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Why is Twilight soo popular with teens and mothers? (I'm doing a college presentation) Please share and comment!
MariaFernanda MariaFernanda Sep 22, 2012 01:10PM
When the movies first came out, there was a Twilight frenzy! It was especially obvious in young teenage girls and their mothers. Why do you guys think it is?

I myself was a Twilight fan in the 6th grade before anyone else because it was "new" to me and 6th graders don't get a lot of exposure to that kind of thing! Later though when everyone else started reaaally liking it, I had read many other books and my fascination dropped. As many as you know, the Twilight plot is not very original...

I am doing a presentation and would like some input, so please share and comment! (It would help if you add when you started reading them, your age then, and why you liked them, or think they are so popular).

Thank you!

I was in my forties when I saw the first movie. I really like vampire stories and was interested enough by the differences, sparkly vamps, and the special talents they had, that I bought the books. Both the books and the first movie (not a real fan of the other movies), really recreated the feeling one has in high school with first love. Where other people found Edward stalkerish, I thought that when I was a teenager, I would have found it romantic and intense that a boy wanted to spend all his time with me, even when I slept. I could relate to how awkward Bella felt at her new school and who never changed their routes to a class in order to see someone they were interested in? I confess to a weakness for love triangles, but that issue didn't really enter into the story until the second book. While the writing is not spectacular, Meyers is very good at setting emotional scenes that puts the reader directly into the story. For several people I know these were the first books they read for pleasure, and all of them have continued to read.

Romantic escapism=
Happy ending coupled with the idea of a beautiful, perfect, eternal love.

MariaFernanda wrote: "When the movies first came out, there was a Twilight frenzy! It was especially obvious in young teenage girls and their mothers. Why do you guys think it is?

I myself was a Twilight fan in the 6th..."

Twilight is so wildly popular because of what it’s written about. An average looking, normal girl that falls in love with the most beautiful man on the planet, who’s entire world revolves around her…what girl wouldn’t dream of something like that? Edward is supposed to be portrayed as perfect, gentlemanly, and their love is all-consuming, erotic, and chaste at the same time. Even though the writing is terrible, clichéd, the relationship is borderline abusive, and the characters are cardboard cutouts, the idea of the story is what appeals so greatly to fans. It’s an escape from the normal, tedious life where nothing spectacular happens. Fans can imagine themselves so easily as Bella Swan–an average girl worth fighting and dying for–because that’s the way Stephenie Meyer wanted it. Bella has no personality so any girl can become her, whether they’re fourteen or forty.

I was 39 years old when my good friend bought the twilight series around for me to read as I had just had a foot operation that left me with almost zero movement for 6 weeks. I told my friend who was 2 years older than me that I was not sure about a vampire love story but was willing to try. I was hooked from the start. The opening quote piqued my interest and I read the whole series in less than a week. So then i read it again.

I was really impressed with the depth of characters that Stephanie was able to create and I think the popularity of these books and the die hard love for them that the twihard community have for each character is testomony to this. I was also impressed with the wholesomeness that ran through the books so much so I passed them on to my 12 year old daughter and the twilight series was the first novel she had read and she has not looked back since, I think I have created a monster as she devours books rather quickly now 3 years on.

I personally liked the love triangle bits, I confess to being team Jacob and a gree with bella when she says he is her sun as I think he was the saving grace and the sun for the story. I think back on my life and definately can name and regularly do the men in my life as "my Edward" or "my jacob".

As a 40 year old and yes I could be described as a Twimom I loved the references to Wutherng heights and romeo and juilet as these a few of my favourite stories and because of twilight now a knew generation have discovered these books.

I love the fact that my daughter and I can share in our love for these books and regularly sit and rewatch the movies as well I feel it has bought us closer together. Now we regularly exchange books and have heated discussions about many books and movies.

I read them in 2008, I was 26, I loved it! I know exactly why I loved it but can't speak for anyone else. I liked it do much because it was like a first love type thing. Being young and going through so many emotions. At that age and you "fall in love" nothing else matters, you only want to be that with that person. No it wasn't very original, but I do like books and their stories. I read the same thing over and over, until I can get a new book! My daughter loves the movies. She's 9. I did watch the movies, but I'd rather read. As far as popular I'm not sure. T.v. is filled with reality shows, I think thats why it may be popular because it is the furthest from reality. That's why I like anything that's fantasy or sci-fi. It's my escape for a few hours.

These were a big hit with both Mothers and teenages for a number of reasons. First off for Mothers they were a hit because there was no SEX in the books, for teenages it was romantic love. As an adult myself I liked the books, they were exciting to read to some degree, I've enjoyed the movies a lot more.

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I like the twilight book series because,
It not the stereo type vampire but what is really the stereo type of the myths and legends anyway there myths and legends out there in many different culture with different myths and legends.
But I like the twilight book series because reason 1. I feel I was in Bella mind as I read the book.
Reason 2 not over the top violence and blood, murder and no drugs not over the top sex mentality I am sleep any guy or girl with no real conquest in the four breaking dawn Bella had a baby Yes, she was married but, she made a decision of marriage I am not for 100 percent marriage and then sex then baby I think it can be really a bad thing but It really depends on the person. I just like a long commitment between to people in some form and that what I see Bella and Edward marriage as Bella commitment to Edward.
Edward commitment to Bella. And the chivalry and romance that is lost in the world we live in. Or perhaps for some of us it is the memory of what that first love feels like, the kind that can take your breath away and that in reality only lasts for a short time before the worries and responsibilities of real life change things. Just the romance of it I guess, like Pride and Prejudice and other stories of that sort.
Reason 3 most of all it a book about hope of love and a happy end.

I think are popular because Meyer does a good job developing characters. I am not saying she is a great writer or that she didn't overuse words constantly (chagrin..ugh!!!) or that the plot was great but I felt like I knew who she was talking about. I could picture them. Many people don't like the sparkling vampire thing or the vegetarian vampire thing but I liked those things because they are different than the norm. I don't find Edward to be abusive. He is a bit bossy and he is a bit of a stalker but he loves Bella and would do anything for her. I think women everywhere just want a man to love them as much as Edward loves Bella.

A few of my friends had raved years before about the books and I totally dismissed them, because I didn't like "Vampire" stories.

Then two years or so ago, Twilight came on TV one night and that was it, I was hooked. I literally went and hired the next two movies and bought all four books on ebay the next day. I just needed more of Edward. I guess it was a bit of the "he's dangerous, but is able to control his one desire for love" that captured my interest. I just wanted it to work for them soooo badly, secretly dreaming that it was me in Bella's place!

I became obsessed with the books, couldn't put them down and bought one sound track after the other and I still to this day listen to them almost daily. The story made me feel happy, content, relaxed, etc and the music brings that all back to me daily.

I guess at the end of the day, I hadn't acutally read anything like it, with my normal preference of genre being fantasy. I don't have the same views as many "haters" out there about Edwards posessive, controlling, stalker behaviour, I don't see it like that at all. My interpretation was all based on the love story it was meant to be read as. Edward simply loved Bella like nothing he'd ever loved before and just wanted to protect her and keep her safe and make her happy. Who wouldn't want some sexy man to be like that for them??

Anyway, I was about 31 when I first watched Twilight and became a fan. Im a huge reader, never without a book, and these still rank as a favourite that I can't wait for my daughter to pick up and read one day, so we can gush about Edward together!

Good luck with your presentation.

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I know this is TL:DR (made much worse by the fact that I really only skimmed the other posts) but I hope it is at least worth the read to the OP. Please feel free to message me or even friend me if you'd like me to explain anything - not that I think my points are so great but I really like discussing this lol.

I saw the movie first and while I didn't think it was good at all I didn't hate it enough to refuse the books my friend kept pushing into my hands. I wanted to read them for her, she was obsessed, and even though our tastes often differ I felt like I needed to support her more often because she has always been a very supportive friend to me.

So I read the books when I was around 20 (4 years ago?) and with the exception of New Moon I didn't find them hard to get through. They weren't good but they wasted an afternoon and until the blue balling at the end of Breaking Dawn with the battle-that-never-was I found the pages turned pretty fast (once again, with the exception of New Moon - worst book I've ever finished)

I believe that aside from all the escapist fantasies with the book because truly we can all relate to Bella and who doesn't want an Edward (or at least what Edward represents) Also the Oatmeal said it really well by equating Bella with a pair of pants any girl can put on.

But a point I'd like to add is that Edward steps into Bella's confusing and boring life to give it adventure and control. See, it's not just romance that people fantasize about. Is it fantasy enough to come home to a home-cooked meal with candles lit? No, it's when your man dives in to save the day, pops a dent out of your car with strength alone and drags you around forcing you to participate in things, making it easy by not giving you a choice.

See it's the whole package that is the Cullins that is the fantasy material here. Meyers herself said "I'd love to have a best friend like Alice!" someone who wraps their whole life around yours and put their extravagance to work bringing the spotlight and glory your way and forcing it on you so you can enjoy it humbly and still pretend to don't really want it. It's in the perfectly interesting new family with history and adventures and they give her an entirely new life and control the whole thing. Bella doesn't have to make decisions or stress over anything other than the two boys that are in love with her. She'll never had to worry about money again, or now growing old or dying, they take away her need to be independant and make her own decisions while not robbing her of her (meager) identity or restricting her in any way. She always has the support she needs.

And I think this plays into something small a lot of women nurse deep inside themselves in this age of equality, acceptance and feminism. I know I feel it at times though I'd never trade it for the alternative. And that is: wouldn't it be nice, as a woman, to actually BE completely taken care of instead of expected to get a job and worry about finances AND raise kids and keep a house clean all at the same time? This plays firmly into why I believe a lot of women love Austen and other such period novels (particularly the Victorian and Edwardian ones) Wouldn't it be nice if you weren't given the choice and it was just how things were that you were expected to be a perfect china doll and taken care of all the time with no expecations on you ever? I think women have a really hard time carving their way in the world in this changing time these sorts of fantasies are probably extremely appealing whether they always realize exactly why or not.

Mickey I don't see how you can say that Bella doesn't make decisions or that this is a fantasy about an escape from having to make decisions. Bella makes dec ...more
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Well, if you really want to's my story.
I had just turned 13. My dad got the first book for my mom for Christmas. Mom didn't like it, though, so she put it away. I promised myself I was going to read it as soon as I finished Harry Potter.
The romance aspect. That is the reason so many young women like it. (The "supernatural" aspect may play a part as well, but it's mostly the romance.)

I read the series when I was fifteen through seventeen. Loved it at first, then grew to kind of hate it, especially after Breaking Dawn.

Since Twilight is THE teenage girl's fantasy (average girl meets perfect boy with a mildly dangerous secret and becomes the center of her world while remaining perfectly perfect), it's obvious to me that that's why so many girls flock to this series. It's like those daydreams you used to have in an exceptionally boring Math class turned into a pop culture phenomenon. There is a world of sexual tension with no premarital sex, a lot of danger that is endured for the sake of love then wrapped up nicely and neatly with a little bow, a love triangle that makes the every-girl Bella seem even more desirable, and millions of dollars backing the promotion of this series.

Edward is the boy that will never exist (and not just because of the sparkly vamp-y part) but you'll always long for anyway and Bella is the girl you already are who finds him. It's girl's vicarious wet dream.

I thought it was unique. I started reading the series when i was 10 or 11. (When i was still obsessing over Deltora Quest!)

and i think that's why a lot of teens and mother liked it, (Well, the uniqueness and the romance)

Wow, where to begin. I am 42 years old and I started reading Twilight in about March of 2009, so I was 38 at the time.
My daughter is and always has been an excellent reader. Always above her reading level in school. Reading at a college level in the fifth grade. I was always looking for new things for her to read. I was hearing all about these "Twilight" books just before Breaking Dawn was released. So I told her grandmother it would be a good gift for Christmas. Grandma bought her all four. Within a month she was almost done with the series. She thought that I would like it too. It got to be so bad that she was nagging. I picked up Twilight just to shut her up. I was soon hooked. I was Team Edward from the start, having a facination with vampires since I was a little girl. New Moon was hard for me to get through with the "Jacob" section. He was nothing but a whiny kid, annoying. However, a few chapters into Eclipse, I had decided to change teams. But not to the team you think. I am Team Emmett! For me, it's all about the vampires. I even think it would be cool to be a Volturi, at least for a little while. Actually, I kind of don't even like Bella. I called her the "stupidest smart girl" that I'd ever met. But I do enjoy their love story. Breaking Dawn is my favorite book. For several reasons, but to sum it up, I love a happy ending. If I had to have a second, It would be the Novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I loved Bree and so wish that she didn't have to die. I've even read every word of the Illustrated Guide, yes I'm a BIG fan.
Now, the whys, I think there are several. First, as I said before, my early facination with vampires. I'll tell you what, I'm in book heaven right now with all the different vampire stories out there! So many books, so little time! Second, I know that many people think that Meyer is a terrible writer, and I can see their point. That's fine, But here's what I think she did right in attracting readers of several ages. The romance level is stong enough to attract females of all ages. It's not overly sexual for the younger readers. Heck, they even wait till marrage to have sex! But her imagry (sp) is strong enough for the life expierenced older readers to paint pictures of their own in their mind. (Ooo, la la) Three, Every female, from the ages of 13 to 50 has a "bad boy" phase, most of us even date one or two. Meyer makes it alright to fall in love with the worst "bad boy" of all time, a vampire. These vampires are "good" they don't kill humans. And of course these are simply put, HOT vampires. Four, and this is just for me, I don't know about other older readers. Twilight took me back to young love. It reminded me of what it felt like to be a teenager in love. Yes, it was full of heartache and tears. But, oh that feeling of a first kiss, from the boy of your dreams! (or, of your dreams at that time) And I like the knight in shining armor. Like Edward. The guy that would sacrifice his life to save yours, he would do anyting to protect you. He loves you just the way you are, seeing your inner beauty, and gets a kick out of your faults.
I could go on and on. I hope you can get something out of this for your paper, and if you'd like me to tell you more, just let me know! I think that this is a very cool idea. Good Luck with your paper!

I personally loathe the books now but when I first read them I thought they were an enjoyable waste of an afternoon and so classed them in amongst a lot of other chick-lit books.

My friends who enjoy them though say it is the character of Edward that they really like - as he is, apparently, incredibly sweet and romantic.... However a lot of them do say that despite its faults they find it a good book to kill time with.

Hi, I'm a mom. I picked up this book because I needed to have something to read on a 4 hour bus trip and I have a fascination with vampires.
Why is this popular?
Well it is a romance, between a young girl and a "forbidden" love...romeo and julietish. Apposing families and all that...much conflict which is overcome by this way it is a "classic" story. I have the entire series. Twilight is only the beginning as I'm sure you know.
What i enjoyed as I continued on through the books, was the sensation that this relationship was a learning experience for Bella and Edward. They are struggling to figure it out just like all of us do. Supernatural doesn't help you when you have to make important decisions in your life. (Even if your life is iternal...imagine having to continue to make hard decisions FOREVER!!!) Somehow we all wish for the power to know what to do, and we will never have it.
It is a fun book and eye candy in movies sells
As far as literature. There is no good writing here. FLUFFY. But when you are a busy mom...fluffy is fast and can be stuffed in to your life between dentist appointments and school and soccer! I will read the series again probably as I do not own anything that I would only read once. Good luck!

I am probably the only guy who is commenting on this post (and no, i am NOT gay! :D )..
As a guy i felt that the book is 'gooey romantic' and cliched, but i guess that's what you girls like in the very first place.
you got the reason why its popular among girls!!!

I have no idea why twilight is so popular with older women, but for me personally it was a welcome trip back to childhood memories. A chance to relive my school crush, the feeling of being foolishly in love. :)

For teens I'd say there's generally something highly appealing to the idea of "true wuv" - and somehow "forever" doesn't seem that long a time when you're young. You also have the standard situation of estrangement (from parents, from home and friends, at school, etc.) which always works with them because in the end we all go through the same phases in live. Not to mention the required moments of safe danger - like the Port Angeles chapter, in which Edward can appear on the spot as the sparkling knight in white armour.
So, pretty much, the books delivers all the tropes we come to expect from YA lit. And it does so with an easy, accessible, fluid language.

Though, the main appeal of Edward, I'm afraid, I have to chalk up to the fact that he's presented as a highly dominating, very fatherly figure - and so is his relationship with Bella.

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I read the books in 2010 and I would have been 31. I originally read them because I was recommended them by my boyfriends sister (who would have been around 24) and interestingly her Mum too!

I read the first book, and have to say it was an easy read but it didn't make me pick up the next book right away. It was a good 6 months before I did, and this is where I started to get more hooked.

For me it was all about Jacob - the moment his character and what he was was opened up, I found myself wanting to read more. I didn't really like Edward or even Bella much to be honest, it was all about the wolf boys, particularly Jacob. I liked his nature his heat, his energy, his ability to love and let go - basically everything about him and his history.

I don't think I was ever a fanatic of the series, but I enjoyed reading them. I like fantasy and supernatural - but this was an easy variant of the type of fantasy I usually read, so although the writing is not the best - it is nice to read something you don't have to concentrate too hard on, but still enjoy.

But as I say - for me it was Jacob that made me go back!!

Olivia yea me 2.
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These books really became popular when i was in the 7th grade! I was wondering what all the hubub was about and decided to check them out for myself! i was hooked!
I wouldn't say that the plot was unoriginal Stephanie Meyeres did a good job coming up with interesting twists and an easy addicting read. I think that after twilight alot of vampire romance fantasies became hot on the market (around the same time)
Anyway, i don't recall where i heard this but it seemed like a good thought. The books apeal because of Edward. i know what your thinking but yes. His character loved an average girl (we all feel like the average girl) and he loved her with a great protectivness. i think girls today are drawn to that kind of thing where they want some one to protect them and to be utterly dependent on as Bella was with Edward.
It did have a little Romeo and JUliet forbidden love theme going on which also is relatable to teenage girls.
As for moms and teens being mysteriously attracted to twililght like moths to a light, it may not be so mysterious afterall. Moms were able to connect with thier teenage daughters through twilight. Pretty cool!

I started reading them just after the movie came out.
I hadn't seen the movie (at the time) but everyone was going crazy over it. So I decided to give it a go.

And I honestly loved it!
I just thought a book about 'forbidden love' really intriguing.
No vampire book is 'original' are they? pmsl
They all have to follow the same rules to a certain extent.

I don't really know 'why' I liked them so much. Maybe because it was something different to what I usually read. Because after reading the whole Twilight series, I instantly became a lover of paranormal books and such.

I didn't know anyone else who read them (at the time)
So even though I am a mother (of 3 kids under the age of 4!)
My own mother did not introduce me to them.

I was 21 when I first read Twilight. A newly mum to twins! I suppose it was a different genre I was used to reading.
That's the only thing I can put it down to.

I think for younger teenages it deffinately does pose fascination as when you are say, 12 to 14, you are starting to deal with crushes and dreaming about your dream boyfriend or true 'love'. I think Edward personifies this 'dream' image. I think those who may find it difficult to approach boys in there year or class, tend to create a alternate reality where they are the 'bella' and their 'edward' has finally sworn to love them, yes shallow - but I am regretably going on my experiance at the time and why I read them. I also find that girls 12 to 14 (although sometimes older or younger) tend to start getting into the YA novels and have not yet broadened their reading material, so they see twilight as 'the best book eva!'

As for mums, I can't really say as I have never experiance the twilight craze as a mum (I hope I don't become a mum anytime soon) I can only suppose, they may be the same age as the author and may feel that the author would be good at writing the book for the 'mum age group' also I suppose they get the book of the'r teenage daughter (presumably)

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I bought these books for my daughter who then never touched them. One day I had nothing new to read so I picked Twilight up and began reading, I was hooked. I think it was just the old fashioned romance that I liked that and the fact that I've always had a thing about vampires since I was a kid ;) I really wanted Jacob to find a happy ending so I was estactic by the time I finished reading Breaking Dawn.
It really annoys me when people have to break everything down and analyse every bit. It's a book, with a good story and great characters isn't that what every reader wants.

I can't remember exactly when I first read them but it was sometime after the first movie came out on dvd and I was in my mid 30's I guess. I really had no intention of seeing the movie (I have three sons and no daughters) but my sister talked me into it and then into reading the books. Honestly, these type of books are not my usual read. With the exception of Potter, I normally read classics, historical fiction and fantasy such as Lord of the Rings and Sword of Truth. I certainly couldn't be considered obsessive but I did enjoy them, both books and movies. To be honest the story is very cliche and reads more like a teenagers day dreams than a novel, and Bella is Mary Sue to the extreme which drives me a bit crazy. But despite all that I do enjoy the story and have watched the movies and read the books more than once and will likely to continue. As for the reason why I like them, to this day I can not say. lol. Perhaps, it is the chivalry and romance that is lost in the world we live in. Or perhaps for some of us it is the memory of what that first love feels like, the kind that can take your breath away and that in reality only lasts for a short time before the worries and responsibilities of real life change things. Just the romance of it I guess, like Pride and Prejudice and other stories of that sort. Who knows for sure. As a side note, I do have to add that if it wouldn't have been a clean read I would never have read it. So who ever said that the lack of sex and other inappropriate things is why mom's may have approved might have been on to something. ;)

I am similar to Keri in a number of ways, agreeing with most of her entire comment. I'm not a "teen", so call me "twi-mom" LOL! I hadn't read ANY of the books when I bought the first movie on DVD for my teenage daughter. Boredom prompted me to watch TWILIGHT a couple months later, and at first I was irritated by completely different "vampire rules" than I grew up with. But, after the scene in the "meadow"... I went out the next day and bought the first two books on paperback, tore through them, passed them on to my daughter - and bought the last two. (and surprisingly, my son read all 4 as well; which I LOVED!) Since then, I've re-read the series twice and know the movies practically be heart. BUT these books gave my YA's something to discuss with me at length and we go out to the movies together when they are released. I will embrace ANYTHING that can bring me that kind of quality time with my "kids" who usually have better things to do than hang out with mom. LOL! BTW - Hunger Games has become our next common ground and appreciate that just as much!

Hi, I'm not a teenager but you could consider me a young twimom. The reason why I like twilight is becuase of the escapism, away from the reality of everyday routine. I've been a reader since I was little I have never encountered a romanic story so intense (appart from the classics). Maybe I'm the only one that feels that way.

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It's popular because of three things: the movies, its wish fulfillment purposes, and because sex always sells. (No way I'm putting "love" because Bella and Edward's relationship is definitely not love.)

Oh, and while I hate Twilight, I do have to hand it to Meyer in being able to capture the melodramatic angst and whininess of stereotypical teenagers. That in itself would be enough to garner the popularity its gotten.

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