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Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles, #1)
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AiZ - Week One > How about those zombies?

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Sue "DavinciKittie" Brown-Moore (davincikittie) | 119 comments Mod
The zombies in AiZ aren't your typical brain-eating, flesh-nomming, senseless shambling automotons. They're scary and fast and focused. What do you think about the difference between Gena's zombies and the typical pop culture standard? Which version do you prefer? What aspect of Gena's zombies scares you the most?

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A (amb86) | 200 comments Mod
I like the difference she has spoken of so far. I hate when things just follow along with the popular ideas. It makes if difficult to keep reading along. So far the idea is refreshing of what they are. I like that you have to be careful they aren't just mindless creatures. I think the part that scares me the most is that not everyone can see them. The unknown factors always scares me.

Dawn | 10 comments More modern, aggressive, everyone can't see them zombies! I like it!

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A (amb86) | 200 comments Mod
These zombies actually make me go "yes kill the all!". There are times when I feel sympathy for zombies (don't judge me), but not here. I also feel it gives more to the back story behind them of what we are learning. It makes me wish this was more commonly thought because the whole Ooo brains drag feet and walk theory is kind of old. There is depth to them in a way which is interesting.

Sue "DavinciKittie" Brown-Moore (davincikittie) | 119 comments Mod
The fact that they can move fast and are strong is scary. And not being able to see them? Ick *shudders*!

Dawn | 10 comments Two words; Land Sharks O.o

Sue "DavinciKittie" Brown-Moore (davincikittie) | 119 comments Mod
Dawn wrote: "Two words; Land Sharks O.o"
ooo good one!!

Sarah (austinbooklover) | 44 comments I have to agree Dawn, that is what they feel like to me. I have zero sympathy this time around. They are malicious and focused.

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