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Kristyn (kristyn007) I am way more excited about reading this again. I read it for the first time in junior high and again in high school. I cannot remember for the life of me what happens in it so it will be like the first time!

Catherine Crook I am excited too! This will be my first time! I read the back of the book, and it reminds me of... DON'T LAUGH... that murder mystery dinner weekend on Saved by the Bell. LOL, we need to have a dinner like that for this book dinner!!! Just saying...

Amanda I have never read this one before so I am excited also!! I love that murder mystery dinner tie in!! Skype me in you you have a dinner!!

Kristyn (kristyn007) is there not a place that does one of these around here for Halloween? We need to look into it. It would be super fun!

Catherine Crook We shall Skype you in! :-)

Jennifer  | 285 comments There is no way that I am going to be able to wait until October 1st to start this book. I am dying to read this book.

Catherine Crook Start! I think Kristyn was done with Lord of the Flies before we were supposed to start, lol.

Jennifer  | 285 comments I have been trying to be disciplined but is difficult when I have to walk past the book several times a day. lol.

Kristyn (kristyn007) Almost but not quite. I decided with this one I was going to wait. I actually picked it up and read a chapter and havnt touched it since

Jennifer  | 285 comments Well maybe I will distract myself with something by Daphne DuMaurier or Jane Austen until it's time to start reading.

Kristyn (kristyn007) You can start. I'll probably start this weekend. I'm scared that one day I'm gonna come across a book that is really hat for me to get into and if I don't start early I won't get it read.

Amanda Well I gave in ... and started it one day early. And now I just finished it. I have to say thank god for the "note" at the end because I had no idea "who done it".

Kristyn (kristyn007) I have been trying so hard to remember and I can't!

Jennifer  | 285 comments I haven't started it. Was it good?

Jennifer  | 285 comments Disregard my last comment, I just saw your five star rating. I have been reviewing the list again and there are so many good books included. Thankfully I have already had my turn at picking. Hard decisions.

Kristyn (kristyn007) I agree. Just reading through I had some that I really wanted to read for years but then I went through and read what each one was about and there are so many that I had never really heard of and they sound really good too.

Catherine Crook Oh man Amanda, that makes me excited to start it!!!

Jennifer  | 285 comments So frustrating. I have finally just managed to crack open this book and read chapter one. I wish that I could ignore reality and do nothing but read today. Agatha Christie manages to grab the reader from the very beginning.

Kristyn (kristyn007) I am reading this and really liking it but I am NOT liking the N word being used in it. Also did not know that the original name of this book was not And Then There Were None But was originally named Ten Little N*ggers! The name was changed in the early 80's. for Catherine who hasn't read any yet I will try not to give anything away but in the book they use the word Indians instead. Was this changed in the book too? And to have the guests just so casually say as they read the poem "oh how quant" if it was then n word doesn't sit we'll with me!

Kristyn (kristyn007) But I guess though like me and Catherine was just talking and it's not like any of her characters are showing any signs of racism. You can just clearly tell it was written in a time where the usage of the word was normal. It still makes me uncomfortable every time I come across it.

Amanda Kristyn, one of the things you have to remember when reading books that come from a different time is that you can't view them from our modern outlook. On top of that it is an English book and the word didn't develop the same socio-political connotations as it did over here. If you look up the book was never published in America under that title, it was called "Ten little Indians". I assume that yes almost everytime we see the word Indian assume that it was subbed from the original.

A lot of the books on this list were written in a different age. Best to appreciate their strengths and not get consumed with aspects that we have moved past.

Jennifer  | 285 comments I have not come across the use of that word yet. I did look up the poem Ten Little Soldiers online and discovered that the word soldiers later substituted the word "Indian" which had substituted the N word. As for Agatha Christie's book, I have not come across the N word yet. Perhaps I am not far enough in.

Kristyn (kristyn007) I think it has only said it twice. But I am wondering if the title was something else if the book didn't used to have it more in it. Like maybe someone went through and changed it to Indian through out the book. I am really into it though. I have read this book before and I have no memory of the ending. I have a suspicion just from reading of who it is but that's it. I started it this morning and I am liking it so much I will probably be finished tonight.

Kristyn (kristyn007) Did anyone else pick up the reference to Lizzy Borden thrown in there? What I like about this book is that it explores every one. The judge makes an excellent character cause when he goes over why any one of them can be the killer you feel like you are siting in a courtroom and you really start to think and wonder which one has the greatest evidence stacked against them. I keep changing my suspicions every chapter. Usually I have a bad guy pegged from the beginning.

Kristyn (kristyn007) I finished it and loved it! Also read a review where someone said that the most update copy doesn't say Indian either. (Since that term is politically incorrect as well) their copy had soldier boys in it. It's amazing to me the lengths of changes this book has went through as to not offend anyone. Could you imagine if all books were censored and changed as not to offend? Not saying the original content was okay in anyway considering that Indian island wasn't even called that. (Can you imagine wanting to go visit a place called "N" island)? it's not just the content of this book that has caught my attention but the whole history of it. It kinda reminds me of 1984 when they changed all of the books and here was one that was done for real!

Jennifer  | 285 comments Well I finally had a chance to read this wonderfully entertaining book. I loved it. It was such a great selection. Kristyn, I did notice the reference to Lizzy Borden. My copy of the book did not make reference to either the "N" word or "Indians", but used the word "natives" and "soldiers" instead. I will comment more on this later when everyone has read the book. I am proud to say that while I didn't know who the actual murderer was until the very end, I did have the mystery partly solved before then.

Jennifer  | 285 comments hey everyone, does this plot sound familiar?

Kristyn (kristyn007) It does! I wanna read it just to compare! I think I'll get it now and start!

Kristyn (kristyn007) I started reading the reviews and everyone who didn't like it said it was because it was so much like and then there were none. I'm guessing it is supposed to be made like a modern day YA retelling of it? The people who lived it and thought the plot twists were amazing and the twist at the end a shocker are the ones who have never read Christies version. I still want to read it.

Jennifer  | 285 comments I have added it to my list too. I am not sure when I will start it though. So many books, so little time. How is the children's read coming along?

Jennifer  | 285 comments Kristyn, I saw that you read Ten already. LOL. I checked our library and numerous people have placed the book on hold. I am considering running out to the bookstore. From your rating, it looks as if the author did a good job.

Kristyn (kristyn007) I got the ebook as soon as I read wht it was about. I did like it even though it was a lot like this book. It was modern day and teenagers instead of adults but it was pretty good. Even though I pretty much knew what was going to happen I still was on the edge of my seat reading.

Jennifer  | 285 comments I found it interesting that Christie chose a modern home to be the setting for these murders. I think that she may have done that to add to the air of unreality that the house guests find themselves in. Was wondering if that struck anyone else as an interesting choice?

Kristyn (kristyn007) I do remember it kept making a point to say that the house was modern several times like everything was so hard to believe because of the modern house. I want to say I remember one of the characters saying that the modernness made it even more creepy. No dark shadows, everything was lit up and cheerful. When I was reading Ten I was actually thinking about that. They had lights, tV, some gaming system, and Internet. I remember thinking, now that's modern.

Catherine Crook You guys (or gals!) can discuss the book. I am an epic failure and have been working like ccrazy this week. I am off this week and plan to finish it then. And I am setting a minimum to read each day to get through Dracula in a timely fashion. :-)

Jennifer  | 285 comments Catherine,

When you do have more time on your hands, this is a really fun read. I can't imagine anyone not liking it. I am so frustrated, I have misplaced the Dracula book that I recently purchased.

Kristyn (kristyn007) That sucks that you misplaced it. The apple store had it for free since it is a classic so I got it through there along with great expectations. I am going to have to buy one flew over the cuckoos nest though. I buy all of mine as ebooks. I am really excited about reading Dracula. I am worried that it will be a let down because I have always wanted to read it.
Catherine, don't give up! We have a very important book coming out at the end of this month so you have to have these books done by then! That is your motivation!

Jennifer  | 285 comments I actually found my copy of Dracula. I am so far behind the times in terms of technology. I still don't have an e-reader and it has been almost a year since I purchased my IPOD and I haven't taken the time to figure out how to use it. LOL. I will probably begin reading Dracula a little closer to Halloween as I am still reading Anna Karenina. I know it is early, but do we know is selecting the December read?

Kristyn (kristyn007) Ill have to ask Catherine but I am on this huge mystery kick now that I have read Christie. I read Ten and now I am reading through a lot of Mary Higgins Clark books. I have not read mystery books in many years. I really want to read The Hound of Baskervilles now. Plus the new show Elementary is really good and I just really have been aching to read it. What do you guys think about that as a December read?

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Jennifer  | 285 comments Kristyn,

I love mysteries too. I think that I have read all of the Mary Higgins Clark books except for her short stories and her latest novel. There are several good mysteries on the list and I am up for any of them, including the Hound of the Baskervilles. I haven't had cable for a year, so I haven't seen the new show Elementary, but I am gathering that it is based on a book or series?

Catherine Crook Mystery sounds GREAT! I vote Hounds of Baskerville for December! I am super excited that my series now ended with. 5 books, and the characters came back with a mystery series! I adore mysteries. What other book for December? Ps- I am almost done with And then there were none, and I am hopping straight into Dracula so I can be ready for the release of Iced!

Amanda Sounds good to me! Elementary is a Sherlock Holmes based show Jennifer.

Catherine Crook Ok. So I finished it. And I loved it! I am still adjusting to the different writing styles of these older books, but I have never been so unsure of the outcome or villian. I disliked all the characters, lol. But, I found it interesting the different ways these people had "killed" someone. Kind of makes you think about small actions and what kind of outcome can come from them. I love mysteries, and this was by far one of my favorites. Up there with Sherlock. :-) I am on to Dracula, and I can see y'all read quicker than me. But, I am up for it. I have to finish this book by the 30th, right Kristyn!

Kristyn (kristyn007) It's funny in my earlier comment that I liked the judge. Should've known I would like the person that ended up doing it all!! Haha. I am slowly working through Dracula. I have to say I am not liking it as much as I thought I would have.

Alana (alanasbooks) | 1189 comments Mod
I just read this last weekend. I found the comments interesting: I did not realize the original title was "Ten Little N*", but I did know it had been published as "Ten Little Indians." That didn't offend me and the audio version I listened to use "Indian," but the paper version I had used "soldiers." Interesting. Frankly, I think we should leave books alone and the way they were originally published or I think you lose some of the character of the time, but considering the timeless way in which this one was written, updating it would probably be ok with Ms. Christie.

I listened to it all day while giving my house a thorough cleaning and now that I'm here by myself, it was a little creepy trying to fall asleep that night!

Kristyn (kristyn007) I really liked it and afterwards I read a young adult book called Ten that was so much like it! I've actually read this book so many times when I was in junior high and high school and I don't think I remember it having the n word.

Renee I just finished this one tonight and I absolutely loved it! I had no idea who the murderer was and the note at the end was a complete surprise! I also liked the judge and was very surprised that he was able to fake his death like that and get rid of Armstrong before anyone was any the wiser! I love Christie, but this has got to be my favourite so far!

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