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*SPOILERS* Back in time, CONFUSED!?!

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Nicola Ok, i'm teribly confused!! When the tiger team went back in time to kill Lokesh it was before he cursed Ren right?? If so wouldn't that mean he never cursed Ren and Kishan in the first place? so they would have lived a happy normal life in ancient India and they would have never met Kelsey?? So would that mean there is another Kelsey running around Oregon??? I don't but i'm really confused right know, anyone know an answer?????

Caitlin Because the present day Lokesh existed there and he still cursed Ren and Kishan. His existance any where in time as long as he is not dead.

I don't think there would be another Kelsey running around Often when Lokesh was sent back in time there wasn't another one of him running around.

I thought this was before Ren and Kishan were born......

Does that help at all?

Nicola Ahh i think so, i can never understand time travel!! way too confusing!

Caitlin : ) I've always liked time travel.

Nicola Yeah it would be cool to time travel, but i would probably do something like in Back to the future!!

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Caitlin I would do something like in Ruby Red

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