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message 1: by Grunthos (new)

Grunthos | 56 comments I saw the earlier request to add the profile url to search.books, and I too would like to see extra details in the list.

Specifically, it would be great if we could get (in order of desirability):

- isbn
- all authors (not just primary)
- number of pages

I know that you said there are mobile developers who want short results, but I'm a mobile developer, and I would love to be able to get as much data as possible in one call!

message 2: by Grunthos (new)

Grunthos | 56 comments P.S. If necessary, return only 10 books, not 20.

message 3: by Grunthos (last edited Nov 01, 2012 10:31PM) (new)

Grunthos | 56 comments Further to this...another option would be to add a limited set of additional fields that could be requested, eg.


...or something like that.

Seems to solve both problems, and if you limit the fields to ones that are easy for you to get, it should be pretty cheap in terms of server load.

message 4: by Amar (new)

Amar Pai (jcruelty) | 3 comments Hi guys-- thanks for the feedback, we've added this to our API request list. QQ-- why do you need these additional fields? What's the intended use case?

message 5: by Grunthos (new)

Grunthos | 56 comments When presenting a user with a list of search results in our Adroid app (Book Catalogue), it is good to be able to present this extra data (ISBN, Pages, Publisher, even format). To do so currently requires 1 API call per book to get the extra data.

If it can be filled in cheaply by the first search, the API load is reduced and the app delay is reduced.

It's mainly for disambiguation of books.

message 6: by Ivaylo (new)

Ivaylo Tsonev | 1 comments So, has there been any development ? I'd really like to get isbns in the search results.

message 7: by Michael (new)

Michael Economy (michaeleconomy) No updates, sorry.

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