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Meridian (Fenestra, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA When this girl was little she could see ghost and she will bury dead stuff at her backyard [s]

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Gaoja | 4 comments I cant really explain all of it because it was tooo long but i think this how it goes:

When this girl was little she could see ghost and she will bury dead stuff at her backyard. She will talk to ghost all the and when her mom saw her do that she told the little girl to not do it anymore. The little girl then stopped talking to them.
Then years later, after she came home something tragic happen (can't remember what) and she is send of to her grandmother's house. Her grandmother live in somewhere cold with this hot guy who helps the girl's grandmother out. When the girl got to her grandmother house, her grandmother welcomed her but the hot guy didn't, it was like he held a grudge at her. Her grandma told her that she can open "windows" so the spirit could go to heaven, she also told her that she also have the powers too. The grandma teaches the girl how to open the window. When the grandma was about to die because of old age, the main girl found out that the main guy can see the future and he saw them together cuddling together and he didn't want his future to be decided, so he acted really mean to her.
And when her grandmother died, the main girl had to open the window for her. In the ending someone ambush the house and they had to go hiding.

Thats all i can remember, sorry its all in pieces and confusing but i hope you guys can help me because i have been searching forever for this book! :)

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Ann aka Iftcan (Iftcan) | 6910 comments Mod
Goaja--this is a really popular theme right now in PNR and UF type books. So a few quick questions--

1) is this adult or YA?
2) How long ago did you read it? And was it old or new then?
3) was the girl (and her Gran) called anything specific--like Reaper, Reever, etc?

Gaoja | 4 comments 1) It was a young adult book
2) I read it a 1 year ago and it wasnt old
3) I dont remeber

Sorry i dont have enough information about it!

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Deborah | 177 comments Graveminder by Melissa Marr possibly

Gaoja | 4 comments Debroah: its not that either, thanks though

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Moira (11moira) | 217 comments Sounds sort of similar to The Body Finder (The Body Finder, #1) by Kimberly Derting but I know that's not it. But maybe one of the books in the 'Readers also enjoyed similar books' might be the one your looking for. Or maybe one of the books in some of the lists might help you out!!

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Sallie (SallieV) | 28 comments Could you be thinking of Meridian by Amber Kizer? Meridian is shipped off to her Great Aunt Merry in Colorado (not her grandmother)
"Constantly wracked with pain, Meridian Sozu has always been surrounded by dead insects and animals. When she witnesses a car accident on her 16th birthday, the winter solstice, her parents abandon her, hastily sending her off to Revelation, Colo. Against this chilling backdrop, at the home of her Great-Aunt Merry, she discovers that she is a Fenestra, a half-human/half-angel "window" that helps souls pass to heaven. With the help of aging Merry, a fellow Fenestra, and Protector (and love interest) Tens, Meridian learns to develop her powers against the hell-bent Aternocti, or simply Noctis (a play on Nazis), and a local cult masquerading as an evangelical congregation they've infiltrated. Although this likable heroine offers a fresh take on the supernatural, the lengthy, repetitive explanation of her powers leaves interest waning. The rushed and confusing ending requires a second (or even third) read. Despite these major obstacles, teens will still find themselves intrigued by the mysteries of life, death and beyond and how they may have played out through history"

Gaoja | 4 comments OMG!!! Yes Sallie it is that book!! thanks :)

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