read Apollyon.

Cassie C This book was simply amazing!! While the other books in the series were great as well, this book blew all of them out of the water. I honestly think this is the best book in series. I laughed so hard throughout this entire book, and I was soooo shocked at the end. I NEED the next book right now, because I want to find out what happens!

I finally made my choice between Seth and Aiden though...and it's Aiden all the way haha!

Casey I agree, Aiden all the way. Although, I did have my doubts in the previous books. But now I feel bad for Seth. I really want him to recognize he's doing wrong and everyone live happily ever after, but I doubt that's gonna happen! :)

Esme I loved seeing in Aiden's head in Elixir!!!

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