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Woman was made to complement man and not to be used as a tool of his pleasure. What do you think about this?Is this happening today ?
Meryl Meryl Oct 12, 2012 09:19PM
I really think that the modern society is plagued by male dominance. Women should also be given their space to create impacts on the society.

I agree that woman that shouldn't be tools of pleasure, but I don't agree that they were made to complement men, they were created to be them selves, and if they like they can share time with there special someone.

I am quite disturbed that these beliefs and customs are still being practiced and lived out daily in this "modern age". I am so glad that there is a open "channel" to educate the world about male domination, female circumcision, and the torments that so many women in the world live with today! I feel that many of the passages in this book show the relation between the Koran and The Bible, when The Princess Sultana talks about "their God" etc. But The Koran seems to be twisted to suit male lust and control over females; and male arrogance.
More than ever, I am glad to be an American Woman, who Loves and believes God.

Meryl wrote: "I really think that the modern society is plagued by male dominance. Women should also be given their space to create impacts on the society." I have to say: these poor females need much more than "space" to create... They safe passage to live, and to voice their minds!!!

This happens worldwide and is well hidden for the most part. Some places are far worse than others. Though I do think things are slowly changing and hopefully continue to do so. Women are not here for a mans pleasure only, as men are not for women's.

I agree with the fact that woman aren't made to be tools of pleasure for men!! It's very sad knowing that this act is still practiced in different parts of the world. Also many poor countries face this problem everyday and aren't able to talk about it.

This book provoked me to the extent that I couldn’t help but to write my opinion about it and its author as Muslim girl and a middle eastern. “Princess” is a book that allegedly reveals a true story of a real Saudi princess, which was given the name of Sultana to protect her from the consequences of publishing this book, yet the author reveals every small detail of her life to her precise relation to the king of Saudi (Abdulaziz) which makes it very easy to figure out who she was, if she was actually real. It is not the author’s place as Christian American to talk about the Middle East or Islam. For us Arabs, all we know about America is what we see in movies, all girls are (sorry to use the word) whores, men are drunks and drug addicts, black people are troublemakers and criminals, but we cannot generalize this to all americanm yet the author was generalizing on all Saudi men and Muslims, which in American is considered stereotyping and racisms. The amount of exaggeration in some details given cannot be believed by any sane person reading this book ex; when she was four years old she thought her brother was god because he was controlling them, how can a 4 year old know that god controls people’s fate and actions?. Ex2; having 4 villas that look exactly the same with the same furniture and even the same clothes they wear, if they wear that rich and the father doesn’t notice girls how would he notice what clothes they were wearing when he had so many children? Please respect our minds! The way the author was presenting the Islamic beliefs in a tone of innocence of the young princess to make the reader feel the cruelty of the Islamic judgment. The incident of the 8 year old Egyptian girl who was raped by the “mutawa” with the help of her brother Ali who she portrayed him as pure evil, let’s assume that the mutawa actually married the girl with the approval of her parents, why would he let his friend inside while he is intimate with her although it is forbidden in Islam for a girl to be exposed infront of men? After all he is a man of religion and even though some are sometimes deceitful in applying Islamic law, but what is clearly forbidden they will not do. In page 159 the Auhtor stated that Nura was circumcised at the age of 12 m yet in the same page the author said that when Nura became a woman her mother arranged for her circumcision and she was 14! For an instant I thought to myself why is it that every big story that happened in Saudi was somehow related to this girl, either a relative or a relative’s friend? From what the author had shown, the princess herself was a rebel and a troublemaker since most of the characters actually lived a peaceful life. So many errors and wrong image given about Islam and Saudi in this book, and the author chose the Middle East to insure her fast ticket to fame and where else she’ll find that except the most controversial place on earth? As an American instead of adopting the stories of the middle east she should’ve adopted the story of Americans: the homeless people who literally live in the streets, people who die in the US because healthcare is not free or available to the less fortunate, the innocent US soldiers that are been sent to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq and leaving their families behind and brainwashing them to think they are protecting their country which is not the case at all, and last but not least “The Amish” –google if you don’t know them-.

P.S: I finished reading the book just to have a clear idea about my review(less)

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Women and men complement each other but this is not happening these days . Men are arrogant because they are strong and controlling the society. Both Arabs and Westerners didn't give the woman her true value and rights.

with THAT being said: I would LOVE to meet and talk with the Author, or even Princess Sultana!!!, I thoroughly am enjoying her books!

Jean Sasson Hi, this is Jean Sasson, the author of the PRINCESS books. Please feel free to drop me a note anytime!
Feb 19, 2014 09:03PM

i totally agree that women shouldn't be used as tools for mens' pleasure. The answer for your question Meryl, i think it's happening today also. Men shouldn't be insensitive about women.

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