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message 1: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Conlon i do not understand why people like this book soo much care to comment please do. the cats scare me .

Anki Well, I can only speak for myself, and I came to the whole Sailor Moon thing rather late, given my age. But here goes....

When Sailor Moon came out in the USA (first as the animated series, later as the manga) there hadn't really been anything like it on American television prior to that. It was new and exciting, with catchy theme songs and fun costumes and bright colours.

Then with the manga...again, Sailor Moon was one of the first series out there in the USA that really targeted the female comic-reading audience. That doesn't mean only girls read the manga or watched the show--far from it--but it tapped into something that hadn't really been touched prior to that.

Now we're getting a new release, with a better translation and unflipped art and the original character's just a huge nostalgia trip plus a chance to introduce new readers to the series. Yeah, it may be a bit silly at parts, but it's an endearing silliness that makes everything in life seem much more possible and doable.

Krystal Hickam First of all I have to ask if you even like Manga. Naoko Takeuchi has had to deal with numerous comments on how her art looks because it is different than what other manga looks like. Second of all, I'd have to ask if you like the magical girl genre, then I'd have to ask, aside from the cats, why don't you like this series?

Sailor Moon, was one of the first main stream shows that helped make the magical girl genre so popular. And it even beat out the competition of Wedding Peach which is pretty much just like Sailor Moon.

Fans enjoy it because it has characters that girls can relate to, it's easy to understand, and most of us who like it, would rush home every day to see the latest episode on Cartoon Network's Toonami. Yes, the stories are the same. Villain comes in to destroy the world by taking energy and sucking the planet dry, the Sailor Guardians stop it. It's a fond memory for girls who wanted to grow up to be like the Sailor Scouts. Strong, loyal, beautiful, and smart (I'm not really talking about Usagi here XD). I'm rebuying the manga and rereading them, and I can't wait for Sailor Moon to come back to the screen in 2013. This was a great series in my opinion, and had something for pretty much every girl. I even know lots of guys who adored Sailor Moon. That's why I like the series.

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Conlon FYI I am an anime and manga addict if anyone dares to accuse me of not being that's their problem.My best friends live and Japan and my parents lived there for 3 years

Krystal Hickam Hannah wrote: "FYI I am an anime and manga addict if anyone dares to accuse me of not being that's their problem.My best friends live and Japan and my parents lived there for 3 years"
I don't think anyone is accusing you or not being an addict. Everyone has their preferences. I myself can't stand Bleach. To each their own.

message 6: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Conlon OMG I hate bleach too

Krystal Hickam You're probably the first person I've talked to that hates it. Bravo :3

Eleanor Naoko even comments that her artwork was not the best. She has on many occasions scolded her younger self about her drawing anatomy. That aside the series was big and huge because it was the first time in the 90's kids got to see the girl routinely saving the guy.
In the manga it is also very cool cause you watch the main character go from a crybaby to a hero. Yeah she's still a bit goofy but she really does change and mature throughout the course of the series. It's a Magical Girls series, and the old school lighthearted kind. You can be assured (at least in the TV show)that everything will turn out okay. That being said if you honestly don't like the series don't read it there are plenty of other series out there for you! I know a lot of younger people who just don't care for it and others who swear by it. I however am a Moonie for life my kids and wife will be forced to watch this crap on holidays and special events till the day I die.

message 9: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Conlon Thank you

Literarycat I think the pull of Sailor Moon is that you see a change in the character from this little girl who doesn't want more in life than a boyfriend to one who wants to protect the world She learns to see there is more to life than she once thought. I fell in love with Sailor Moon because it was one of few shows I found when i was younger where the main hero was a girl or a group of girls. I used to picture myself as one of the Sailor Scouts. Now that I am older and know there are other anime.manga with strong female leads I still enjoy Sailor Moon for that fact. I like Magical GIrl series along with a bunch of others.

Mitsuki Yoruichi I loved the entire story from beginning to end. Takeuchi-san.... wrote very well. And the art added to it. I was in so much awe reading the manga. I cried when I finished it but I will say that is how a writer ends a manga. I loved it. I've been a fan of Takeuchi-san since they aired the series. She was an inspiration and so was Sailor Moon.

Summer SSS I think it's also just a really fun read.

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