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message 1: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle Jonathan kindly invited me to take a quiz he made which got me thinking...

Make a quiz and test your fellow group members either on a particular novel or general questions for a classic geek.

Post your quiz here and we will take it and see how well we do...

message 3: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Terrington (thewritestuff) | 408 comments Great idea Nicolle, I'm taking that quiz right now!
I'll make my own later!

message 4: by John (new)

John Garner (jdgarner68) | 82 comments Here's one I made on Oliver Twist:

message 5: by John (new)

John Garner (jdgarner68) | 82 comments Nicolle wrote: "Here is my quiz:"

I liked your quiz, but I totally BOMBED.

message 6: by John (last edited Jun 12, 2013 05:17PM) (new)

John Garner (jdgarner68) | 82 comments Here's two more quizzes of mine. The first is on Pulitzer Prize winning books of recent years:

The second is on Brother Cadfael, the monk sleuth of Ellis Peters' medieval mysteries:

Hope you enjoy.

message 7: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle Just did your Pulitzer Prize one. Failed dismally!

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I did not make this, but found it so entertaining (though I failed miserably XD) that I had to share.

message 9: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle That is a good one! Got four. The only one I knew I was right was the portrait of a lady, also got the Jude one but couldn't remember the author!

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