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flajol May 4th is the UK date, but the trade paperback was for sale in our local big bookshop last week. Took it to the info desk to make sure it wasn't a mistake (and to see if they had it in hardback!), and they still let me buy it. Kept taking it out of my bag at that night's SnB meeting to make sure I hadn't dreamt it! I kept an eye out at other bookshops this week, but no sign of it anywhere else. (Why yes, I do spend far too much time in bookshops. How did you guess?)

I'll be interested to see if it's still out on the shelves this Thursday.

Robyn I saw on amazon that it comes out September 8th 09

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I need it, NOW!

Lianna You can order it off of eBay for a low price. It came just earlier today for me so it ships quickly. :)

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