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message 1: by Vicky (new)

Vicky (librovert) | 493 comments Mod
Over in this thread there were a few members recommending P.C. Cast. I didn't want to completely hijack the thread, so I started this one.


I've read four or five of the House of Night books and I can't say I liked them. I thought the world-building was interesting and the books are definitely written to keep you wanting more as they all have major cliffhanger endings, but I thought they were terribly written. I also felt the books were extremely judgmental and preachy when it came to the sexuality of the characters, and I eventually had enough of it.

I realize that House of Night is 1) co-written and 2) aimed at a YA audience, which could give reasons for some of the things I didn't like. But I'm curious as to how P.C. Cast's adult writing compares to these books. Has anyone read both and can comment on any differences? Or even just give your opinion on her adult books?

message 2: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (librarymouse81) | 8 comments I have read both and I own basically everything. The HoN books are good, but I really do prefer her adult novels. I have always enjoyed how P.C. Cast manages to blend mythologies so seamlessly into her books. The first book by P.C. Cast I ever read was "Divine by Mistake" and it is what made me compulsively buy all of her other books.

message 3: by Tegan (new)

Tegan (joggiwagga) | 276 comments Divine by Mistake I picked up at random from my library, and once I got over the style of narration (cause I'd probably want to slap the narrator should I ever meet her in real life), I thought it was hilarious.

I got about 6 or so books into the House of Night knowing they were YA. I was listening to them so that may have changed my response to them, but while the first one made me laugh pretty hard, by the the last one I listened to (the book where Stevie Ray and the Raven-mocker are supposed to fall for each other) I probably got maybe two chapters in before deciding I was just done with the series and didn't care anymore.

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather Finley (heatherfinley) | 49 comments Tegan wrote: "Divine by Mistake I picked up at random from my library, and once I got over the style of narration (cause I'd probably want to slap the narrator should I ever meet her in real life), I thought it ..."

I love HoN but six was a disappointment. Seven got somewhat better if I remember right but eight was finally where I really loved them again. Just started Hidden (nine) and was crying in the first few pages. I rarely cry about anything. So much action and emotions going on and I'm only about a third in. I'm betting it will end up being my favorite in the series.

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Cherish (Lady_Cherish) | 94 comments So, going for one of her more adult novels, which would you recommend for a first timer?

message 6: by Heather (new)

Heather Finley (heatherfinley) | 49 comments Cherish wrote: "So, going for one of her more adult novels, which would you recommend for a first timer?"

I'd say the Divine series is a little better in my opinion but once you read one, you'll want to read them all. The Goddess Summoning ones each pretty much stand alone so they are good if you just want a single book to read here and there.

message 7: by Cherish (new)

Cherish (Lady_Cherish) | 94 comments Thanks, Heather :)

message 8: by Julia (new)

Julia (ollie03) I've read most of the HON books and can honestly say that I do not like them. I kept going because I don't like leaving series unfinished and found that they got better if I ignored most of what Zoey said and made up my own main character who didnKt seem like a complete moron...

message 9: by Edith (new)

Edith (Dragontear2s) | 1 comments I first heard of PC Cast because of her HON books, but although I enjoyed them they didn't really grab me. Her adult books though, I can't get enough of. Divine by Mistake was my intro to her adult novels, and since then I have bought everything she has written. Even my husband picked them up and enjoyed them. I did have to laugh when one night he looked over at me from the book and said, "this is dirty." He isn't a very big reader, but he has read the whole divine series. I found the Goddess Summoning series to be good as well, but with those I wasn't as in love with all of them. I hope you can get a chance to enjoy the books. I have used them to get many people hooked on fantasy.

message 10: by Brittany (new)

Brittany (nerdyspinster) | 254 comments I've never read the House of Night series, or the Divine series, but I love love love the Goddess Summoning series. They're not the best books I've ever read, but they're a fun, lighthearted read and the smut is good. Plus, I'm a huge fan of the Greek myths and these are the only romance books that I've found that incorporate those characters.

message 11: by Candice (new)

Candice Nunu (nunu_noodles) | 88 comments You've almost convinced me to try her adult series!
Her HoN series was disgustingly bad imo, it felt like a teenage girls little wet dream fantasy about how she's so awesome, and everytime she turns around there's this other great awesome thing about her being the 'magnificent super awesomest girl in the whole world'. Ok, I'm sounding a bit off about it aren't I? lol
I'm just trying to convey that I eyerolled through the whole first book, and even though the rest of the series were given to me for free, I couldn't bring myself to pick up another one.
But the adult series is better, yes?

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