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The End of "The Last Olympian"

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Asher Freidberg Do you think that the end of "The Last Olympian" should have been the end? Or having "The Lost Hero" and "The Son of Neptune" continue it?

Avani I think The Last Olympian was a good ending for that chapter of Camp Half-Blood. I'm glad he continued the demigod world with The Heroes of Olympus series, and it's interesting to see how he incorporated the Roman gods too.

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I thought that "The Last Olympian" was the perfect ending to the final series and I thought that Riordan started the next series at the perfect time. It was very interesting to see more of the demigod world so I liked the next series a lot, even though it was unfortunately not as funny as the first series.

Briana I don't know, I kinda love how he tied in that last prophesy to the next series. I had trouble at first turning all of the Greek Mythology to the Roman Mythology.I like how he continued it all though and you know the next books are just going to pull, even facts from Percy Jackson series, to this one and I am super psyched for The Mark of Athena.

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