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message 1: by Margo (new)

Margo (maothrockmorton) | 1 comments Mod
Welcome to the group! Jay and R.J. will be answering questions on Tuesday, October 23, 2012. In the meantime if you have a question for them or just want to introduce yourself feel free to do so in this thread.

message 2: by Posy (new)

Posy Mendoza (spotfidogmailcom) | 1 comments I am a school librarian. Will you discuss the role of bullying in various cultures. Is bullying more acceptable, more problematic in one culture vs another?
What about contrasting manifestation and impact in one economic strata vs another? Can reading play a role in the diffusion and diminishment of bullying?

message 3: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne (smsrogers) Hello! I am a sixth grade teacher, and my students have been studying the evolution of bullying. We would love to get your perspective on how bullying has changed over the years, particularly with the advent of social media.

message 4: by Erika (new)

Erika | 1 comments Aloha, I work with fourth graders with "emotional disturbance" and we struggle with many issues of bullying. I want to know more about your book and if there are any valuable resources I can use in the classroom. I have searched the internet and have not found many age appropriate places...Thanks :)

message 5: by Dion (new)

Dion (my_booklove) | 7 comments Hi! I'm a student in year 9 and I just wanted to know of give been bullied and if that inspired you? I'm a young writer and I've been bullied and witnessed bullying but I also want to point out that bullying isn't just the 'bully' who starts it but everyone else. I'm a girl and there's quite a lot of 'bitching' that takes place but some of it is actual facts that are just negative. And what happens when you dislike the person? I try not to make comments but I'm not always friendly and sometimes you can't help what you feel! I try not to be mean and wouldn't count myself as a bully, but I'm not perfect and I don't think that there should be an expectation for me to be.

message 6: by Gabrielle (new)

Gabrielle (gabshi) Hi I'm Gabrielle. =)
I love to read & write. I loved Wonder and Thirteen reasons why. Amazing, thoughtful books that both connet to me in at least one tiny way or another. ;)

message 7: by Roger (new)

Roger (nunclet) | 1 comments Heh, Chlo - I think your very perceptive. It is very easy to judge others but much harder to attempt to understand. As you recognise, all of us make mistakes and sometimes don't behave as well as we might or should. I would like to see more attention on what makes some people 'bully' as I believe that (as much as I am not excusing bullying and I empathise with its victims) when we focus just on the victim and the act, which we tend to do - then we are just looking at symptoms, not at causes. And, to me, it is the cause we need to discover if we are ever going to be able to discover how to stop it.

And no, no one is perfect Chlo but we can try to get within spitting distance of it (!), if you know what I mean ... and I think you do because you are living it - that is, recognising and being aware of our own failings and working on eliminating them, but realistically, not expecting that we can be 'perfect', simply that we can try to reduce being 'imperfect' when that hurts others.

Thank you for your comment - it is wonderful to see so much wisdom coming from youth.

message 8: by Gabrielle (new)

Gabrielle (gabshi) I'm a student and I have been bullied. Mostly by random peers but also by my closest friends. I know how difficult bullying can be and how it affects someone. I know what it feels like to think that no one cares about you. I'm hoping that someday my differences will bless me some day, like August in Wonder, and it will all make sense. Someday.

message 9: by Dena (new)

Dena (bookwormdena) What led to writing The Future of Us?

message 10: by Astra (new)

Astra Hello, I'm Astra. Could you please tell me how to publish a book?

message 11: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan | 1 comments Hello! I am a student at Metro State University of Denver. In my Young Adult Literature class we have read and discussed Wonder and Thirteen Reasons Why. What struck me is the crossover nature in both novels, appealing to young adults as well as college students and professors. Was this intentional by both of you or a welcome side effect from your writing styles/content? How has this changed the way you prepare for your next novel, is this crossover novel idea in your mind?

message 12: by Jasveen (new)

Jasveen (jasveenk) | 1 comments Hello,
I am Jasveen, and I'm a 16 year old girl who dreams to become an author. I have a question about The Future of Us, for Mr.Asher. Why did you choose not to reveal the disk's origin? Was it to avoid a sci-fi/ supernatural element?

message 13: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (kyleofbooks) | 2 comments Hello, Mr. Asher! My name is Kyle, and I am a 24-year-old with a degree in Professional Writing. My response is in regards to 'Thirteen Reasons Why': I read this book recently after years of recommendations from friends and Finally, I picked it up in Grand Central Terminal and digested it thoroughly on the train ride home. It's safe to say that this book has changed me for the better. You have inspired me to take notice more carefully of others around me, and how each individual action, conversation, rumor, affects the lives of those in my small, social world. I, too, struggle(d) with similar issues to those of Hannah, and it was only through the people around me that I got the help I needed. My question is: How does it feel knowing you've significantly impacted, changed, and in some cases, SAVED the lives of so many young people with your debut novel? (I cannot thank you enough for that).

message 14: by Orinthia (last edited Oct 13, 2012 12:21AM) (new)

Orinthia Lee (orinthia_lee) Hello, I'm a writer. I've read Wonder and it was so inspiring. I've been bullied while I was in highschool, just because I'm a little bit different than the others and it made me could feel how bad August must feel with his face. I really am not sure what to ask but I just wondering if you were bullied before? Because you seem really understand August's feelings (and also the other characters there). If not, can you share to us what did you do to manage his feelings?

I hope you can understand what I said. English isn't my first language :">

PS. I'm currently reading Thirteen Reasons Why and I'm sure I will learn some good things in it! <3

HURRAH! Unbalance Bean Mr. Wiggles (awesomesocks) Hey I'm a student book worm! I read therteen reasons why and after "Anna Dressed in Blood" and "To Kill a Mocking Bird" I will read Wonder!

Go Nerds!

HURRAH! Unbalance Bean Mr. Wiggles (awesomesocks) I Loved "Thereteen Reasons Why" it makes me really think how little things can help or hurt a person! Thank you for making this book! I think it should be a required High School book, keep on writing!

message 17: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Krasteva | 1 comments Hello! My name is Terry and I am 15 years old. I've read "Thirteen Reasons Why" and I loved it! I have a friend who wanted to commit a suicide but I stoped her and I really understood what you wanted to say by writing the book. I wish Clay could've stoped Hannah. My questions are to Mr. Asher. How did you come up with all the thirteen reasons for Hannah's suicide? Have you ever known anyone who killed himself? I think it was a great book and I honestly think that it might've saved lives!

HURRAH! Unbalance Bean Mr. Wiggles (awesomesocks) Terry wrote: "Hello! My name is Terry and I am 15 years old. I've read "Thirteen Reasons Why" and I loved it! I have a friend who wanted to commit a suicide but I stoped her and I really understood what you want..."

I'm Lauren I read therteen reasons why to, and in the cover of it it talked about all the kids who where gonna have the same fate as Hannah or knew someone who were but read this book and stopped just thought you should know that it did save lives

message 19: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Wray Hi Jay. My name is Melissa and I am curious how the idea came about for your latest book. I believe there are pivitol moments in our lives that take place and impact greatly on our future. I like the sound of how your story explores the decisions made now that affect the characters future lives.

message 20: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vicnamese) Hello authors! I've read 13 Reasons Why and The Future of Us and am planning to read Wonder. I was wondering if you have a deeper view on how individual trivial acts of bullying or teasing can add up to deeply affect a teenager or an adult to take drastic action. :)

message 21: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (lindsayjane98) Hi my name is Lindsay I'm fourteen and I read thirteen reasons why and I have three different friends who have either tried or threatened to commit suicide and i've been the only one who can stop them and because of this, I have also felt like them,so I know exactly how all the little things in someones life can all merge together and make them commit suicide and I just wanted to know how you got all the facts when writing this book because they are exactly right?? :) xx

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello, Mr. Asher. My name Is Eva, I'm a fan of your book 13 Reasons Why. I really enjoyed the book because it gave a lot of insight into how a suicidal girl thinks and the things to look for in a suicidal person. I just wanted to thank you for your book, because you helped a lot of people understand a very real, personal problem for a lot of people.

message 23: by Thea (new)

Thea | 1 comments Hello! My name is Thea and I'm a teenager with hopes of becoming an author one day. I have read both Thirteen Reasons Why (one of my favourite books), and The Future of Us. I loved both of them. So, Jay Asher, I'm curious as to how you went about writing these books, particularly Thirteen Reasons Why? How did you formulate ideas and characters and chapters? Where do you come up with new novel ideas? And how do you stay motivated when you're writing a novel? Thanks so much for your time, and I just want to let you know how fantastic of a writer I think you are.

message 24: by Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (last edited Oct 13, 2012 02:11AM) (new)

Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Hello, Mr. Asher. My name is Sadiya and I read your book 13 Reasons Why. As a reader, it is hard for me to pick one favorite book. But 13 Reasons Why is a book that has touched my heart and remains close to it to this very day. There are very few books like that today. I wanted to ask what is you reaction to getting so many positive reviews and affecting so many people through your your writing? Were you shocked?

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment (and hopefully answering it!) Good luck with your next book. =)

Freefallen ~ YA Reviewer (Freefallen) | 2 comments Hello to you both! I'm Katie, and I'm an aspiring author.
Jay - what was it like collaborating on a book? Was it difficult to agree on things? Do you have any ideas brewing for a maybe-sequel? And what are your thoughts on the '13 Reasons Why' movie?
R.J. - 'Wonder' is one of the best books I've ever read! Do you have any more upcoming books in the works?
And would both of you like to see your books become film adaptions?

Sorry so many questions! I hope you can reply, I really respect you both! Thankyou x

message 26: by Dana (new)

Dana | 1 comments Hi RJ - I am a parent of 2 younger kids. My brother was bullied because of a facial deformity that affected him until surgery in 8th grade. I wanted to know if your book came from life experiences?

message 27: by Steph (new)

Steph Bennett (stephelaine) | 1 comments Hi, my question is for Jay Asher.
I wanted to know your thoughts on turning Thirteen Reasons Why being turned into a movie and if Selena Gomez would have been your actress of choice to play Hannah? (:

message 28: by Karen (new)

Karen Bessin | 1 comments I teach Language Arts to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. I have read and loved all three of these books in the past year. The Future of Us is currently on order for the school's book room, Thirteen Reasons Why is the most popular book in my 7th grade class--it keeps getting passed from student to student as they read it. Some are reading it with groups of friends so they can discuss their ideas as they read. Wonder is next up for a class read-aloud. Needless to say, I was thrilled to find this discussion board!

My question is this--what advice would you have for middle school students today? I am interested both in advice for how to thrive in these challenging years and advice for my students as aspiring writers themselves.

Thank you so much!

message 29: by Simran (new)

Simran (sidneyiam) | 1 comments Hey! My question is for Jay Asher. What inspired you to write 13 reasons why?

message 30: by Bee (new)

Bee (nbeewrites) Hey! My name is Bieke, I am 22 years old and from Belgium. I absolutely loved Thirteen reasons why and I have yet to read Wonder. I love to write and I wonder if either one of you could give me soms tips. I want to publish a book one day, so tips could be usefull. I still learn everyday.

message 31: by Aubrey (new)

Aubrey Arnold | 1 comments Hi! My question is for Jay. What inspiration was behind Thirteen Reasons Why? And is there some special meaning behind the story that we're not getting, besides the obvious?

message 32: by Marcy (new)

Marcy | 1 comments R.J., I am currently reading Wonder to fifth graders. It is a beautiful story that is so appealing to the students, that four of them have bought the book to read at home! Thank goodness schools are beginning to look at "bullying" and begin programs to try and stop it from happening. I wanted you to know that students continue to have so many text-to-self connections. All of the students know a "Julian" who acts one way in front of adults, and another with peers. Those are the kids we need to target. THANK YOU for a WONDERous story!

message 33: by Carol (new)

Carol Moore Kollar | 1 comments I wondered about your motivation to write Wonder and if this was personal to you or your family.

message 34: by Pindari (last edited Oct 13, 2012 05:05AM) (new)

Pindari N.     (pindarin) | 1 comments I guess everyone else has asked all my questions, but I just want to say thank you for writing 13 Reasons Why. Usually I don't read realistic fiction, but that book just drew me in and wouldn't let go till the end. Thanks A Lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 35: by sogeekychick (new)

sogeekychick (geek4ever) | 1 comments i have a few questions for Mr.asher :):
i read this book half a year ago but i still find myself thinking bout it now i would like to know if you ever thought how long did it take for Clay to get over Hanna's death and if he ever did got over it?for example when he goes to college ,has it still effects him ?was his love life damaged?
why did you decide that hanna's story should be on tape?
i would really like to know what happens in Clay's future

this book changed my view on suicide all together and was the first book that i cried at the end
thank you so much ,
a true fan
yours ilanit ♥

message 36: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Parsons | 1 comments I'm Taylor, a freshman and I've read 13RW, but just thinking about it, how do people deal with facial deformities and other stuff like that? And where did you get the idea for The Future of Us? It's so cool to have opportunities like this to talk to authors about their books.

message 37: by Michaela Murphy (new)

Michaela Murphy | 1 comments Hi, I'm Michaela, and I teach fifth grade. I am reading Wonder aloud to my class right now and they LOVE it. We all love how well RJ seems to get how kids think, but we noticed that a lot of the "boy-girl" stuff doesn't happen with fifth graders- more of a sixth grade thing, at least at my school. My question is, how do you think living in an urban setting increases or decreases the pressure to conform and be "normal"? Are kids more accepting in different environments?

And most importantly, the kids are DYING to know why there is not a chapter from Julian's perspective. To quote them, "Like the others, he can't be ALL bad." They want to know his story. As a teacher, I think I am going to have them write it.

message 38: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Myers | 1 comments I am a seventh grade literacy teacher in Maine. Your main character's disfigurement in Wonder is very visual. I'm wondering what you think about the perception of children who do not have such outward scars such as poverty, home abuse, or mental disabilities. I wonder if you believe we are allowing our children the necessary opportunities to really get to know each other, so that they can learn how to become more empathetic and feel that they can trust one another, even under their most vulnerable circumstances?

message 39: by Corina (new)

Corina If you would have know Amanda Todd, the 15 year girl who commited suicide after being constantly cyber bullied, what would you have said to her?

message 40: by Aira (new)

Aira Irish | 1 comments Hi! I'm Aira, I'm an aspiring writer. Just wanna ask some few questions...

From all your written works which one has an impact on you and why?

When writing a story, how do you start writing? do you need an inspiration to write or just an impulse?

Thank you... =)

message 41: by Kristin (new)

Kristin (kcasale78) Hi this question is for R.J. Palacio. I'm a a children's librarian, and I was curious about your approach in describing how Augie looked. You gave some small descriptions about his appearance, but for the most part it was fairly vague. Was this deliberate so as not to concentrate on his appearance, but rather who he was as a person? thanks!

message 42: by Ali (new)

Ali Isaac (aliisaac) | 1 comments Hello, I would like to ask RJ Palacio what inspired you to write Wonder? I have a daughter with a rare syndrome; one of the features is facial disfigurement, which is why I was initially drawn to this book. I am in the middle of writing about our experiences, and wonder if you have any tips for writing this kind of work? Thank you.

The Romance Bookie (theromancebookie) | 1 comments Hello!
I read "Thirteen Reasons Why" last year and absolutely loved it! It broke my heart over and over again as I listened to the tapes on youtube, and read the book chapter by chapter. I even told my friends about and got a couple of them to read it (and they don't read usually!!) (they loved it btw, if you're wondering!).

Anyway, I've honestly been DYING to know...I'm sorry if someone else has already asked this,
but please tell us...Will there be a movie eventually?? Possibly next year??...
I know it was in talks to be made into one, and last December they were talking that it would be released early 2013, I'm guessing that is not happening anyway, since we haven't heard any news feed about it. So will it still be happening soon? :)

message 44: by Tasnuva (new)

Tasnuva | 1 comments Hi Mr. Asher. My name is Tasnuva and I have read your book "13 reasons why," and I absolutely loved it. Since I was bullied during my high school days, I understood what Hannah went through. But what I want to ask is that was suicide the best option for Hannah? Don't you think it sends the wrong message for people who are being bullied? Wouldn't it have been better if Hannah stood up for herself with or without Clay's help?

message 45: by Annie (new)

Annie | 1 comments Hi I am a student in 8th grade and I am curious what made you start writing and what did you start writing about to write these amazing novels? I have read Thirteen Reasons Why and still waiting for both Wonder and the Future Of Us and read a lot. I have tried writing a good story but ultimately fail each time. I have recently started writing FanFictions based of other Authors writing style and they have succeeded but I feel slightly fake doing that. How do you find yourself a unique succesful style of writing?

message 46: by Mara (last edited Oct 13, 2012 08:27AM) (new)

Mara (diedylandie) | 1 comments Hi! My name's Mara, and I'm in eighth grade, too! I've read The Future Of Us and Thirteen Reasons Why, and I'll definitely add Wonder to my to-read list. I absolutely ADORED both of those! I was just wondering....How come at the end of The Future Of Us you didn't elaborate on the subject of Kellan's pregnancy? My best friend and I really want to know! And we're also wondering if Emma and Josh end up together or what? One more question......ARE YOU GOING TO WRITE A SEQUEL!? :D

message 47: by Christa (new)

Christa | 1 comments Jay Asher-I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! I have read 13 reasons why and future of us. BEST BOOKS EVA!! Will you make any more books like that? Also, what happenedwith Kellans pregnancy? Like is she really going to have a baby or was that Emma imagination? THANKS!

message 48: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Beaulieu | 1 comments Hi there! I've recently read The Future of Us and my question is, will you be writing a sequel to that novel, if not then do Josh and Emma end up together in the end, by your imagination that is? Thanks so much!

message 49: by Gian (new)

Gian Ferrer (belgiangwaffles) Hello! :) My name's Gian, were there people in your lives that inspired you to write those stories? What's their story? Thank you so much! ^^

message 50: by Anabelle (new)

Anabelle | 1 comments R.J Palacio- Will you make a sequel to "Wonder"?

Jay Asher- What inspired you to write "The Future of Us"?

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