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message 1: by Ed (new)

Ed | 12 comments Where is your favorite place to read a book and how many pages a day do you read? Or do you figure out how much to read based just on so many hours a day or more on weekends or divide up a book by 7 to finish in a week? Where do you love to read? In bed, in a special chair, wherever you are, with music on, in silence, with tv on? With others? Happy New Year to all!


J-Lynn Van Pelt | 19 comments I have a killer office in my house with wall to wall book shelves and a big fluffy chair. It is a book-lover's haven and the perfect place to read.

I only count and divide pages when I am reading something for school or editing someone's work. For pleasure reading, I want the process to be more organic.

message 3: by Esther (new)

Esther (eshchory) My favourite place is the local library. I volunteer there and it is also where I wait for my children when they are at activities.

They have these suspended pleather chairs that are a bit battered nowadays but are so comfortable I keep threatening to steal one. You are slightly reclining with your hips about 10cm below your knees. This is supposed to be an ergonomic design and however long I sit there I never get aches or numb spots.

I can read anywhere that is not moving (I suffer from chronic travel sickness) by candlelight if necessary.

I read as many pages as I read. Sometimes a book takes me a day, sometimes a month. Reading is mainly a luxury and it competes with knitting as a leisure activity after work, housework and spending time with my family.

message 4: by Tracey (new)

Tracey | 4 comments Most of my reading is in my big chair in the family room - feet up on the ottoman, something to drink &/or snack on within reach.

My goal is to finish one book a week; sometimes I meet it, othertimes not, depending on what else is going on in my life (alas, books are not my #1 priority!) and the book itself - nonfiction takes longer than fiction, and re-reads usually pass more quickly than something new.

message 5: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne (random_pink) | 1 comments Because of uni I don't read often but when I do I set aside time dedicated to finishing a book. I will take a weekend or just even an entire day off, curl up on my bed and just read non-stop, all day!

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura | 3 comments I'll read anywhere I can, whenever I have time. I usually have a book with me for when I have to wait in a waiting room, or to pick up my daughter, or wherever. My favorite place is curled up on my bed. I don't set goals, I read as the mood strikes, as the pace of the book allows. I often have two or three books going at once. A fantasy may be gulped down in a day or two, while a history is slowly digested over a month, a few pages at a time.

message 7: by Allison (new)

Allison | 15 comments I always seem to have a book with me, and I'll read pretty much anywhere. In airports and on planes, in the cafeteria during my 1/2 hour lunches (sometimes the book takes precedence over the food), in my car if I'm waiting for someone or for the train to go by, in waiting rooms at dr's offices and car repair shops, in bed before sleep, in the family room (if it's quiet enough) or the living room if the tv starts to be too interruptive. It rarely seems to matter where I am - if the book is good enough it takes me somewhere else, anyway!

I don't usually think of "goals" and "books" in the same sentence. I typically read about a page a minute - I know this because I prefer not to be interrupted during the last 100 pages or so of a book and try to schedule a block of time to finish it. I usually only read one book at a time - I find it challenging to pick up the thread of one book while my mind is still aching to know what's going to happen next in another. And it can take me a day or several months to read a book. That partially depends on how engaging I find the book, and partially on whatever else is going on in my life at the time.

As to reading with others: I live quite a distance from my family (parents, brother, sister-in-law), so when we visit it's usually for a long weekend at least. My husband (not so much of a reader himself) has told me that he doesn't understand how we can not see my family for months, but when we do get time together we all seem to congregate in the common room and read instead of talking to each other! But it's one of my favorite things - to be close to those I love and also be in the world of a good book.

message 8: by Randy (new)

Randy (cptnrandy) | 7 comments Well, my favorite place to read a book is the beach. We spend a week every summer on Hatteras Island and the whole family takes a stack of books. Read for a while, jump in the water, repeat!

Even better, the beaches of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

I find the most of my reading take place waiting - eating alone, in airports, at my daughter's music lessons, etc. But at home we have no less than 4 dedicated reading spots. My favorite is my office in in a maroon ekornes "stressless" recliner with an adjustable floor light.

message 9: by Randy (new)

Randy (cptnrandy) | 7 comments "inside a dog?"

Nah, too dark.

message 10: by Luis (new)

Luis Odicio (windguaerd) | 2 comments Well i can read a 400 page book in 2 days, so about 200 pages per day.

As to where, it can be Burger King or the Library, there you aren't disturbed if you find the right spot.

message 11: by Inky (new)

Inky | 2 comments My favorite place to read a book is on my bed, sprawled across the quilts with a large glass of tea on the nightstand. I've been known to read myself into oblivion, going face down into an open book because I didn't want to stop mid-story. I usually finish a book in one go unless it's exceptionally long, so being able to stretch out is a must.

Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I like it quiet. I usually have a pile of to-be-reads around the pillows, something that reminds me of falling asleep in the stacks of the library on my old college campus.

message 12: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 1 comments Wherever I am when the opportunity arises. Being the "mom's taxi" for a large family, much of that time is sitting in a parking lot :)
I never decide ahead of time how much to read, but read until the story provides a good 'break' or life interrupts.

message 13: by Werner (new)

Werner What with working full-time, having a family, church and community involvements, etc., I don't have as much time to read as I'd like. But I discovered years ago that one can read on an exercise bike, so I immediately became very devoted to physical fitness. :-) We have a stationary bike at home, so I ride it and read for half an hour a day, if I can (and make it up another day if I can't).

My wife also reads on the bike; but she also likes to be read to, usually when we're in the car and she's driving. So we typically have a book we both like in the car, and I read it to her in installments.

Of course, whenever I travel on the bus (or, once, on a plane) I take a book along to read during the ride and in the terminals. I'm a librarian; I can't usually read at work (except at meals) since my bosses expect me to work instead (bummer :-) ); but if I have a chance to hang out in another library for awhile, I don't waste that chance for reading, either!

message 14: by Michael (last edited May 27, 2008 06:40PM) (new)

Michael (fatmangoboom) | 2 comments Sadly my bed.... not very exciting is it... I need it though...

I also enjoy out in the backyard but I need silence since I am not very good at reading... I have read over the years but not as much as most here... But lately I have taken it on well... and am seeking out good books... I hate stinkers since they push me away from reading...

message 15: by Greyweather (new)

Greyweather I have a nice old recliner where I do most of my reading. Otherwise I read in bed.

I measure my rate of reading by the book rather than by pages. I try to read one book a week.

message 16: by Laurel (new)

Laurel I'm with Inky - I can often be found sprawled across my bed, getting lost in a book for hours at a time! However, when the weather permits, I'll hit a beach, a park, the dock at my friend's cabin - any excuse to read outside with fresh air and a breeze through my hair. It's heaven!

message 17: by Elle (new)

Elle Brennan-Tucker | 1 comments I quite like reading outside in the sun or under a huge tree on the grass :) Though curling up in a big chair in front of the fire in winter is also a good spot! :)

message 18: by Steven (new)

Steven Harbin (stevenharbin) When I'm at home I either read at my desk or in bed. I can read with noise around me or without, but I prefer at least semi-quiet or classical music all things being equal. However I can read and write with radio on, tv, or children playing around the general area, which is a good thing at my house.
The only time I measure by the page is when reading an assignment for a class, otherwise by the book. I used to read one or two a week but nowdays it seems I'm slower, about one completed every week or so, depending on how long the book is.

message 19: by Lasairfiona (new)

Lasairfiona | 8 comments Stretched out on my loveseat or curled up in a good chair. My kitties really hate being ignored and like to curl up on my chest so I have to read over their furry heads. It is really cute actually. I don't put on any music or anything. It is distracting from the pictures in my head!

message 20: by KristenR (new)

KristenR (klrenn) I have a hammock on my front porch that has become my favorite place to read. Otherwise, I have a cozy little reading area at the bay window in my dining room. The light is perfect and I curl up in the chair and read for as long as my kids will let me.

Those are my favorite places to usual place to read is sitting on a bench at the playground or swim practice, or the waiting area during ballet class.

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