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message 1: by Joelle (new)

Joelle (joelle_casteel) | 5 comments -if there is a better group to ask this on, please let me know-
I've noticed that some authors in the author's program have the link to their writing on their author's profile, while others don't. I'm wondering what goes into making the choice to share writing or not.

message 2: by Patrick, Product Manager (new)

Patrick Brown | 276 comments Mod
I would be curious to hear why some authors don't post their writing. I can certainly understand wanting to keep an unfinished project private until it's ready for prime time, so to speak. But I do think that posting teasers of upcoming novels is a great way to generate some buzz.

One author who does this is Syliva Day:

She posts teasers of her upcoming novels. Currently 10+ pages of comments on that.

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