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Daniel Kemp I have been told by many people that in order to write a 'good' book you need to have tried your hand before and, it's been implied, that the more times you have had a go to achieve that allusive well read book; the better your work will be.
I wrote my first novel, The Desolate Garden, at the age of sixty-two, and although it's probably not the finest literary contribution an Englishman has made to the written world, it is good enough to be made into a film. Age, I will argue, gives experience of life and some insight into those who make up life; people.
As a story is based principally on people, does it then follow that an experienced life can more than make up for an inexperienced one of penmanship?

Salome This is a book that I thouroughly enjoyed reading. Its an espionage and intrigue story that holds you till the end It is beautifully told with lots of wit and vivid descriptions and the characters are well set into the story. Its a Great Book.

Daniel Kemp Thank you Salome, that's extremely kind of you.

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